Special Chapter 53 Abstract Wrightwood

I am happy that I am finally able to come back at work even though Master said several times that I can
just stay in the house and he can manage the bills. It’s not that I don’t want to be with the twins... but I
don’t want to waste the moments I worked for and the life threatening work I’ve done just to finish my
medicine school. Thankfully, the hospital hired me again even though these Wilton brothers don’t want
me to work, maybe they were influenced by Master.

I’m glad that within the three years of not working as a doctor, my story Cataclysm is successful and
since I have a conflict with the schedule of my book signing and my schedule here in the hospital I
chose to do my rounds and didn’t show myself to my readers who will surely be surprise. Up until now
Storm is upset because I married Master, he even cried before I came back to work because I was
admitted again. I’m sorry, okay? I just can’t help but to feed the adrenaline rush and being a daredevil
is within my veins already but much more daring than before because I have two mouths to feed so I
need to work harder.

"Calling the attention of Dr. Rackie, please come to the lobby. You have a guest."

I frown when I heard my name. Does it really need to announce? I told them they can just message
me. I went to the lobby and I saw two men standing and waiting... I can see their back but I knew who
were they even though it’s been three long years of not meeting each other.

* “Let’s just let her rest.” I heard Master said to Sketch and Doodle while blocking the way in from the

“Is she okay?” they ask full of worry.

“She’s okay, for now she doens’t want visitor. Even I... she doesn’t want me to stay here.” Master
replied while caressing the back of his head because I knock his head earlier due to irritation.

Who wouldn’t be irritated? He already accepts that he was the father of the twin then all of a sudden,
he’ll doubt? What was that? I heard Sketch and Doodle sighs.*

“Rackie!” I heard Sketch called me that made me bring back to reality. I’m just staring at them. They
changed a lot but those smiles never changed even though I put their lives in danger.

“Congrats!” Doodle said then raised a book that he was holding. “Why didn’t you go to your book
signing?” he ask.

Sketch crooked his forehead. “Rackie, is there a problem?” he ask when he notice that I’m just staring
at them.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" this is the most painful lie I’ve ever said to my entire being.

It’s obvious that they were surprise from what I’ve said but I can’t do anything about it. I need to
distance myself from them so they won’t be involved again from the miseries I’m having from the
stories I’m writing.

They look at each other and smile. “Let’s just say that we are your fans and we want to have these
books signed.” Doodle said then showed the books in front of me.

I sign the book that Sketch is holding first. “What’s your name?” I ask continuously lying.

"Sketchy BN, author ng Beautiful Monster." He replied.

"Oh, I've read your story. It's awesome!" I commented which made him smile.

Sketchy BN,

Thank you looking for me just to sign this book. Your Beautiful Monster is really nice, I'm a fan also.

Take care and write until you will be proud.

Snarf Hook

I faced Doodle to sign the book his holding. “What’s your name?”

"Gray Dude, author of Kyoaku." He replied smiling.

"Oh! I'm reading it, you have a nice story." I commented.


Thank you looking for me just to sign this book. Your Kyoaku is really awesome, I'm a fan also.

Take care and write until you reach your world.

Snarf Hook

After I signed the books, they smiled at me then left.

"Hmm... So, you don't want to involve them anymore?" I heard a baritone voice behind me.

I turn to look at him and glare at him. “They don’t have anything to do with what we’ve agreed, Penance

He smiled. “You didn’t show to your book signing today. Remember...” he said then pulled me close to
him. “... you are mine.” He whispers on my ear.

Someone pulled me out from Pen’s embrace. “Stay away from my wife. The relation you only have with
her, you are just the publisher of her stories and she’s not yours. Don’t commit adultery using my wife.”
Master calmly said but with warning.

"Okay, okay. I'm not here to get myself in trouble. I'm here because your wife didn't notice us that she
won't be able to come for her first book-signing." Pen said playfully.

"Oh, really? As far as I remember, she gave her advanced announcement to your secretary that she
wasn't and won't able to make it because she's a doctor and her patients need her more here. Didn't
your secretary notify you?" Wow! Master is mad from the way he’s putting emphasis with his words I
can feel that he is mad.

"Oh, sorry. By the way, Rackie, am I invited to your next tournament?" Pen asks. He apologized but it’s
so obvious that it’s not sincere at all.

“No.” Master and I replied without any emotion at all then we left him. I’m sure that if we didn’t leave it’ll
be a long conversation and won’t make any progress at all.

“I told you; tell him directly that you can show from that book signing.” Master said frowning. “This will
be another stage of danger.”

“Sorry, why are you here?”

“The twins wants to see Lunar.” He replied. “I send them to Lunar’s house then I went here to tell you
but I witnessed my wife letting herself being embraced by another man. I set aside the thing with

“Why did you send the twins to Lunar’s house. Wolf will go there.” I said and ignored the things he’s not
happy about.

“It’s okay, I already talk to him.” He annoyingly replied. I smile at him; he’s frowning and also having
tantrums for I did ignore what he said. “You’re ignoring what I said. I’m warning you!”

I chuckled. “Are you jealous?” he nod that made me laugh.

“This will be another mess again but this time you’re not alone.” He said and kissed my