Special Chapter 51 Captain Sirocco

"Dad, please..." I beg while crying.

“I won’t let slip it like that! He put you in danger!” Dad said almost raising his voice.

"Mom..." I said asking for help.

“Love, can we just—”

“I can’t! That son of yours has a lot of mess involved with and even involved my daughter!” Dad shouts
that’s heard to all the corners of the house.

Mom shuts her eyes. We’re arguing again and I can’t blame dad because whenever he shouts it’s
because of big brother Wolf. I’m mad of what he have done to Doodle by commanding someone to
push him in the cliff but I’m also worried about him. Doodle is now okay. He’s still in the hospital and
being monitored from the injuries he had. I’m so thankful to that Rackie who’s a doctor and who always
save Doodle. Right now, Doodle doesn’t want to talk to me but Daddy was able to talk to his family. I
turn to look at the child who’s running down on the stairs.

"Mommy, is it true? We'll go and visit daddy?" he asks happily.

I look at daddy. “Dad, don’t give false hope to the child.” I said tiredly.

“I talk to his father and he said okay.” Dad replied.

I shook my head. Look at his father of mine, earlier he’s so mad but now he’s smiling. I sigh, well... who
won’t smile when the merge of his company and the company of Doodle’s family is now official.

“Are you sure about that?” I ask.

“Of course!” dad replied all smiled.

"Okay." That’s all I can reply. “Come on, let’s take a shower so you’re fresh when you hug daddy.”

From all the events that happened, I still can’t believe that it’s just one person who have done this. One
mastermind from all of these messed and what makes me sad is... it was none other than but my big
brother Wolframite. I really don’t know why did he became like that. Whenever he visit here before...
he’s okay to talk with, he joke around with me and even play Barbie with me before to the point that he
asked to have a Ken doll for my Barbie doll.

Were now at the hospital, I open the door for my child I’m confused as to why he’s not coming inside. I
saw that he’s looking at me. I smile. “Go, I’ll be here outside and will wait for you.”

He smile and run inside to be with his father. “Why don’t you come in? I’m not going to swallow you.”
Doodle said then assists the child to sit beside him on his hospital bed.

I smiled. “It is okay?”

“Of course besides I have a question to ask you.” He said while caressing the head of his son. I close
the door after I went it. “He’s not...” he hesitates. “He’s not traumatized from what happened?”

I think about it while remembering the actions of my child. “He doesn’t seem so.”

“It is okay if we go get him check just to be sure?”

I smile. “Sure, it’s okay.”

“By the way, is it okay if sometimes he’ll sleepover? I mean, you know... he’s grandparents’ wants to be
with him.”

I panicked a little after I heard what he said. “Can I think about it?” I ask without thinking which also
surprised me. I bow my head to avoid his gaze. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that.” I apologize. “It’s not
that I don’t want him to be with you... I’m just surprise from all the things that happen... it’s so fast...”

“It’s fine.” He said. “Your dad said, you two will talk about it, the schedule of visitation. Sorry, it seems
like your dad haven’t discuss it with you yet.”

I shook my head but I’m trying my best to hold my tears that I’m hiding which dropped on my hand.

“Look, we’re not going to get him from you, what we really want is a visitation and you allow him to
come to the house and have a sleepover so he can be with my grandparents’ because they won’t be
able to come and visit you in the house.”

I nod. I understand but why do I have this heavy feelings? Why can’t I help but to cry? Why do I feel my
heart is breaking? Why do I feel I want to hear something else but I don’t know exactly what would it
be? Someone knock on the door then there’s a doctor who came in.

“Doodle, sorry but we can’t let you transfer to the hospital that you want to be transferred because your
orthopaedic doesn’t want to release you.” The doctor said.

Doodle chuckled. “I also want to leave this hospital. How’s Sketch, Art?”

“He’s fine. He’s be discharge later. Your case won’t be easy, you have a lot of injuries before then now
so you’ll stay here a bit longer.”

“It’s fine, it seems like they will come often here.” Doodle said. I look at him and he smile at me. “By the
way, how’s Rackie?”

“Uh... she’s still in her room; she’s just next to your room. When you went out on your left side, however
you can’t still go out. I’ll just let Rackie know so she’ll be the one to visit you.”

He laughs. “Okay, oh! By the way, my son and soon-to-be wife...” Doodle said as an introduction.
“Capee this is Art, the director of this hospital.”

“Wow!” the doctor teased him.

He just smiled at him. “Let’s just talk some other time. Thankfully Dr. Allie is hard to talk to.”

“Yes, oh yes! I need to go now. Introduce them to us next time but I’m sure Dr. Rackie will ask you a lot
of questions about them.”

After the director went out, a dead silence kills us. “Daddy, why do you have something like this?” my
child ask Doodle about the cast on his arm.

"Uh... This one is to support the broken bones so it can bring back the normal state of my arm." He

I smile from what I see right now. If I said to him before that I’m pregnant and he’s the father... will he
ever believe me? Will be stay friends? Will my college life be happy? Am I going to know him better? I
really can’t say that the outcome of my decisions are good. All I know, I was happy to be with him even
though I hid our child from him. I’m hoping that his bonding with my child will be good. What did I cry for
earlier? I already knew that he won’t do whatever I thought before even if he’s family will force him