Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Well, This Is Awkward

“Haha, I, uh…” Veronica gazed at Matthew with her back pressed against the door, and as her
conscience crept up on her, she shifted her head aside, no longer daring to look at him. “What does it
have to do with me?”

Goodness, this is maddening! Liam was already enough trouble as it was, and now Mateo was trying to
wedge himself into the picture! I seriously have no time to deal with this sh*t.

“What does it not?” argued Matthew as he pressed his forehead against hers. His sudden closeness
intimidated her so much that she forgot to breathe for a second.

At that, she shook her head like a rattle for the sake of her dear life. “You can’t possibly hold me
accountable for whom they like, can you? Whom I like is you,” rejoined Veronica as she lifted her chin,
gazing doe-eyed at him. The sincerity in her eyes made it impossible for anyone not to believe her.

“Really?” Matthew quirked a brow. “Is this your love confession to me?”

His inner self did a summersault of joy.

“Not really.” She shook her head without a second of hesitation.


“My love for you is an old piece of news that you already know about, or why do you think I’d marry
you? Thereby making this a fact and not a confession,” explained Veronica solemnly, but it only made
Matthew snigger in amusement. “And there’s a difference?”

“Of course. There’s a fundamental difference.”

“So, you’re telling me you used to love me, and now you don’t?”

Veronica couldn’t help thinking Matthew was trying to get her to dig herself into a hole with these

“It’s not that either. You’re now the father of my twins, which makes us family.”

“So, there’s all there is? Family and no love?”

“Is there a difference?” Veronica threw his question back at him.

Matthew turned grimly in response, and he pinched her waist with the hand wrapping around it. “So,
someone lost her love for me and now wants to move on, does she? Looks like I haven’t been
performing well lately…”

As he drawled his latter words, he picked her up, locked the door, then gently put her down on the bed
before lying on top of her.

“Stop. Quit it. They’re all here. We’re dead meat if they find out.” Veronica tried to shake him back to his

“Let them find out, then. I’m on the verge of losing my wife. What do I care anymore?!” Matthew pulled
on the covers and wrapped both of them underneath.

The next second, he attacked her lips, kissing wildly and passionately as it was all he could think of
right then, and yet Veronica couldn’t stop thinking about what Matthew had just said. Let them find out,
then. I’m on the verge of losing my wife. What do I care anymore?!

For some reason, she thought it wouldn’t be something he would ever say, but he did, and she thought
it was cute of him.

Who’d have thought the Matthew Kings would one day be ‘cute’?

Turned on, she wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss.

Things heated up pretty quickly under the covers, and their breathing became erratic.

By the time Veronica came to herself, both were already in their birthday suits, expressing their love for
each other.

Knock, knock, knock!

Lo and behold, a knock came at the door, cutting their pleasant night short.

Veronica happened to be high on estrogen when the knock at the door forced her to hit the brakes,
leaving her sexually frustrated.

At that, she fought the discomfort back and cleared her throat, trying her best to sound normal. “Who is

“It’s me, Veronica.” A gentle voice—clearly belonging to Hayley.

Veronica quirked her lips in response. Then as she glanced at the man on top of her, she bit her lip in
shyness and frustration.

“Yes?” she asked again.

Meanwhile, Matthew wrapped his arms gently around her, not daring to make a move or a sound for
fear that the person outside would discover their intimate act.

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