Her Biliionaire Husband

Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 808

Chapter 808 Be My Master

As the conversation in the living room continued, Eleanor followed Matthew into the kitchen and even
closed the door behind her.

While Matthew cleaned and gutted the fish professionally, he monotoned sarcastically, “You want
everyone to know you show me favoritism, don’t you, Your Highness?”

He suddenly thought Eleanor was a difficult one, and it made his head hurt. “I naturally won’t reveal
your identity when I’ve promised you that. But what other people think is not my business.”

In other words, ‘I, Princess of Eleanor of the hidden clan, am only responsible for keeping my mouth
shut. It’s not my problem if other people start asking questions.’

Of course, Eleanor had an axe to grind.

Only the heavens knew how restless of a sleep she had at night after Matthew left. All she could see
was his drop-dead gorgeous face every time she closed her eyes in bed. Thus, she lugged Liam over
to apologize to Veronica the second the young prince woke up.

But as His Royal Highness, The Prince of the hidden clan, Liam naturally wouldn’t be willing to
apologize to Veronica. Eleanor used every trick in the book before getting him to agree to it.

That said, the apology was just an excuse, for her purpose was to see Matthew from the get-go.
However, she started regretting after seeing Matthew’s ugly-laced, average face.

Why did I let him put his disguise on instead of making him show his true face to the world? Oh, what a
pleasing scene it would have been.

“Shall I give you my thanks, then,” quipped Matthew inattentively as he descaled the fish with a sharp

“Hahaha, no need to. I’ll take the feast as your gratitude, so you better make it nicer and hope that I’ll
eat a little more.” It was as though she couldn’t make out his underlying tones at all, but Matthew knew
all too well that she was just playing dumb.

Seeing that he said nothing, Eleanor rolled her sleeves up and offered, “Come, I’ll be your sous-chef.
You can also teach me how to make Destorian food in the meantime.”

At that, her eyes sparkled as an idea hit her, and she propped her right arm against the cooktop while
eyeing Matthew amorously with a tilted head. “Say, Iron, how about I become your disciple? You’re
going to teach me how to cook, and I’ll call you master from now on, deal?”

“No.” Matthew turned her down without even a split second of hesitation.

Of course, Eleanor expected his rejection, so she smiled seductively and reminded him, “You know you
can walk in and out of the palace as you wish if you become my master. It’ll benefit you and even

He paused for a second when he heard Eleanor’s words but returned to gutting the carp silently.

The princess’ smile widened as she had a good guess as to what was running through Matthew’s mind.
At that, she patted his shoulder lightly. “It’s decided then. How are you planning on making the fish,
Master Iron?” She got into character in a snap.

Meanwhile, in the living room, a red flag was raised within Veronica when Eleanor still hadn’t returned
from the living room after such a long time.

“I’m going to see if we have enough food for all of us,” she announced and headed straight to the
kitchen without caring what the others thought.

Eleanor’s cheerful laughter came from inside the kitchen when Veronica arrived at the door, causing
her heart to skip a nervous beat and her hand at the doorknob to pause.

After a moment of hesitation, she still decided to open the door, only to find the princess thoughtfully
wiping the sweat off Matthew’s forehead with a handkerchief. “You’re sweating, Master Iron. Let me
wipe it off you.”

Matthew found Veronica standing in the doorway the second he turned to his side with a sharp knife. At
that, he shifted his gaze to Eleanor…

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