Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 797

Chapter 797 Pretentious Pair

Awkwardness laced Shirley’s face as she saw the pair while Garrick stood up and asked, “What brings
you guys here?” It was evident he had no clue about it.

“Huh… Is Shirley the friend you’re meeting with?” Sofia asked Garrick after taking a gander at the other
woman. “Skye and I were looking for a place to get coffee, and you said you were here, so we came.
Why didn’t you tell me you’re on a date with Shirley?”

While she spoke, Skyler, dressed in a black t-shirt, glanced icily at Shirley, who also happened to be
glancing at him.

As the two made eye contact, all that happened the night before popped into their heads.

While he remained impassive, a tinge of redness laced her face, and she immediately lowered her
head, no longer daring to look him in the eye.

Garrick hurriedly explained, “Nonsense. I got Shirley to act as my girlfriend at your party last night to
stop Nancy from making further advances. As such, I asked her out today to express my gratitude.”

With that, he turned to Shirley. “Isn’t that right, Miss Wilson?”

“Huh? Yeah, that’s right.”

Though it was somewhat different from what he had told her earlier, Shirley just thought he had
tweaked the truth to spare her feelings.

Meanwhile, Skyler frowned after hearing Garrick’s explanation, and his gaze at Shirley this time was
one of dismay.

Was that what it was? Then, I’d mistaken her last night, hadn’t I?

On the other hand, Shirley felt uncomfortable by Skyler’s burning gaze, so she could only sip her coffee
to alleviate the awkwardness.

In actuality, Garrick had colluded with Sofia when he asked Shirley to meet him, and that was why she
had shown up with Skyler at such perfect timing to rub the fact that she was seeing Skyler in Shirley’s

Feeling victorious now that she had achieved her purpose, Sofia turned to Skyler. “We’ll let you guys
get back to whatever you were doing. Come on, Skye. Let’s head upstairs.”

However, Skyler had other plans. “It’s almost lunchtime. Why don’t we have a meal together?” he
suggested after checking his watch.

“Are you sure about that?” Shirley looked up in response, but lo and behold, her gaze landed
involuntarily on Sofia’s hand wrapped around Skyler’s arm, causing her heart to twinge.

To think these two can act as though nothing happened the night before when Skyler did whatever he
wanted to me in the Brennan Manor’s bathroom, and especially when Sofia heard it all at the door…

She might not know just what sort of relationship the pair was in, but she did know that she felt

“Yeah, it’d be awkward for Miss Wilson and me when you two are on a date,” Garrick teased.

“I agree with Mr. Brennan,” Shirley echoed.


“We’re all friends here. What’s there to be awkward about?” Skyler interjected right as Sofia spoke up,
then moved next to Shirley and said, “Scoot over.”

Shirley was stumped, surprised that Skyler would so shamelessly stay for lunch.

At that, she checked Sofia out from the corner of her eyes and found the latter looking grim. She
wouldn’t be surprised if it was because Skyler wanted to sit next to her despite being her boyfriend.

“I think you should sit next to—” Shirley wanted to suggest that he sit next to Sofia, but the man didn’t
even give her a chance to finish her words. “Did you not hear me?” He huffed with a frown, leading
Shirley to shut up at once and shift over as told, intimidated by his commanding attitude.

Meanwhile, Sofia’s gaze turned grave, and she exchanged glances with Garrick when the pair wasn’t

Eventually, they took their seats without a word.

“Shirley, I want to apologize to you,” said Sofia with her fingers interlocked on the table. Meanwhile, her
gaze at Shirley was one of utter repentance. “I’m sorry for mistaking your relationship with Skye. I
thought you two…”

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