Novel Name : My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

Chapter 1938

At that moment, Jared felt at peace. This situation was far more preferable in contrast to his restless
nights of dreaming and longing for Nicole over the past five years.

As long as he had found her, it would not matter if he needed to reestablish their relationship.

With that thought in mind, he chuckled. "Well, if that's the case, let's get to know each other again."

Jared's smile was full of charm.

However, to Niki, his smile contained within it a feeling that was unfathomable to her. 'This is
interesting! An enemy wants to get to know me again! What's the meaning of this? Does this mean he
is willing to let go of the past and start over again?'

As she was thinking about this, Niki breathed a sigh of relief. No matter what happened, it was best to
appease this man to protect her child and ensure her own safety.

"Emm... Could you perhaps release my companion?" Niki asked.

She and Nolan were safe now, but Niki could not predict how Jared would treat Ian.
novelebook.comHowever, Jared was naturally willing to accommodate any of her requests.

"Sure. However, he can't stay by your side," Jared cautiously informed, squinting his eyes.

Nicole had disappeared for five years without a trace, and Jared could not find her no matter what he
did. Yet, she had a companion by her side the moment she reappeared. Therefore, Jared had to
confirm his suspicions about that person's background.

"That's fine. As long as you let him leave in peace," Niki replied.

After all, Ian would undoubtedly get Mr. Leo to extract her once he returned. Therefore, it was only a
matter of time before they left this place.

Jared observed Niki, unable to put a finger on what she was planning. He then looked at Nolan's
vigilant eyes.

Not wanting to frighten him, Jared turned to Niki, "You should get some rest first. We can talk later after
you and the child have rested."

"Thank you." Niki sighed once Jared had gotten off her back.

The servants led Niki and Nolan to the room upstairs, while Jared watched her until her room door had

Max went on to inform Jared, "Mr. Johnston. Did Miss Nicole lose her memories?"

Max was just rejoicing, happy for Jared, as he had finally found her. However, to his surprise, Nicole
had lost her memories.

Jared was still smiling, seemingly in a very good mood. "That doesn't matter. You should look into the
guy who was with her. Check where she lived for these past five years. Oh, and one more thing. Try to
check that little boy's DNA."

Max was left feeling a little confused by that request. "Are you suspecting something?"

Jared brushed off Max's question. He was the only one who knew that Nicole had left while she was
still pregnant at that time. Judging by the little guy's age and the similarities between the boy's
eyebrows and his own, Jared trusted his intuition.

Upstairs, the mother and son duo proceeded to take a rest in the As she
walked into the clean bedroom, Niki had a hunch that it had been meticulously taken care of. However,
she was utterly confused, and did not understand the reason as to why the man would let her live in
such a room.

Nolan saw a computer in the room and climbed up on the chair to turn it on.

In response, Niki frowned at Nolan's actions. "Why did you turn the computer on?"

Nolan replied, "To inform stepdad, of course! Besides, I can also find out who this guy is!"

In his mind, Nolan was wondering, 'I have to figure out who this guy is, since he dared to capture
Mommy and I!'

Niki smiled. "Not bad. Well then, you can take the job. I'll just take a break."

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