Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 804

Chapter 804 Plotted Against Mateo

Veronica’s heart pounded, and she thought kissing under such circumstances was nerve-racking yet
thrilling, for it felt like they would get caught any second.

That said, she didn’t fight it but let Matthew kiss her as he pleased. At that moment, all she could smell
was Matthew’s unique scent, and it intoxicated her.

It wasn’t after two minutes that Matthew finally released her. “Your face is pretty flushed,” he couldn’t
help teasing when he saw how bashful she looked. “Are you not worried Mateo will notice it when he
comes back?”

At that, Veronica buried her face in her hands, panicking. “Is it that bad?”

“Come on, this isn’t your first rodeo. How can you still be shy about it?” “Says the guy trying to swallow
my mouth. I could barely even breathe.”

“It’s on you for being a dummy. Don’t pass the buck.” Matthew flicked her forehead lightly. “There aren’t
cameras in here. You don’t have to be nervous. It’s not like I’m going to eat you up.”


Suddenly, the door opened, and Mateo came in with a cup of coffee.

He had thought he’d come in to find the two fooling around or slacking off, but to his surprise, they were
sitting upright, assiduously memorizing.

After closing the door, the young man returned to his seat, leaning lazily against the executive chair as
he read a book while listening to the two slurring their words.

However, he failed to realize Veronica’s left hand and Matthew’s right were under the table.

He tugged on her hand mischievously, having a ball as he fiddled with her tender fingers.

While Matthew behaved brazenly against Mateo’s watchful gaze, Veronica tried to wriggle her hand
out, but very quickly, she realized it would be a futile attempt, so she just let him hold it tightly.

“Write it repeatedly once you have the words down. You can only sear the words in your brain after
reading and writing them over and over again, or they will never come to you,” said Mateo sluggishly.

He didn’t seem to have too much patience with the two. In fact, whenever he looked at Matthew, his
gaze would be laced with despise.

Before coming to the hidden clan, Matthew studied intensively and managed to master it in just half a
year. One might assume he had a knack for language or was even gifted at it. However, the truth was
that no one knew just how much blood, sweat, and tears he had put into achieving such a remarkable

“Got it.”


With that, the two pulled out their pens and notebooks, scribbling the words attentively.

On the other hand, Mateo became tired from sitting, so he adjusted the back of the executive chair and
turned it into a recliner.

After making himself comfortable, he placed a book on his face and drifted off to sleep.

Meanwhile, the couple continued scribbling their newly learned words, but sometime later, there came
muffled snores. The two reflexively stopped and looked in the direction of the sound to find Mateo dead

asleep, and the two smiled as they exchanged a glance.

Pulling another mischief, Matthew held Veronica’s chin as he leaned over to kiss her lips, causing her
to tense up at once. She was so shocked that her eyes widened with fear, worried that Mateo would
suddenly wake up and catch them in the act.

While struggling, she kept her peripheral gaze on Mateo worriedly, feeling as though her heart would
jump out of her chest at any second.

After successfully shoving Matthew away, she placed a book in front of her face and turned her head to
glare daggers at Matthew. “Are you crazy?! You and I will be dead meat if he catches us!” she

“Relax, he won’t be waking up anytime soon,” Matthew answered composedly, baffling Veronica. “He
won’t? Why?”

“There’s a little something in his coffee.”

As for what this ‘little something’ was, Veronica got a pretty good picture even if Matthew kept his lips

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