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Chapter 222

“Haha…” I thought she must be smiling awkwardly right now. Fortunately, Mr. Schutze had lowered his
head and continued reading the file.
“So what?” Cinder asked.
“Nothing special happened. After handing over the documents, I quickly left and returned to the lab. My
lovely assistant gave me medicine for my stomach.” When I remembered the incident, I was still quite
excited and scared, “You know what? Since then, the president’s office had become as scary as the
teacher’s office in high school to me.”
When I was in high school, I had never wanted to go to the teacher’s office to get a lecture. Now I didn’t
want to go to the president’s office to be forced to remember the passionate sex scene!
“Haha… Honey, you’re making me laugh out loud.” Cinder laughed so hard that she fell onto the bed.
Nick was laughing too, “So you’re going to keep the secret?”
“Of course.” I nodded without hesitation, “After all, I still have to work here. He is the CEO, my boss’s
boss. How can I agree to mess with him?”
Not only that, but even if he was someone of the same rank as me, he wouldn’t expose it.
I was not in a position to do that.
After all, I was also a woman who had cheated on a man and given him my whole heart, foolishly
thinking that I would have a future with him.
Thinking of that man again, I didn’t think the affairs of Mr. Schutze and Mrs. Monica were worth
After all, that lunatic had done that to me outside a charity event, with his aunt and David not far away.
I was the craziest.
“It’s okay to tell others. Ms. Monica’s plan is doomed to fail.” Cinder’s words brought my mind back to
“What do you mean?” He was a bit taken aback.
“What do I mean? Baby, do you think the secretary is interested in that old man’s sexual skills?” Cinder

yelled at me jokingly.
“Well… of course not.” I was a bit speechless, “Of course, I know she’s sleeping with a man his father’s
age primarily for profit. But why did you say that his plan would fail?”
“Because, as far as I know, the president she’s sleeping with is no longer in his prime.” Cinder picked
up the champagne from the table and took a sip.
“What news have you heard?” Nick also smelled gossip.

Cinder put down her glass and said, “I went back to my parents’ house yesterday. You know my father
has a good relationship with the Morris Group. Thanks to you, I specifically mentioned TWH to my
father. He told me that the Morris Group has been investigating the president of TWH for a long time.
She could understand every word Cinder said, but…
“Wait…what Morris? What Morris? My heartbeat started to beat fast.
Chapter 223 Relationship between TWH and Aaron
“Honey, he’s the Morris you think he is.”
He was stupefied.
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“What? Morris? What does TWH have to do with the Morris Group?” My mind went blank and I was
totally confused.
On the computer screen, Cinder saw my reaction and widened her eyes, “Olive baby, don’t you know
that the company you joined belongs to Aaron’s family?”
“How could I know this?” I couldn’t keep my composure any longer.
The snacks were thrown to the side by me. I got up from the sofa and kept pacing back and forth. I was
shocked and panicked.
I sat in front of the computer and looked at Cinder, “So you knew about this all along?”
Cinder looked at me and hesitantly said yes.
What the hell!

“Honey, I thought you knew. After all, the relationship between the two is written in the name.” Cinder
explained in surprise.
“What name?” Nothing occurred to me, “This company is called TWH, which is short for the name of
the founder, Thomas Weber
Hoffman. Where is Morris?
Cinder rolled her eyes and said, “Honey, you’ve been sleeping with Aaron for so long and you still don’t
know his middle name is Hoffman?”
His middle name…
I froze in place.
I remembered the time with Aaron. In fact, we had slept many times. But he had never paid attention to
his middle name.
“So what is the relationship between this Thomas Weber Hoffman and Aaron Morris?” Nick asked
Cinder, “Is the middle name usually the mother’s last name?”
“Yeah. Hoffman is his mother’s last name. The founder of this company,
I had thought that I was pulling myself together and that even if I heard the news about Aaron and the
Morris Group, I wouldn’t feel a thing.
But I couldn’t lie to myself.
I cared so much! Damn!
What Cinder had just said hit my heart hard?
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“You’ve been sleeping with Aaron for so long, but you don’t even know his middle name is Hoffman?”
If I did not know.
When I met him, I just wanted to use him as a tool to get back at Vincent. He was just a friend with
benefits to me. Who would care about the middle name of a friend with benefits?
But then, I couldn’t lie to myself anymore that he was just a friend with benefits.
I thought that between Aaron and me, I had always loved him more.

But Cinder’s question hit me easily. If she loved him as much as she thought, how come she didn’t
even know his middle name after sleeping for so long?
“Hello? Baby Olive, you don’t look so good.” Cinder waved at the
“I’m fine.”
But your face seems to suggest otherwise. Cinder had no intention of giving up.
I forced myself to cheer up and looked at Cinder: “The information you just gave me was a bit
overwhelming and I got a little excited. But it’s nothing. It’s all over now. Do not worry about me”.
“You better not be lying,” Cinder complained.
I smiled, “Do I have to lie to you?”
“Don’t lie to us. Of course, we know you very well.” Cinder suddenly met my eyes very seriously, “I
mean, you better not lie to yourself.”
He didn’t want to talk about this topic anymore.
“Okay, it’s getting late. Let’s call it a day, folks.” Nick looked quickly at Cinder and said, “Changed the
Cinder and Nick laughed at each other a bit jokingly. He was a little helpless, but there was nothing he
could do about it.
“Forget it. Give our poor girl some space. Anyway, now she has a new man, and everything will be fine.
Cinder said goodbye.
“Please let me know if there is any follow up on Mr. Schutze.” Nick also logged out.
After hanging up,
Balu approached me wagging his tail and caressing my hand.
Ms. Krause had recently been back on a business trip to Hamburg. Her husband would not return for
several months. Balu was almost always with me. She had been very aware of my emotions.


“I’m fine.” Looking down at him, I reached out and patted his head with a smile.
Balu moaned a few times as if she was talking to me.
“I’m really fine.” I picked him up, hugged him and nestled my face against his neck.
“I’m just a little sad.”
For the past three years, she had been convinced that she loved Aaron deeply when she hadn’t even
noticed his middle name.
She hadn’t told me much about her family, and I had never gotten curious enough to explore it.
“Balu, you don’t really seem to love him very much.”
That’s why we broke up, right? I asked myself repeatedly, but I couldn’t find an answer.
I couldn’t help but feel a little sad and started crying. Balu turned to look at me, raised his head and
tried to lick my tears away.
At that moment, I realized the benefits of having a dog.
Otherwise, it would be hard to imagine how terrible it would be for me to be crying alone in the house
right now.
I hugged Balu-tightly, and he remained silent, calming my emotions with his company.
I didn’t know how long I cried.
Every time she missed Aaron, she cried so hard she couldn’t even stop. He would always make me
suspect that he would shed all the tears of my life.
Then I pulled myself together, turned my computer back on, and googled TWH’s connection to the
Morris Group.
I never suspected that Cinder’s news would be wrong, but when the relationship between the two was
written on the website, I had to accept this reality.
I had chosen to come here to escape my sad memories.
But it turned out that I had somehow fallen into a trap myself.
Fortunately, TWH was not a very important company for the Morris Group. It could even be said that it
is quite marginal. The people here were quite independent of the Morris Group.
Aaron couldn’t have known that I worked here.

This made me give up on the idea of quitting.
When I went to work the next day, I quietly tested the Morris Group’s knowledge of the people around
Aside from Charlotte, my very knowledgeable and gossip-loving scientific research assistant, almost
none of my colleagues knew anything about the relationship between the two.
Even those who had heard of the Morris Group only knew that it was a leading group in the United
They were more concerned with the progress of the approval of the documents presented to the office
of the president than with the gossip of the wealthy families of the United States.
At this stage of medical development, the schedule was very tight. The longer approval was delayed,
the more difficult it would be to manipulate the control variables for the new samples. It was what
stressed us the most.
On the third day, two pieces of news arrived at the laboratory at the same time.
One was good news while the other was bad news.

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