Special Chapter 37 Windy Casper Part 2

"The first time my brother was admitted." I replied.

"Oh, yeah!" he said then nods. "As I've mentioned earlier, Storm is smiling when he was admitted here,
he doesn't even bother whether he have some apparatus all over his body that time, even in pain he's
still smiling but everything changed one morning when we, his doctors decided to not let him go,
whenever he needs to go to the comfort room." He sadly said. "The thing is, we can't just remove all
the things that were on his body every now and then so, we informed him to use diaper."

"What's the relevance of the diaper on his situation right now?" I asked with confusion.

“He doesn’t want to wear diapers. He have gone wild, we don’t have any choice that very moment even
if we don’t want to do it, we were force to hold him and tied his arms and feet then let your father put
the diaper on him. He was crying and even though we want to do his request, we didn’t listen to his
plea because we need to monitor everything.”

"Is he okay now? Because I can't see anything attached on his body."

"Can't determine yet because his health status is indefinite, for now he’s okay but later he’s not.”

"I don't understand, what's my brother's condition?"

"Storm has Cardiac Dysrhythmia also known as Arrhythmia, uhm... it’s an irregular heartbeat and he's
heart condition has a fast heartbeat. He has over one hundred beats than the normal, which is eighty,
and that condition called Tachycardia and for his age today the normal heart rate will be seventy to one
hundred ten beat per minute. But his heart rate is sometimes greater than one hundred thirty-seven
beat per minute or stay in that number and the number of beat per minute changes depending on his
age." He explained. "And since he has this abnormal heartbeat, he was diagnosed as early as a week
after being admitted from having Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, this is one of the disorders of
conduction system of the heart that commonly diagnose on pre-excitation syndromes which is why it
leads to abnormal accessory electrical conduction pathway in between the atria and ventricles. It’s like
this, the electrical signals traveling down this abnormal pathway… hmm… known as bundle of Kent—”

"Wait! Honestly, I can't understand what you are saying." I stopped him from his explanations.

"In short, Storm’s case is complicated because of the Wolff-Parkinson-white syndrome is sometimes
associated with Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy, a form of mitochondrial disease. That’s why we his
designated doctors prioritized him because the hospital management decided not to have different
doctors even though he’s growing so we can focus on his condition.” I stared at him blankly; my brother
has a complicated condition. “One more thing, because of the pain he feels from his condition that why
he’s having wounds. Well, if it’s about his other health conditions, I’m not the right person to ask for it.”
He added. I just nod even though my mind’s occupied with all of the information I heard from him. “Do

you still have questions to ask?” I shook my head as a reply. I’m done with the medical stuffs I’ve heard
from him, all I can understand is Storm’s condition is really complicated.

"Oh, Dr. Air, are you waiting for me?" a man who just came in asks.

Air stood up. “Director, I’m sorry I used your office.” He apologized. “This is Miss Casper, sister of
Storm. She had some questions regarding Storm’s condition that I answered here.”

"Oh..." the director just replied then sat on his chair. “She’s the twin sister of Mr. Flood Casper.” He
said. “Sorry, I’m quite busy but you can ask all of Storm’s doctors, just let me know if you want to ask
his orthopedic.” He said while searching on his drawers. Oh, I just put it here… okay, I have to go.” He
said then went out.

“Sorry, everyone is quite busy today because we’re changing CEO so he’s busy.” Air explained. “I’ll
accompany you to Storm’s room. I hope that once he sees you, he’ll be able to smile.”

After I went in to Storm’s room, my brother didn’t bother to turn to look at me. “Hi Stormy!” I said full of
energy. He turn to look at me but then he turn to look at the view outside the window. I went towards
him and hugged him. “Didn’t you miss me?” I asked pouting. Just like earlier, he just glanced at me
then turn to look back outside the window. “I bought your car as you requested!”

His eyes widens with disbelief. ‘Really?” he asks happily. “Is it with remote?” he asks excitedly.

"Hmm... Just open this and you'll see." I said then gave him the box.

I witnessed how he got excited from the lifeless he was before. “Wow!” he amazingly said. “Is it really
for me?”

"Yes! And there's a bonus!" I said then gave him another box.

He was amazed when he saw that it was his requested robot. “Am I dreaming? I just want one but you
gave me two! When did you bought it?”

Oh… I bought those the first time I had the chance to unwind in Italy before the day that I had to work. I
smiled at him. "I bought it the first time I went to Italy for tour and the car was the last piece there, the
first time my eyes saw it I knew you will love it!" I said. "The robot was when I saw the shop near my
apartment and the shop owner says that this robot isn't for sale but when I said I have a brother who
collects robot and he really knows how to take care of it at his young age, he changes his mind and he
gave it without me paying anything. He has message for you."

"Wow!" he said full of excitement. "Can you read it for me?"

'Hi, kiddo! I hope I can meet you and see your collections when I visit your country. Take care of my
robot, oh! That's yours already and I'm hopeful you'll take good care of it! See you soon.'

I saw how he smiled and hugged the robot. "I'll put this on a box and display it with my collections." He
happily said.