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Chapter 557: The Real Horror Has Just Begun!

Chapter 557: The Real Horror Has Just Begun!

"But it does not make sense~! How could that Doppelganger survive for so long under the Supernova explosion?!" Tang Li Xue uttered in a perplexed tone.
Tang Li Xue did not know it, but the Doppelganger was actually using [Shadow Reflection], which could avoid any type of attack except for the light-elemental attack, to temporarily avoid the Supernova explosion before.
Of course, the Doppelganger still could not maintain shadow form with [Shadow Reflection] for too long, maybe only for a dozen seconds at best, so it was still completely obliterated by the Supernova explosion in the end.
Tang Li Xue shook her head to clear her mind.
Anyway, she was the one who won the third treasure game in the end, so the fact that Doppelganger could last for so long under the Supernova explosion was not so important anymore.
When she felt the tearing pain all over her body had been relieved, Tang Li Xue took the sleeping Yaya and Little Loki into her system's space, then she used [Spider Scorpion Transformation] to dig the tunnel back to the surface.
Meanwhile, at Instructor Mei Lan's residence, her first student who got eliminated from the Foxes Hunting Festival got sent back by the jade badge just now.
Instructor Mei Lan glared at the white-haired girl with eyes filled with menace.
Yes, the first one to get eliminated from the Foxes Hunting Festival was actually Bing Yi...
Right now, Bing Yi did not even dare to look at Instructor Mei Lan in embarrassment.
"Do you know only a few days have passed, not even a week yet? Tell me, how could you get eliminated so fast?" Instructor Mei Lan interrogated Bing Yi with a cold tone.
"I... I am so sorry, Instructor Lan... I accidentally met with an extremely powerful fox, and it killed me in a few moves. Even my [Ice Armored Titan] was broken by it very easily." Bing Yi replied shyly in a barely audible voice.
Instructor Mei Lan sighed in disappointment.
"There are many types of divine abilities. Offense, defense, support, healing, transformation, and so on. Do you know which type is the strongest among them?" Instructor Mei Lan asked Bing Yi.
"Um? Err, maybe... transformation-type divine ability?" Bing Yi blindly guessed.
Instructor Mei Lan shook her head lazily and muttered: "The strongest type of divine ability should be domain-type divine ability. Of course, battle strategy, overall strength, and many other aspects would affect the outcome of the battle, but the domain-type divine ability is already acknowledged as the strongest type of divine ability by most beast races."
"Your [Freezing Field] divine ability is the domain-type divine ability, do you know that? So how could you be the one who got eliminated first?! Don't you feel ashamed?!" Instructor Mei Lan reprimanded Bing Yi mercilessly.
Bing Yi's face blushed in shame, but she did not make any excuse and only fell silent in embarrassment.
"From now on, your training time and intensity will be tripled..." Instructor Mei Lan told Bing Yi about her punishment.
Bing Yi instantly kneeled in despair when she heard about her punishment.
"Tri... Tripled?! I will really die for real this time..." Bing Yi muttered in despair.
Instructor Mei Lan ignored Bing Yi's despondent look and took a glance at the other two jade badges on the table.
These two jade badges belong to Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao.
Honestly, Instructor Mei Lan already predicted that Bing Yi would be the first one to get eliminated from the Foxes Hunting Festival even before it started.
Because Bing Yi still lacked in many things compared to both Tang Li Xue and Hei Yinghao...
She did not have as rich experience as Hei Yinghao, and she also did not have as many life-saving skills as Tang Li Xue...
Furthermore, Bing Yi also got a sudden huge boost in her strength just recently after it broke out from her ice cocoon in the secret training, but she still completely lacked training in controlling her power.
ndαsnοvεl.cοm Meanwhile, Hei Yinghao had already received hellish training from Instructor Mei Lan, so he could already control his power to almost perfection level right now.
Especially, Hei Yinghao also had already traveled to a lot of places and faced a lot of different enemies before, so he already went through countless trials and had a lot of survival experiences.
In short, Instructor Mei Lan was not really worried since she was sure that Hei Yinghao could certainly survive quite long in this Foxes Hunting Festival... Well, as long as he did not meet with Tang Li Xue and activated his special debuff, IQ minus 300...
Instructor Mei Lan sighed again as she muttered with a solemn expression: "Those apex predator-level foxes are always slacking away at the start. They usually give the early treasures to others for the first few days before they are taking action."
"Silly Fox, Little Xue... I hope they can patiently wait and hide themselves properly in the first phase... If they accidentally bump into one of those monstrous apex predators, then they would be finished in an instant." Instructor Mei Lan uttered while squinting her eyes as she recalled the true horror of those apex predators.
Although, Instructor Mei Lan let the three of them participate in this Foxes Hunting Festival to gain more experience, but she also hoped that they could at least survive longer and snatch a few more treasures in the festival.
After getting out of the underground tunnel, Tang Li Xue saw that the skies already turned dark.
She did not plan to immediately participate in the fourth treasure game yet until Little Loki and Yaya woke up from their deep sleep.
So, Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and [Art of Concealment], then headed toward the nearest huge tree.
She took the bark from the huge tree to make some more talismans again since she almost used up all of her tree bark talismans in the previous third treasure game.
Tang Li Xue jumped into the nearby tree hole and decided to make talismans there.
She canceled her [Ethereal Form], but still maintained her [Art of Concealment].
Activating her transfiguration to turn into her human form, Tang Li Xue took out her golden inscription pen from her system storage and used her own blood to make the talisman.
As usual... her first attempt was a complete failure.
Tang Li Xue sighed while complaining to herself: "Sigh... Why the hell has my inscription skill become so pathetic like this? Where did Tang Li Xue that could engrave so many runes on Mogui's body go?"
Tang Li Xue also did not understand until now why she could become so good in the previous battle against Mogui...
Maybe because of extreme anger or so much adrenaline pumped into her brain at that time... she was also not quite sure.
Even the current Tang Li Xue felt incredible to her previous self that could engrave so many runes on Mogui's body without fail at that time.
Just so you know, engraving runes on the moving target was many times more difficult than engraving runes on the mere tree bark...
Well... But she was in [Perfect Possession] mode with Yaya at that time, so Yaya's divine abilities such as [Extreme Speed] and [Wind God's Eyes] definitely also contributed a lot to her before.
Tang Li Xue shook her head to clear her mind from all distractions and continued to make the talisman again.
Thankfully, her success had increased a lot this time.
Previously, Tang Li Xue only had one success in ten tries, but right now, she had one success in five or six tries.
When Tang Li Xue focused on making the talisman, the [Pure Sun Dragon] bloodline in her body was suddenly heating up while her [Imperial Moon Fox] bloodline was cooling her mind.
Tang Li Xue immediately stopped the inscription pen in her grasp and frowned deeply while muttering: "This is... Strange... Is there something wrong?"
Even her [Extrasensory Perception] sensed some strange power in her surrounding, but it only gave her a very faint premonition of danger.
Tang Li Xue hastily canceled her transfiguration and turned back into her fox form.
When she peeked out from the tree hole, she saw the night sky outside actually turned crimson red like a sea of blood.
As Tang Li Xue stared at the crimson red skies, there was a strange crimson light in the deepest part of her topaz blue eyes.
Tang Li Xue faintly heard a sound calling for her from the south...
Then she subconsciously jumped down from the tree hole and walked toward the direction where the sound came from...
For the first time, the [Pure Sun Dragon] bloodline and the [Imperial Moon Fox] bloodline in Tang Li Xue's body were working to break the strange hypnosis effect in Tang Li Xue's mind!
Tang Li Xue felt her mind was exploded, and she felt extremely dizzy right now.
Thankfully, she managed to get out from the hypnosis effect of the crimson-red skies with the help of both of her powerful bloodlines.
"Damn it~! What the hell is happening to me just now?!" Tang Li Xue scolded while holding her painful head with her paws.
Tang Li Xue no longer dared to stare at the blood-colored skies, so she decided to stare downward to the ground from on.
But her hunch said that something big had just begun!
The true Foxes Hunting Festival had just started right at this moment as the apex predator-level foxes finally made their moves!
Not only Tang Li Xue, but even the other foxes on the treasure island could also faintly sense the raising tension in the surrounding atmosphere.
When the true kings entered the stage, even the heroes must kneel and bow down before their majesty.

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