Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 802

Chapter 802 Tease Mateo

“I know you don’t trust me or want to reveal anything to me, but I just want to make sure you’re okay.
Bye.” Disappointed, Xavier ended the call quickly.

Veronica lost the mood to study after being disturbed by the call and thus began fiddling with her phone
when a notification popped up.

She and Matthew had cracked their phones after purchasing them, and they were set to English now.

It was a concise message from Matthew. ‘The antidote is in the handkerchief.’

It was the handkerchief she had deliberately poured some of the drink onto the day before and taken
out with her in her pocket after placing it into a plastic bag.

It was just a guess, but who’d have thought the drink was really spiked?!

It seemed that Tiffany had colluded with the Ledgers, or perhaps, she did all she could to make a deal
with them to achieve success through double-dealing—she was very insecure, after all.

‘I got it.’ Veronica typed, then thought for a second and added a kiss emoji before sending the

Knock, knock, knock!

Suddenly, there came a knock at the door.

At that, Veronica put the phone down and opened the door to find Mateo standing behind it with books
in his hands, ready to teach her.

Since Veronica’s bedroom was pretty big, half of it could be divided into a study area. For
convenience’s sake, she didn’t bother doing her lessons in the study.

However, after knowing Mateo’s feelings for her, she suddenly thought it wasn’t appropriate for just the
two of them to be in her bedroom.

“Mateo, how about we—” Just as she suggested doing the lessons in the study, she found Matthew
standing behind Mateo.

“Young Master Mateo, I want to learn from you too.” Matthew’s checkered flannel and mundane
disguise made him look like a simple and honest man.

“No!” Mateo glared icily at him, having been startled by his sudden appearance.

At the thought that ‘Iron’ had tricked 20,000 hidden clan credits out of him the day before, indignation
surged within him.

“All I have is 20,000. Here, take it. Consider them my lesson fees,” said Matthew as he pulled 20,000
hidden clan credits out of his pocket.

Seeing that it was precisely the money he had been tricked out of, Mateo immediately reached his
hands out, but Matthew withdrew his hand and asked, “Are you going to teach me?”

“Give me the money first.” Mateo extended his hand with a ‘no money, no talk’ attitude.

However, Matthew didn’t yield to his threat. Instead, he turned to the staircase and bellowed, “Master
Waylen, Young Master Mateo says he isn’t willing to teach me.”

Crayson’s real name was Waylen Elrod, and Matthew was currently playing the role of a servant. Thus,
he could only address the former as Master Waylen.

“Mateo?!” Crayson’s warning immediately came from downstairs.

Grimness immediately enveloped Mateo’s face as he glared daggers at Matthew, only to find the latter
chuckling foolishly. “Hehehe, Master Waylen said I don’t have to give you money since I serve this
family. In that case, I think I won’t give it to you,” said the man with a straight face as he put the money
back into his pocket, causing Mateo to froth at the mouth.

Matthew’s mischievous side was one that Veronica had never seen before, and she couldn’t help
wanting to chuckle.

“Fine!” Mateo shouted toward his grandfather, who then replied, “Iron has been tasked to keep
Veronica safe from now on. You must see that his hidden tongue is fluent.”

This arrangement made Mateo so livid that his face flushed from anger. However, he dared not

Though she was amused, Veronica fought back her laughter and suggested, “Let’s go to the study. My
room can’t fit all three of us.”

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