Special Chapter 47 Wolframite Amative

"Ouch! Boss, that hurts!" he exclaim while touching his head.

"I told you, just watch from afar and don't do anything without my permission. Now, look at her! She's
injured! She's cautious! She thinks were following her to put harm!"

"Sorry boss."

"Your sorry won't cure her injuries!" I said then look at Rackie from the distance. "Let’s go. She'll faint if
we'll stay here." I commanded.

To be honest, I don't want to put any harm on Rackie but my people were so dumb headed that they
can't even follow simple instructions. I found out that she lost so much blood that day and she's now
hospitalized. I can't just visit her; those Go brothers are always there.

It’s been weeks since I'm having sleepless nights, she's sleeping at my favorite room, on my favorite
bed. My Abstract is so defenseless when sleeping. I heard my phone ringing, if not for her I already
curse out my lungs because the caller interrupts my peaceful looking at the beautiful creature view.


"Boss, we found them. We already sent someone to pick you up so you can come here."

Before I said I won't be coming, they were outside my house. I have no choice but to leave her alone.
She's still asleep like a baby. I kissed her head before leaving.

"Whom did you catch from those rats?" I ask while grinding my teeth.

"Both, boss." Rhodolite said, the driver.

"Where?" I asked.

"We found them to a remote area."

I was too harsh for what I've done today, Chief is still crying while Captain hugs her child and glares at
me. I can't even comfort them for I was the one who cause them this kind of pain they feel right now but
those bastards really get into my nerves especially that Doodle! How can he abandon his own flesh
and blood? I just heard Capee and Chie screamed while covering their ears. The next thing I knew they

were looking at me with worried eyes. I just found out that I'm bleeding and my sisters are crying all
over again while pressing my wound.

"Get these two out of here, I'm the only one they are after for. Make sure they are safe. I'll buy you time
just all of you get out of here!" I commanded.

They were all against but this is my fight, mine alone. I don't want to put any harm on them especially
to my nephew. I was running into the woods; honestly how did I get here? I really don't know yet they
are still after me. I forgot how to pray however the moment I thought of my nephew and my sisters, I
whisper a pray that they were safe. Uh, now I remember... This is a remote area where those bastards
hide. A leap of hope escapes on my lips when I saw my Abstract but that hope fades when I found out
she's helping someone up from the cliff. I think my voice run somewhere, I can't call her out from where
I am right now. I'm near to help her because the one behind her struggles too much that he can't pull a
petite girl who's injured yet when I was about to help, I found out that she's helping those bastards, I
became statue for a moment. I'm about to command that last person who's near her to catch her for
she was about to fall over the cliff yet once again, my voice betrayed me. It was too late, she fell and I
wasn't able to help her. I don't care about these bastards anymore, I run to check her yet I'm too slow
to run.

"Go!" that's the last word I've heard from her.

The moment these bastards saw me, they ran as fast as they can and never look back while me
screaming, shouting and yelling her name but there's no response. I was about to climb down on this
cliff yet one of my friends pulled me up.

"Boss, come on! Let's go!" that's all I can hear and force me to come with them.

Day after day that accident, I went to the cliff where my Abstract fell yet my friends always pull me up.
My heart is breaking. I can't move freely because I'm now a suspect which is true. If I just forgive those
bastards, she won't be missing.

"Abstract! Abstract!" I yelled with regret while crying. "What if she was at the woods under that cliff?
What if she fell there and no one can hear her calling for help? I have to save her!" Even if my wounds
are bleeding, I really don't mind. All that I have in my mind is to save my Abstract, my poor Abstract
what did I do?

The next thing I knew is I'm lying at the bed with pale yellow painted all over the room. I look all over
the room and it’s obvious that is so girl room.

"You're awake. Don't move yet, your muscles were forced that's why you're feeling weak and cramps
but you'll be fine." said the girl who just came in. She smiled at me. That was the first time that

someone smiled at me genuinely aside from my Abstract who smiled at me the first time I met her and
she never smile at me ever again. I look away. She touches my forehead. "Your fever have gone down
now." she said. "Don't worry, you'll be safe here." Honestly, I don't deserve this kind of kindness but
how and why in this world gave this angel to me? I look at her, she has a long hair, long eyelashes and
red lips.

"Name." that's all I've said but it seems she understand what I'm about to ask.

"Sunbeam." that's all she said. I look at her before she left and leave a smile on me. That smile made
me forget the goal I've had on my mind. I forgot about Abstract and my feelings for my beloved racer
whom I loved for years.

"Sunbeam." I whisper on the air with a smile on my lips. "Familiar name yet unique." I added then I fell

The moment I opened my eyes, there's food serve and ready to eat. The door is always lock seems
like she doesn't want me to go out which is favorable with me because I don't want to go back to where
I have outside this room. In this room I'm accepted, I'm treasured and I'm taken care of really good. In
this room, I can see her sleeping even though she not next to me but what's more important for me is
her smile every morning every time I wake up, her smile is like the sunbeam on my life that makes my
dark past fade away and make me forget.

“Stay here and don’t move that much, Zeus.” she said and left.