My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Chapter 1776 I’ve Missed Out

"Aunty Melody, why do you look so pale? Do you feel unwell anywhere?"

Chloe put down the bags and hurriedly approached Melody. She took the older lady’s hand and asked
with concern on her face.

Melody was so angry that her palms were sweating. Then, she immediately felt much more at ease
when Chloe held her hand.

After all, Chloe was from a prominent family. She was much more sensible than a woman like Rosalie.

Melody changed to a smiling face as she calmed down. "I'm alright. What are you doing here with so
many gifts?"

"Are you all right? Sit down and have some water first. Is there something wrong with your body? Do
you want me to take you to the hospital?" Chloe comforted Melody as they sat down together.

Melody shook her head. "I'm really fine. You could just come over, there's no need to bring any gifts!"

"Oh, it's like this. I went to visit Miss Jacobs this morning. I bought some supplement because she was
recovering from a serious illness. Of course, I thought about getting a more expensive and effective
ones for while I chose some for her!"

Chloe's character seems calm and gentle, but in fact, she was calculatedly mindful.

If she mentioned getting supplements for Rosalie, and got some for Melody along the way, that would
offend Melody greatly.

This current rhetoric would make anybody feel good, no matter what.

Melody understood and smiled knowingly. Then, she pulled a face again. "What supplements did you
give her? She has never met you before, so why should you give it to her? You had to go through all
that mess to get a fake marriage certificate with Byron just to save her life."

Chloe took a good look at Melody’s words and expressions and collected her thoughts. "It's okay. I just
made a fake marriage certificate, and it's not a particularly big effort. How can this be deserving of any

She noticed that the relationship between Melody and Rosalie was still in turmoil.

‘No wonder Wendy was able to push that far. Melody must have been her backup.

‘However, I can't be like Wendy, foolish and ignorant.’

"How could there be no credit? Your reputation is at stake! Your father almost announced it to the
world. If he did, it would hurt you a lot. Why should you get hurt to save her life?"

Again, Melody was filled with righteous indignation, but Chloe just listened quietly without interrupting.

She even took the initiative to make tea and started serving the old lady.

Melody felt better after being doted on. Then, she suddenly asked with a serious face, "Just tell Aunty,
how do you feel about Byron?"

Chloe was stunned for a moment and immediately reacted in surprise.

"Aunt... Aunty Melody, Byron and Miss Jacobs are so close now, and they have three kids. Why are
you still asking this?"

"What three kids? Besides Estie, how are those two related to the Lawrences?" Melody replied coldly.

Her reaction was within Chloe's expectations.

She suddenly showed a trace of loneliness. "To be honest, I do have some feelings for Byron. After all,
we grew up together as childhood sweethearts. When I went to study in Europe, I knew that I would’ve
missed out. Moreover, Miss Fuller was Byron's fiancée at that time."

Melody immediately shook her head at Chloe’s reaction and grabbed her hand in a persuasive manner.

"What is this missing out nonsense? Byron haven't obtained a certificate to remarry Rosalie yet. It
doesn't count as anything! Why do you think you have no chance?"

"But...It’s true, they have three kids. I guess this childhood sweetheart matter would amount to nothing.
I don't want to destroy Byron's happiness. So, please Aunty Melody, never bring this up again."

Chloe clearly knew what Melody was thinking, but she had to simply refuse.

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