Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 224

Imitation Match The good news was that our fund approval process had gone through all the
procedures and the finance department had sent the funds.
“What’s the bad news?” Dr. Chloe Muriel, one of my colleagues, asked Charlotte.
In fact, Charlotte was the best informed person in our lab. She greeted us with a mysterious look.
“This is the news that I found out by accident, so please don’t let it out.” She lowered her voice.
I couldn’t help but laugh.
It had been a while since I joined this team, and I was pretty sure she should be the only one here who
needed to worry about this.
“Come on, don’t leave us in suspense.”
Charlotte looked at everyone with her charming amber eye and whispered earnestly, “Our CEO Mr. Eric
Schutze was kidnapped by some men in suits!”
“Oh really? Because?” They all looked surprised.
Charlotte shrugged: “I’m not sure, but it is said that someone anonymously reported that he has a
reputation problem and that he needs to go to the
US headquarters to investigate.”
Reputation problem?
The afternoon that made my legs go weak flashed through my mind. The scene of them having sex like
crazy in the office was vivid in my memory. Even thinking about it now still made my heart clench.
“Hmm, I’m skeptical about this reason.” Dr. Noah Li, my only Chinese colleague, shook his head and
went back to his dyno: “I don’t think headquarters pay attention to such trivial issues.”
“I also believe it”. repeated Dr. Muriel.
“To take a man with such fanfare, I cannot think of any other possibility, except that it involves great
interest.” Dr. Leon Mueller, a true German with a round beard, added this time.
“I agree.” Dr. Muriel repeated again.
Charlotte didn’t get the reaction she expected, and she wasn’t very happy, “What’s your reaction? Don’t

you want to know who the girl is sleeping with him?”
“His secretary of him?”
“How do you know?”
Dr. Noah laughed: “Please, the president is having an affair with his
secretary. This is the most classic office romance setup.”
Hearing it, everyone laughed, obviously agreeing with this point of view.
“I am very grateful that our dear Mrs. Olive took the initiative to send the approval documents three
days ago. Otherwise, our funds would be delayed.”
“Is right! Dr. Olive, you are our hero!”
When the conversation suddenly turned to me, Charlotte’s eyes moved to my face.
She leaned closer to her and looked at me with a gossipy smile on her face, “So, dear, it took you so
long to send the documents that day. Did you see something you shouldn’t have seen?
Following Charlotte’s question, everyone’s attention turned back to me.
“I? No! Didn’t I tell you she had an upset stomach? When I went to Mr. Schutze’s office, I paid no
attention to his secretary.” I subconsciously chose to hide.
Although Cinder had told me that Eric Schutze had already been investigated by Morris Group and that
it was almost impossible for him to return after leaving this time, she still didn’t want to spread rumors
about him throughout the company.
“Is your stomach okay now?” Dr. Muriel looked at me and asked with
“Everything is well now. Thank you for your concern”.
Dr. Noah Li suddenly clapped his hands, drawing everyone’s attention: “By the way, tomorrow is my
birthday. I prepared delicious food and wine. I now formally extend an invitation to all of you. If you’re
not busy after work tomorrow, welcome back.” to my birthday party at home.”
Li was a very affectionate man and very skilled in all kinds of Chinese cooking. His invitation was
immediately responded to by almost

Everyone rushed to express their birthday wishes to Li, and the scandal over the president was quickly
The next afternoon, everyone followed Li to his house after work.
This was my first time going to a colleague’s house to attend a party after joining the company.When I
got to his house, I found out that his house was only a five-minute drive from my residence. If I walked
my dog in the other direction, I would walk past his house every day!
“Happy Birthday!” I hugged Li and gave Li my birthday present, a decorative painting that I had
collected for a while.
Li opened my present on the spot.
“Beautiful! I’ll hang it on my living room wall. Thanks Olive. I hope you have a great night at my house.”
“Of course I will.” He wasn’t being polite.
To be honest, by the time I got to his door, the smell of food coming from inside had already made me
Compared to German sausage and bread, he still preferred the rich taste of Chinese food.
The night was getting darker and the house was full of people inside and outside. Li was a very
outgoing man. In order not to affect the neighbors by having a party, he directly invited all the neighbors
to his house.
What a smart move!
Amid the lights, music, food, and laughter, I unconsciously drank some specialty cocktails.
A wave of heat ran through my body and I thought I was a little drunk. So I got up and left the house.
The cool afternoon wind outside blew in my face, and I regained my sanity a bit.
I looked back at the bustle of the house and didn’t know why I was suddenly a little sad.
The emotion belonged to them, and I had nothing but loneliness.
I found a corner and texted Adenauer.

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Me: Have you eaten yet?
Adenauer answered me quickly.
Adenauer: Of course. How are you?
Me: It’s as lively as a nightclub in Germany.
Adenauer responded with a big smile emoji. He remembered that I had complained to him about the
clubs here.
Adenauer: If you can’t handle it alone, I’m always ready to show up.
I stopped writing and seriously considered his proposal.
Suddenly, there were whispering footsteps not far from me.
“Get out of me! Lester, you’re drunk.”
I recognized the voice of Dr. Chloe Muriel. She lowered her voice and sounded a little annoyed.
My intuition told me that something was not right and that I had to leave
But I turned my head and looked at my location. I found out that it turned out to be a visual blind spot.
There was only one way back and I had to go back the way I came.
Just as I was about to leave, I saw a man hugging Dr. Muriel tightly, tilting her head and kissing her
I paused and was forced to return to my original position.
What I saw?!
My colleague, Dr. Lester Brown, was kissing my other colleague, Dr. Chloe Muriel!
They hugged each other tightly, the sound of saliva and gasping becoming more and more evident. In
the dim light, Lester’s hand moved slowly from Chloe’s waist to her hip.
I held my breath, not daring to allow myself to make a sound.
If I remember correctly, Dr. Chloe Muriel seemed to be married!
I ran into an adventure.

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