Special Chapter 48 Solar Nguyen

I should’ve tagged along with Lunar and Sunbeam when they left the house. Sigh! Now, I’m the target.

"Solar, you need to make your appointments clear around seven in the evening." Grandpa said.

I crooked my forehead. "Why?"

"You'll be meeting one of the granddaughters of one of my friends."

I shook my head. "I can't. I have a lot of patients to check for."

"Do as I said! You’re just saying that so you can avoid.” Grandpa slightly raised his voice.

I sigh, when it comes to this scene, I don’t have the patience to tolerate unlike Lunar who have a lot of
patience in his pocket. “Grandpa, even if you call the hospital right now and ask for my schedule for
today they will just tell you that I have a lot of patient that’s scheduled for the time you said. I can only
rest for a while whenever I go to pee and that’s the only break I have.”

"Solar, it seems like you took that course as your career so you can see—”

“Grandma, I’m an Obstetrician-Gynecologist. I’m professional. If that’s the only way to see something
trivial then I should have peek on our neighbor a long time ago.”

“You! Solar, don’t answer your grandma like that! You just want to say that you are paid for to see—”

“Hold right there, wait… who was the one who force me to take this path as my career? Isn’t it was
you?” I said calmly but I’m really annoyed. “I can’t just cancel all my appointments just because of a
blind date to meet a girl I don’t know and just because you said so. Besides, I don’t like girls!” I
arranged the papers I’m reading, close my laptop and stood up from the couch then went to my room.

From the moment, Lunar and Sunbeam go the peaceful living area that used to be my safe haven is
now in chaos. I really don’t want to blame grandpa about the career I’m enjoying right now but I don’t
like the thought and the things that they are saying anymore, they’re hurting my feelings already. I’m
doing my job professionally but they think maliciously. I look at the picture frame on the center table. I
sigh. “Why didn’t you force me to come with you? I was just making excuses that time. Why didn’t you
tag me along even if I was being forced.” I said frowning. I sat on the bed. I look at the door and close
my eyes. “Sorry, grandpa… I’m really sorry; I just can’t take the dictatorship that you are doing.”

To be honest, I don’t know where will I go while I’m sitting on the airplane until I heard a man shouting
for help behind us. They are making scene behind us until there’s a girl who shouts. “Move, I’m a

That’s the moment I went to look, I saw a pregnant woman on the back who’s having difficulty and I
noticed that she’s touching her tummy. My eyes noticed a girl who’s avoiding to step on the water from
the pregnant woman.

“You’re a nurse, right? You should know that she’s already experiencing a labor.” I said. “And now you
are avoiding the water that came from her?” I took my bag where I have some of my things. I put on
gloves and went to look at the pregnant woman. I checked how many cm she is. “Give some space so
she can lie down properly.” I said then carried the pregnant woman and lay her down properly. “The
head is ready, all you need to do is to push gently but long then breathe. You’ll be fine.” I said. I position
her feet on my shoulder so she can deliver her baby. “Ready?” I asked and she just nodded as a reply.
“Now, push a long and smooth push, okay?”

She did what I’ve instructed her, the head of the baby went out and I was alarmed when she stopped
from pushing. “Don’t stop!” that’s all I’ve said and she obeyed me.

When the baby finally delivered, the baby didn’t cry. I saw a clip on the hair of a little girl near me, I
asked her to give it to me and she gave it that I used to clip the ambilical cord on the baby. After I cut
the connection of the mother and the baby, I look at the nurse. “Take care of the mother.” I commanded

then carry the baby until I reached my sit to get some of my tools. I saw a little boy who’s looking at me.
“You want to help?” he just nods. “Okay, do it like this.” I said showing him what to do. “Yes, that’s it.” I
said while conducting a CPR on the baby. I noticed that the baby is having a color so I asked the little
boy to stop pumping the manual pumping air. I hold the baby on his feet and pat his butt and back, I
didn’t stop what I’m doing until we heard the cry of the baby, I pulled my scarf that was showing from
my bag and cover the baby using it.

I went to look at the mother and I got mad from what I witnessed when I saw that the arrogant nurse
earlier didn’t do anything. “You shouldn’t have yelled you were nurse earlier if you don’t know anything!”
I said irritably. I asked the man who asked for help earlier to hold the baby.

When the plane lands, there are medical personnel who’s waiting to bring the mother and baby to the
hospital. I went to avoid the media so I could avoid the exposure that they might bring. I followed the
old woman so I could hide. I don’t know where I’m going all I’ve done is to follow her until I noticed that
I’m far from the city.

“Where will this lead?” I asked the old woman beside me.

“Child, you’re not from here?” she asked. I shook my head. “Oh! Did you ride the wrong bus?” she

“Honestly, I don’t know where to go…” I said.

“Is that so? Do you want to come with me? My and I are the only ones living in our house.”

I doubt but the moment she smile at me, I thought this is my chance to hide from my grandparents,
secluded place, a quiet small province where’s someone who offers me a shelter.

I was stunned the moment I saw the house of this grandma. She chuckled when she saw my reaction.
“My husband is a retired OB/Gyne, that’s his clinic before.”

“Can we open that again?” I ask hesitantly. “I’m an OB/Gyne.” I saw her face lightens. “So—”

“Love, Haven came back!” she gladly yelled inside the house.