Special Chapter 49 Eclipse Woorin-Aysel

“What happened to your big brother?” Papa said that almost make us deaf. “Why did he do should a
shameful thing that made our family look shameless?”

Mama is closing her eyes from the loud voice of Papa. I really don’t know what really happened to my
big brother but there’s one thing that I have in my mind, he’s hurt and still wounded for what happened
to his happy family. At the age of 10, he’s abandoned by his both parents after the separation and have
their own family, he was left alone, have a house but never a home he can call his own, have a mother
and a father but never a whole family that he used to have.

"Pa, will you stop shouting?" I plead but the truth I also want to raise my voice; he’s asking us wherein
he’s the reason why my big brother have that kind of mindset.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I just can’t help it.” He said. When it comes to us, he’s attitude change.

"He's just protective and in love, that's it!" I said. "Aren't you worried where he is? What to think right
now is the shame he has done to the family instead of you worrying if he’s okay? If where could he be?
If he’s still alive...”

He stood up and about to slap me. “Go, slap you daughter and I swear you will never see us!” mama
warned. “That’s why your son grew up with that kind of attitude because you always hurt Wolf with what

you call discipline!” mama said irritably and took me away from papa.

Papa looked up while his hands were on his side. “Eclipse, your big brother is alive, okay?” he said
then left the house.

"Ouch!" I complained when mama pinched my arm.

“Don’t you ever do that again, Eclipse! Your father will never doubt to hurt you if you do that again.”

“Why? He doesn’t seem to have any concern about big brother.”

“That’s not true. He won’t ever make it if his son is gone. If you only know, your father almost died when
he found out the Wolf is missing when he was 15. He search everywhere looking for him while crying.”

“Oh... then why does he always have that kind of attitude towards big brother?”

“That... I can’t answer.” Mama replied.

I just shrugged. Honestly, the moment I witnessed how treat they Wolf, the people who gave life to him,
the family who loves him the most then suddenly it changed. What I don’t understand why would big
brother do that kind of crime. From what I know... he really have a huge crush with that racer and the
most shocking is that racer turns out to be Dr. Rackie.

*It was midnight when I heard noise in the kitchen.

“Why did you came home late?” grandpa asked harshly.

"It doesn't matter even if I go home late or early anymore besides I'm not a teenager anymore." He
replied without any emotion in his voice. He’s obviously tired from somewhere.

"Don't you answer your grandpa like that!" papa shouts and slaps Wolf.

Wolf look at where I’m standing and he’s surprised when he saw me. “Are you there all along?” he
asked worriedly.

“I just came.” I lied. I walk towards him. “Why did you go home late? I waited for you.”

He smile and kiss me on the forehead. “I look for the bracelet you like; do you still remember the
bracelet you told me you were saving for?” I nod. “I bought it for you.” He said then we went out of the
kitchen. “It’s in my bag, do you want to see it?”

“Really? You bought it?” I teased.

He chuckled. “Yes.” Each time I tease him that’s the only moment that I see his face relax.

My eyes shines the moment I saw the bracelet. “Hey, you saw Race, right?”

He smile then scratch his nape. “How did you know?”

He look so cute whenever we talk about Race. That’s new to me. “It’s just a wild guess but you have to
tell me first after you take a bath. You stink!”

He laughs. “Okay, but you have to come out here first then I’ll call you back so I can tell you.”

“Why can’t I stay?”

He smile, walk towards me and hold my shoulders, he turn me facing the door and push me out of his
room. “I’ll tell you on the phone so go to your room.” He said then close the door and locked it.

I knock a few times. “Wolf!”

He opens the door. “Go ahead; you’ll see something you shouldn’t see.” He warns then turn his back
and took off his shirt.

“Brother!” I shout.

“I told you... go to your room.” He said then he unbuckled his belt.

“Gotta go!” the moment I went out he locked the door while he’s laughing.*

I turn to look at Wolf’s room and walk towards the door. I sigh before I open the door, I was surprise,
and the door is open. Usually it’s lock whenever he’s not here. I slowly open it and what I saw inside his
room surprised me, the room is unorganized. I went in.

*"Don't come in if you're not invited."*

I heard his voice so I turn to look around his room but I can’t see him. I step forward so I can close the

*"You're coming in to the lion's den, darling."*

The moment I close the door I jumped from being startled. I look down and saw something near my
foot. I crooked my forehead. “This is the jacket that he wore the last time I saw him.” I whispered. I
looked around his room once again and called him out. Look at his jacket again then there’s a piece of
paper dropped that has a stain of blood.

*Eclipse, if you are reading this… I know that you miss me and you enter the lion's den. Curiosity
always kills the cat so, please don't come in to any man's room you might get devour. I wrote this letter
for you so you won't worry. Don't answer Dad and Grandpa, like I always do which you always witness.
Sorry, I can't face you right now. I need to look and find Race no matter what happen. Tell Dad that I'm
sorry for causing shame to the family. I really tried yet still what I do aren't enough. I'm fine, don't look
after me anymore. I'll come home when every mess I did is clear and okay. *

I ran out and gave the letter to Papa and that very moment I saw him crying while he hugs the piece of
paper from Wolf.