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Chapter 217

A German Gentleman

Adenauer readily accepted my offer.

After hanging up the phone, I sat on the sofa in a daze. My mind went blank, but my heartbeat was

I had made a crucial decision! And I knew what it meant no matter if it was right.

Since losing Aaron’s love, I had been overwhelmed by sadness for three years and refused to open my
eyes to look at the world. I had avoided all intimate contact with men and filled my time with the alcohol
and academic studies. I had lived like an unconscious puppet and trapped myself in a prison set up by

And that phone call just now meant a lot to me because I had finally stepped out of the barren prison!

Cinder had made me see reality in her way.

There was no possibility between Aaron and me anymore!

Before canceling my FB account, I had seen the news of his engagement. Maybe he had married that
rich girl now. So, I must move on too.

Putting down the phone, I went to the bedroom and threw the sheets and the dildo in the bathroom.

Under the spray of water from the shower, I closed my eyes and silently cleaned the place in my heart
that had once belonged to Aaron.

It was time to start a new relationship.

Goodbye, Aaron Morris.

I had thought I would lose sleep, but when I woke up in the morning, I found I had slept well.

Then, I went to the laboratory and changed into my white uniform. After saying hello to Charlotte, I
intended to continue working on my drug research and development.

But she stared at me and suddenly said, “You look different today.”

I looked down at my clothes and said, “What do you mean?”

“It’s hard to describe it. But you look energetic today. Did anything good happen?”

I froze for a moment and laughed, “Maybe.”

Giving up Aaron was tantamount to letting go of myself. It seemed I had made the right decision!

When I worked in such a good mood, my efficiency had been surprisingly high throughout the day, so
today’s research was smooth.

I felt as if everything was celebrating me starting a new life.

When it was time to get off work, my colleagues left one after another. Soon, I received Adenauer’s
message, saying, “I’m in Parking Lot Two.”

I immediately replied, “Got it. I will be there in five minutes.”

After sending the message, I started winding up. After moving the glassware from the washer to the
dryer, I intended to leave. But Charlotte suddenly came out of the MRI room with 900MHZ.

As my assistant, she was dedicated to her job and had never left the lab before I got off work.

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Then, we left the lab together and went out of TWH.

Charlotte usually parked her car in Parking Lot Five which was in the opposite direction of Parking Lot
Two. Seeing her going to Parking Lot Two with me, I couldn’t help asking, “Didn’t you park your car in
Parking Lot Five today?”

“Yes! I was almost late today, so I parked it at Parking Lot Two which is nearer.”

Charlotte’s answer made me a little concerned.

Although I didn’t want to tell everyone about my relationship with Adenauer for now, I had no reason to
hide it. Otherwise, it would be disrespectful to him.

When we arrived at Parking Lot two, Adenauer got out of the car and walked straight toward me.

“Olive, here!”

Charlotte’s gossipy eyes instantly lit up as if a light were being switched on.

“Oh my god! Who is he? Where did you know such a handsome guy!”

“I have you to thank for that.” Seeing Adenauer approaching us, I frankly teased, “He is my neighbor
Adenauer, a psychiatrist.”

I look to Adenauer and said, “This is my assistant Charlotte, and she is a Master’s degree candidate in
neuroscience at the University of Munich.”

Then, they shook hands and tacitly greeted each other in English.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too!” Charlotte said excitedly, “I’m the happiest person to see Dr. Woods making
friends and starting a new life in Germany. Do you have a date later?”

When Adenauer looked at me, I replied, “Yes.”

Then, I explained to him, saying, “Charlotte is worried that I will go back to the United States because
she does not want to lose her job.”

Adenauer laughed, “So, will you go back?”

“Hmph, maybe. Who knows?” I deliberately joked.

Charlotte was insensible, so she urged us to go on the date after the small talk.

Then, Adenauer and I went to the bookstore nearby and attended a well-known local animal behavior
therapist’s lecture. Many people had come with their pet dogs.

Seeing Adenauer listen carefully, I appreciated him more. I did not want him to attend the lecture
merely for my interest because it would be a waste of time for him.

The lecture was only half an hour. When we got back to the car, he asked me where to have dinner.

I asked with curiosity, “What does German homely food look like?”

As an American, my meal was full of carbs and calories. I often ate fried chicken, steak, salad, dessert,
and pottage. And when I was busy, I perfunctorily had burgers, macaroni, and pizza.

But I wanted to use this dinner to make it up to Adenauer. He was German, so I hoped to show him my
sincerity by letting him know I was trying to learn more about his life.

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He asked in surprise, “Do you want to have German homely food?”

“Yeah. I must fit in, right?”

“OK, I know a local restaurant with a long history. And I am a regular customer.”

Soon, I tasted a German homely meal. Potatoes, sausages, green salad, cheese, and a glass of beer.
Everything was cold except the mashed potatoes!

“How about the food here? Do you like it?”

After leaving the restaurant, Adenauer smiled and asked me about my feelings for the food.

I honestly said it was okay, but I preferred freshly baked beef and chicken.

When the car arrived at my house, Adenauer opened the door and got out.

I wondered whether he wanted to go in. And the uneasiness hidden in the bottom of my heart gradually
cropped up. As an adult, I understood what it meant to let a date in the house at night. Even though we
had had a harmonious date today, I was not ready for sex. So, when he walked up to me, my palms
started to sweat.

I thought maybe I should launch a pre-emptive strike, so I asked, “Would you like to go in to have a cup
of coffee?”

When Adenauer looked down at me, he seemed startled by my direct question. Then, he laughed, “No,

His answer largely relieved my nervousness.

Then, he put his hands on my shoulders, slightly bent over, and tenderly looked into my eyes, saying,
“As much as I’d like to go in, I don’t think you’re ready.”

He was indeed a good psychiatrist because he could precisely read my mind every time.

A tinge of guilt crept into my heart, but I was undeniably relieved to hear such a gentle reply.

Suddenly, I felt a soft and warm touch on my forehead.

Adenauer had kissed my forehead!

When I looked up at him in surprise, I met his beautiful blue eyes.

“Good night! Sweet dreams.”

I had to admit that no woman could resist such a gentle offensive.

Not even one!

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