Special Chapter 50 Zephyr Eclipse

“Have you heard the news about Dr. Rackie?” I heard from the nurses.

“Uh... she fell down from the cliff?” one of them asks.

“No, she gave birth.”

“Wait! How will she give birth, the moment someone admit her here there’s no sign of pregnancy.”

“Oh, yes! I heard it... Dr. Rackie gave birth.”

I shook my head. “Stop those gossips.” I said. “We have conference today. After your duty we will all go
to the conference room.” I reminded them. Honestly, the event was stressful, Dr. Rackie is admitted for
a few more days to monitor her well even though she’s really okay. I really don’t understand why she’s
still staying wherein she’s totally fine now. Dr. Wiltons were really a worrywart people.

I stood up to check Dr. Rackie again. Her case is too confidential so only the trusted personnel in the
hospital allowed coming in her room.

“You have to eat.” I heard a man’s voice. “Please, Abstract. Don’t be stubborn.” He said irritably. “Later
after you eat...”

I knock. “Sorry.” I said then went in.

They smiled at me. “It’s okay.” Dr. Rackie replied.

“Are you going to check on them?” the man asked while holding a bowl of soup.

"Yes." I replied smiling then go to check what I need to check.

Even though I want to go home, I need to attend the conference meeting. The moment I open the door,
there’s no one inside yet so I went to sit on the first chair I saw in front.

“Hi! I’m just hoping that there’s someone here.” Said the man who doesn’t know if he’ll come in or not.
“It seems you haven’t read what was on the bulletin yet. Are you one of the medical staffs who’s
checking on Dr. Rackie?” he asked. I just nod as a respond. “I see... it’ll be in the office of Director Art
and the general meeting will be held when Dr. Rackie is discharged.”

I stood up so I can go to the office of Director Art. I was surprise when he open for door and close it
after I went out. I look at him.

He smile at me. “Sorry, I might get lost so I’ll go after you.” He said while blushing, he’s obviously shy.

“Sorry, I don’t know that the meeting will be held here.” I said after I went in.

CEO Red smile. “It’s okay.”

"Okay, let's start." Director Art said. “Dr. Solar, kindly explain to us everything.”

I heard someone laugh behind me. “I’m not good at explanation but I’ll try.” He said then sat on the
table. “Is everyone ready?” he said then I look around me. The man with Dr. Rackie earlier is here too,
Lunar, Dr. Allie, Dr. Air and the sisters of Dr. Rackie. “Dr. Rackie’s case is rare. Most of us in the
medical field doesn’t believe it because of the technology and science right now is getting wider. On the
other countries, it’s not rare but more on unusual because they have recorded a lot of cases.”
Someone’s phone rang; we all look at Dr. Solar. He smiles at us. “Sorry.” He said then took out his
phone on his pocket. “It’s emergency, I need to answer this.” He said then went out. “Oh, ma?” that is
the only word we heard from him before he close the door.

“Lunar, isn’t it your parents are...” Director Art suddenly asks.

Lunar nods. “I think that’s the old lady who shelter him from his misery.” He replied.

"I think; we'll continue this meeting next time." CEO Red said. The sisters of Dr. Rackie went out and
everyone in the room seems to relieve from something.

“I can finally breathe. Are they really like that?” Dr. Air asks.

CEO Red, Dr. Allie and the man with Dr. Rackie earlier laughs. “Rackie’s sisters are way more fine than
her.” Said the man with Dr. Rackie.

“I agree to that, Master!” Dr. Allie said while smiling which is the first time I ever see him smiling.

“When will be the wedding, Master?” CEO Red seriously asks.

“When my parents’ finally came then we’ll settle everything. I’m in a bad shot with my in-laws but still
they are calm.”

I look at Lunar. “Nurse Zeph, are you going home?” he asks. I just nod. “I see. I’ll come with you, I’ll
check Sunbeam.” He said then stood up. “Master, don’t forget my invitation.”

“Sure, no problem.” The man with Dr. Rackie said whom they call Master.

“Lar, do you have anything else to do?” Lunar asks Dr. Solar.

“I need to go home, there’s an emergency.” He replied.

Lunar just nod then look at me. “I think, you’ll be invited too... the wedding of Dr. Rackie and Master.”
He suddenly said.

“Why are you calling him master?” I ask full of confusion.

He smiles. “That’s his name.”

We finally reach the lobby and I saw him talking to Sunbeam. This is the first time I heard Lunar talking.
Same with Dr. Allie, Lunar is like a human x-ray... they will look at you and they will know what the
problem is.

I finally got home. Lunar send me home even though it’s out of the way and too far.

“Why did you go home just now?” Aunt asks.

“We have meeting today and there will be another follow up in the coming days.” I replied.

“Did you eat already?”

“Not yet.” I replied then sat on the sofa. “This day is super tiring!” I commented.

“I told you don’t take that career but you still push it.”

I smiled. “Aunt, you know the reason why I chose this career.”

“Yes, I know...” Aunt said. “By the way, you’re brother was promoted.”

“Really? Wow! When will he come home?”

“He didn’t say anything yet but he said he’ll call again.”

“Hmpft! Why can’t he just say that he’s busy womanizing but he doesn’t have any time with you his own
mother.” I joked on.

Aunt chuckled. “I really don’t know with that son of mine. Come on, let’s eat.”