Novel Name : Contraclockwise

Special Chapter 52 Chief Hoodwink

"Dad, calm down." That’s the only thing I’ve said to Dad. After she sent Capee and my nephew to the
hospital, I’ll be his target. Brother Wolf and I became close after I saw him crying outside the house.

"How can I calm down? First, he doesn’t have anything to do with you to involve you. How am I going
to face your grandma now?”

"Dad, they aren’t mad at you, okay? They got worried after the found out our situation here.” I
explained. “I already explained to them so you don’t need to hysterical and do your sermon. I’m okay, I
wasn’t harmed.” I said. “By the way, can I visit Sketch?” I hesitantly ask. He looks at me. “Dad, this is
the day he will be discharged to the hospital.”

He sighs. “Okay, call me when you’re coming home. I’ll fetch you.”

I smiled. “I will.”

Capee and I have a year gap on our age. After my mom gave birth to me, she died. So, Capee’s mom
raises me. Our family set up is in a mess before that’s why the marriage was postponed for awhile.
What confuse me were the actions of Brother Wolf. Why did he turn into a rebel?

I am glad to see him after a few days he’s discharged from the hospital he is now back to school. After
the incident, for sure he doesn’t know me and he won’t even glance at me.

"Chie, someone is looking for you.” My classmate said. I crooked my forehead. “There he is.” Said my
classmate then pointed at the person near the door. All I can see is his back.

I went to see who it is. “Excuse me, you were looking for me?”

I’m surprised when he turn to look at me. He’s smiling at me. “Chie!” he said full of gladness in his
voice. I am stunned, it seems like I turn into a mute person. Sketch is right in front of me and he’s
talking to me. “It seems you’re still not okay from what happened. Why did you come to your class?” he
said full of worry in his tone.

“Oh! I’m o-okay. I’m just surprised that you still know me.”

He smiled at me. “Who would forget about you? My first reader.” He said. “I’m here because I found out
that you were also in this school.” He said then bows his head and scratched his nape. “Can I fetch you
later? I mean, what time is your class dismissal?” he hesitantly asks.

"Five." I replied shortly.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you at the campus garden.” He said then left.

I went back to my sit as if I’m in cloud nine. Honestly, I lost all my focus from the entire time because I
still can’t believe that Sketch Blacknight, the famous writer in this country still knew me.

After class I didn’t went out first in the room. I just can’t believe what is really happening today. Good
thing, I can oversee the campus garden from where I sit. I got nervous when he turn his head to look at
my room. “Did he notice me?” I whisper to myself.

"Miss Hoodwink, aren’t you going home?” my professor asks.

I jumped from being startled. “I’m about to leave, sir.”

“Okay, take care.” I heard my professor said while I’m in a hurry to leave.

I heave a sigh first before coming in the campus garden. “You said your out is five...” he said calmly
behind me.

I turn to look at him. I’m surprised but I expected it because he used to always surprise me. I saw him
smiling at me. “I lost something.” I said as a lame excuse.

He nods. “Hmm... that’s why you disappeared after I look up to look at you.”

I smiled timidly. “Yes, that’s it.”

“Keith, come on!” I heard a voice outside the garden.

“Sir, you ruined the moment...” Sketch complained. I can’t help but to smile, he never changed and he
never changed his nickname.

I’m surprised to see Professor Go. All of the girls in our department and also the intern have a huge
crush on him.

“Rackie will get mad at me if she found out that I don’t do my part.” Prof. Go replied, frowning.

Sketch sighs. “Okay, okay...but let’s give her a ride.” He said then he looked at me.

Prof. Go smiled and shook his head at the same time. “That’s a bit difficult task, Keith...” he
commented. “Come on, let’s go.”

I’m really surprised when I saw Prof. Go’s car. “We’re going to ride that?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes, even though I don’t want to but I don’t have a choice.” Sketch replied.

I still can’t believe but all the rumours about Prof. Go is real, you will never see a car like he have in this
ordinary daily life.

We were in front of our gate. “I’ll meet your mother next time, I’m ashamed to show myself looking this
way.” Sketch said.

I just nod. “Okay, thank you.” I said then went inside our gate.

I’m smiling the whole time I enter our house. I think I’m still dreaming. I’m surprised when I saw the
house messy. “Ma?” that’s the only thing that came out from my mouth and as if I’m whispering.

I heard some noise upstairs, I run upstairs to see and to my surprise, I saw Brother Wolf’s room open
but I’m really surprise from what I witnessed. Daddy is holding a gun and he points it on Brother Wolf’s
forehead who’s so brave looking straight to the eyes of daddy while mommy is between them. I noticed
that Brother Wolf’s head and his arm up until his fingers have bandage.

"Please, put down your gun.” Mommy said shivering.

“I’m not going to do that unless your son is going to say that he’ll surrender to the authorities.” Daddy

"I'll talk to all the victims and ask for forgiveness, if they still insist to sue me then that'll be the time I'll
make the court to decide. I won't walk away and I'm not running." Brother Wolf said.

Daddy pulled the trigger and I heard a loud noise from where they are which made me shout. “You
passed.” Daddy said which made me feel like I heard it wrong then I realized that they have confetti on
their head.

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