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Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 796

Chapter 796 An Apology Gift

“Oh, so that’s what happened.” The truth was finally revealed to Shirley, but just as she was about to
accept Garrick’s apology, Sofia came to her mind.

The next second, Garrick’s voice traveled to her ears. “After you left last night, Pia told me about what’s
going on between you and Skyler. I’m not going to get involved in whatever it is between you guys, but
of course, I still have to apologize to you on behalf of Pia for that slap. I reprimanded her last night, but
given how spoiled she is, it’s hard to make her listen to me.”

He shook his head, and his smile was laced with helplessness. “I think you’ve gotten the wrong picture.
There’s nothing between him and me.” Shirley clarified at once. “Skyler and I—”

“As I said, I won’t get myself involved in whatever’s between you guys,” Garrick reiterated without
letting her finish her explanation. He then handed her a gift. “A token of my apology. Please accept it.”

“It’s cool. I didn’t take it to heart.” Her instincts told her what was inside the blue, rectangular velvet box
likely cost a fortune. Thus, she returned the gift. “What matters is that the misunderstanding is cleared.
I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Brennan.”

From President Brennan to Mr. Brennan was enough to prove that she trusted him.

“You’re not going to take a look at what’s inside?” he asked amiably while pointing at the box, to which
Shirley shook her head with a smile.

“Haha.” Garrick chuckled, his laughter exceptionally comforting. “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many
women in my life, but you’re the first to turn my gift down.”

At that, he picked up the box and opened it to reveal a necklace.

“This cost 3,832, and it’s an affordable necklace,” he said while pointing at the price tag. “I know you
won’t accept anything too valuable, so I got you this instead to express my apology. Please take it.”

Know thyself, know thy enemy; a thousand battles, a thousand victories.

He had asked around and learned that Shirley was simple, honest, self-reliant, and not materialistic.
Giving a girl like her something expensive would only make her question his motives and even stay
away from him.

“What? I…” It never occurred to Shirley that Garrick would be so detail-oriented.

She turned her gaze onto the gold necklace, which looked off-the-shelf. It was apparent that he had
spent little time picking it out.

That said, it was already quite thoughtful of a billionaire CEO to even want to buy an affordable
necklace. It would indeed be rude of her to turn him down, but… she’d feel guilty if she accepted it.

“I appreciate the gift, President Brennan, but I still have to turn you down. Why don’t you buy me lunch,
and we’ll call it even?”

“Haha, sure. If that’s what you prefer.” Garrick acquiesced.

It was still rather early. There was still about an hour to lunchtime, and Shirley found the hour rather

Feeling helpless, she could only make idle talk.

All of a sudden, Garrick’s phone rang. “Sorry, I have to take this,” he apologized to Shirley as he picked
the device up.

“Go ahead.” She nodded, then turned to her phone.

“Yeah, I’m with a friend at a cafe… North Primrose Avenue… I won’t be back for lunch. See you.”
Garrick ended the call fairly quickly.

Shortly after, Garrick and Shirley had a pretty pleasant conversation about Shirley’s company when
suddenly, a chirpy voice interrupted them. “Hey, Gary!”

The pair looked in the direction the voice came from and found Sofia approaching them in a sexy,
fashionable crop top.

Meanwhile, next to her was… Skyler.

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