Chapter 47: Special Casper 29 Storm Casper Part 2

Someone ruffled my hair. I looked who is it even though I knew who, it was Lunar who always do that.
“Yo, ready for your x-ray?” he asked. It was actually whisper.


While we were going to the x-ray room, I glance at Lunar who’s at my side. Why does he talk in lower
voice or whispering manner? The volume is too low as if he was talking to himself. He always bring
tablet with him and every time he talks to the nurses, he’s typing and showing the tablet instead.

Why do I have to remove my shirt every time I have to do an x-ray and only use this thin piece of cloth?

We were about to come out in the x-ray room when I saw Dr. Allie who’s coming in a room between CT
scan and x-ray room. What is he going to do there?

Lunar showed his tablet to me. 'Dr. Rackie will come back soon so be good. She's excited to see your

It’s so difficult to talk to Lunar! However, he’s the one I really want to talk to from every one of them, he
doesn’t blackmail me, he’s not making me feel afraid and most of all, he’s not just looking at me then

that’s it. It just don’t get his trip when it comes to communication.

Wait! Why do I have to use wheelchair? I can walk finely but just let it be. When I finally be able to sat
on my bed, Dr. Allie suddenly came in, he’s now talking to Lunar. No, they both type on their own
tablets as if they are playing games with a serious look on their faces. I saw Lunar crooked his
forehead then looked at Dr. Allie who just shrugged his shoulder. Lunar left frowning while Dr. Allie was
now busy talking to mom.

"I've inform our Director, Dr. Art about it and he said he knew someone who could help Storm on our
Therapy Department. One of these coming days, his therapist will be introduce to you. We just need to
work on some things so the therapist will be transferred as Storm's personal therapist." I heard Dr. Allie

I was a bit shocked when he suddenly lift my blanket then get something out of his pocket and slightly
tapped that on my knee which made me feel weakness all over my body. He shook his head, he’s
whispering something that I couldn’t understand. He faced my mom. "Make sure that every time he
stands, he has someone to support him. And if he's getting stubborn for not asking help, call me." he
said then looked at me again. He checked my shoulders then left. This is the first time he came here in
my room more than once. I’m also confused where did he hid the tablet he was holding earlier while
talking to Lunar. Where did he put that? He can put it on his pocket.

It’s already 3:30 in the afternoon, this is the professor I hate the most. He’s terrifying when he look at
me, thankfully my brother and sister is about to come at least I won’t be swallowed alive from the way
Atty. Amative look at me. He’s younger than my brother wherein he acts as if he’s my dad. I don’t know
why I was convinced to study law, all I know is that whenever I don’t understand anything and Flood
can’t simplify his explanation, Dr. Rackie is helping me.

"Are you listening?" Atty. Amative seriously asked.

I nod as a respond. I suddenly grasped my chest from the sudden pain I felt. I winced whenever I feel
it, the door opened and it was Flood and Windy who came in. Flood run towards my bed then clicked
the button near my bed to seek for help. Now, the pain is unbearable that I can’t take it, I want to see
Dr. Rackie.

*"Storm, it's me. Listen to me, the pain doesn't matter, I am here. Can you hear my voice? Can you feel
my hug? It's I, don't be afraid. I'll wipe your tears off, so listen to me. The pain is just temporary, so
listen to me."* I can hear Dr. Rackie’s voice as a melody in my ear.

I felt that I can lie down properly, I can hear the people around me but I don’t understand what they are
saying. All I can see are the nurses and doctors who are checking on me until everything went blank.

I woke up from the hand who’s holding my hand tightly. I slowly open my eyes, I saw my mom who’s
lying her head on one of her arm on the edge of my bed while her other hand is holding me.

"Mom." I called out.

She raised her head and looked at me then hugged me while crying. I’m confusedly looked Windy
who’s now talking to Atty. Amative while looking at us. My eyes turn to look at the open door wherein
Flood is talking to Dr. Air.

"What?!" Flood yelled irritably. "You're suggesting heart transplant yet you can't even assure us if my
brother will live!" he annoyingly said. "This hospital is the last option that we have here as you said we
can't risk to travel him in his condition." He frustrated said. "If we don't agree with this heart transplant,
what will happen?" he irritably asked.

"He might suffer the same pain again and worst is he might encounter comatose or worse, we might
not able to revive him anymore." Dr. Air said calmly.

"But that is the very first time he had that attack!" Flood wasn’t able to hold his emotion and shout

I saw Dr. Air turn to look behind him, Flood followed Dr. Air. I suddenly hug mom tightly from what I
heard. No, I don't want to die. I still want to live a normal life, outside these walls, far from the scent of
antiseptic and especially, I want to spend more time with my family.