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Chapter 214


Something suddenly occurred to me, so I asked, “Doctor, do you have time now?”

“Please call me Adenauer. And yes, I have time. Do you want to buy a cup of coffee?”

I was stunned and asked, “How do you know what I want to say?”

It seemed he had a good memory because he even remembered I had offered to buy him coffee when
we had walked out of the supermarket.

Adenauer turned to look at me, thought for a while, and raised his eyebrows, saying, “Maybe it’s an
occupational disease. As a psychiatrist, I need to observe human beings.”

“You’re awesome,” I complimented him without reservation.

Then we went to a Starbucks nearby with Balu. Adenauer was self- disciplined and did not add sugar to
his coffee.

Seeing my expression, he said, “I want to keep healthy.”

I joked, “Please stop reading my mind, Wizard Adenauer!”

When he laughed heartily, I found the man in his thirties had dimples. At the thought of this, I shook it
out of my mind. After all, he was a wizard who could read people’s minds!

If he found out what I was thinking, I’d be so embarrassed that I would want to disappear.

It was getting late, and I needed to take Balu home and prepare dinner. So, Adenauer politely said
goodbye to me at an intersection.

I had thought I would not see him anymore. But unexpectedly, since I had met him on his way off work
that evening, I had always bumped into him while walking the dog.

At first, we had only said hello to each other. Gradually, we began to have small talk.

I was glad to know him because he was gentle and humorous. I had never had dealings with such a
mature and tender man before. At most times, he could guess what I wanted to say before I opened my
mouth. But I knew he was not showing off his professional abilities.

Even though a week had passed, he still maintained a moderate social distance from me. And I thought
we were friends now.

However, things changed on Tuesday of the next week.

I had miscalculated the daily amount of the dog food Mrs. Krause had prepared for Balu, so I ran out of
it a day earlier. Even though. she would be back tonight, I could not let Balu starve for over ten hours!
So, I decided to go to the pet store to buy the same dog food by myself.

On the way, I came across Adenauer again.

When he saw me, he asked, “This is not your usual route, right?”

“Well, I have to buy some dog food for Balu.”

“Have you run out of dog food?”


He motioned for me to get in his Mercedes and said, “Let me drive you to the pet store. It is not close.”

I readily took Balu into his car.

“Do you remember the brand of the dog food Mrs. Krause prepared?”

“I wrote it down in the memo. It’s an American brand. And I don’t need your help to check the
ingredients this time.”

I guessed his concern, so I explain in advance.

He glanced at me in the rearview mirror, looking in a good mood.

“It better be.”

Ten minutes later, I felt like being slapped in the face.

Adenauer stood in front of several distinct products from “StellaChewys” and waited for me to choose
with a smile.

“Why does one brand have so many types of dog food with different ingredients?”

I admitted defeat and asked, “Do you know how to choose?”

“Yes, I do. Have you forgotten I raised a golden retriever when I was a student? I’m a professional in
this area.”

He accurately took a pack from the shelf and said, “Balu is 5 years old. This one has freeze-dried red
meat, so it is more suitable. If you don’t believe me, you can check it with Mrs. Krause.”

“Why are you so confident?”

I took out my phone and sent Mrs. Krause a message.

When I got her reply after a while, I widened my eyes and looked up at Adenauer, not knowing what to

“You are indeed professional.”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “I told you.”

When we walked out of the pet store, he suddenly stopped his steps, looked around, and asked,
“Would you like to have a meal with me?”

I glanced in the direction he had been looking at just now and saw several restaurants of various styles.
It was mealtime now, so it looked lively over there.


I happened to be hungry. If I went home now, it would take half an hour to cook a meal. So, it was more
convenient to have a meal out.

“Do you need to avoid any food?”


“What cuisine would you like to eat? French, Chinese, Japanese, or Thai?”

I shook my head and said, “All are OK for me.”

Adenauer nodded, “I know a good restaurant. Let’s go”

His tone sounded too casual, so I did not feel anything wrong until I followed him into a fancy French

Weren’t we going to have a casual meal? But it would be impolite to leave now.

After Adenauer whispered to the waiter at the door, the latter soon took Balu to another place.

Sitting opposite him in the bright and spacious restaurant, I felt a little nervous for the first time.

“Can you read French?” Adenauer asked, looking casual and natural as usual.

So, I thought I was thinking too much and nodded, “Yes, a little bit.”

He handed me a menu and recommended several specialties. But I was in no mood for thinking about
the food, so I ordered several dishes according to his recommendation.

When I looked at the prices on the menu, I was sure this was not a casual meal!

Closing the menu, I made up my mind that I would tell him I needed to use the bathroom later and pay
the bill in advance. I did not want to owe him anything no matter whether he wanted to chase after me.

But when I went to pay the bill, the waiter’s words made me uneasy.

“Ma’am, we are a reservation-only restaurant. And Mr. Adenauer has paid for the meal after ordering.”

Sure enough, he had prejudged my actions again!

Back at our table, I felt restless. As much as I tried to look normal, I couldn’t hide it from Adenauer.

“If you have any questions, please go ahead.”

“Is this a date?” I asked.

Adenauer put down his knife and fork, seriously looked at me, and replied, “Yes.”

I knew it!

Lfelt a little distraught. Objectively speaking, Adenauer was an excellent date. He was graceful and
mature. And he was gentler than all the men I had dated.


I avoided his gaze and said in embarrassment, “Sorry! I am so sorry. But I’m not ready for a new

Because of my nervousness, I was getting my words muddled up.

I saw the disappointment on his face. His blue eyes used to look bright like stars, but now, they had lost
their light, “It’s okay. I understand.”

Hearing him comforting me, I felt even more guilty!

When meeting him every day when walking the dog, I had guessed he liked me. But I had
subconsciously chosen to avoid thinking about this matter! What a selfish woman I was!

After parting with Adenauer, I finally met Mrs. Krause at my door whom I hadn’t seen for a week.

After she had taken Balu home, I was left alone in the house. So, I opened a bottle of beer and silently
drank it on the sofa.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable for no reason, as if something knotted in my chest. And urgently needed
to vent my emotion.

Alcohol gradually clouded my consciousness. In a trance, I looked at the bedside table in my bedroom.
So, I went over, opened the drawer of the bedside table, and saw the sex toy from Cinder.

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