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Chapter 227

I prefer to believe that what Chloe Muriel said was true.
She looked so sad, and I could see the helplessness in her tears.
I had almost experienced the same thing. Moreover, even if he didn’t mention how she and Lester
rekindled their romance, he could guess it.
Just like when Aaron and I started relating, as long as there were a lot of contacts, it would happen
Even if he had tried his best to restrain me and tell me that we were only friends with benefits, my
feelings were uncontrollable. My body trembled just because of him, and only he could make it difficult
for me to walk away. Even though I kept telling him to leave me, he forced me to face him with a tough
and domineering stance until he finally won my heart.
That was the case with Aaron and me, not to mention that Lester had loved Chloe from the beginning.
This time, I suddenly remembered a detail.
During a lunch break shortly after I joined the company, Charlotte was curious about my love
experience and asked other people who were present at the time.
288 (Vouchers
Most of the people in our lab were married, and Lester was a rare bachelor.

1 At the time, Charlotte had even tried to set a trap for us, but Lester said with a smile that she was
already dating.
“She is an old classmate. mine and my first love.”
It was the only time he mentioned anything about their relationship.
At that moment, everyone was sighing because it was so romantic. Charlotte even told Chloe passing
by that she remembered Chloe and Lester going to the same college and wondering if Chloe had heard
of Lester’s first love.
Chloe didn’t answer directly at the time, but looked at Lester with a surprised look on her face.
We all thought it was her surprised reaction, but now I realized that I was surprised and nervous at the

At the time, Lester was confessing his love of love in public.
How romantic!
On the way home, I was still remembering the details we had overlooked.
Now it seemed that their paths had crossed in the laboratory. In addition to his favorite coffee, his
commute hours were very consistent and the
Their dress styles seemed to match. Even when we talked about some topics, their views were
relatively similar.
It was just that they had consciously kept some distance between them. So, even Charlotte nor
realized that there was a special relationship between
When I got home, I sent a message to Adenauer.
Me: I’m home.
Not long after, he called to me, “How was dinner?”
I curled up on the couch, “All right. After all, it’s Fresstempel.”
Adenauer’s deep laughter came from the other end of the phone, “Well, your German has improved a
He knew how to make me happy.
“Then how was your conversation with that colleague of yours?”
“Not bad. She is a poor woman and lucky at the same time.” I had promised Chloe I wouldn’t tell
anyone, but Adenauer was my boyfriend. He knew everything that had happened last night and why he
had broken our appointment. Therefore, I found it necessary to explain to him
Of course, as a professional psychiatrist, he would not spread the news. I
I didn’t tell him the names Chloe and Lester.
After reporting the situation, Adenauer said he also felt sorry for Chloe.
“These are extenuating circumstances, don’t you think?” I asked for their opinion.

“It’s understandable.” He paused and suddenly changed the subject: “But I missed the opportunity to
have dinner with my dear girlfriend, which cannot be ruled out.

“Entonces, ¿qué debo hacer? ¿Dejar que te compense por una comida?” Bromeé deliberadamente.

“Si pudiera convencer a una dama llamada Olive para que me compense por una cita de fin de
semana, estaría muy agradecida”.
Las palabras de Adenauer me hicieron enderezar la espalda.
“¿Me estas invitando?”
“¿Por qué no?” Admitió generosamente: “¿Qué piensas?”
“¿Este fin de semana?” Me rasqué la cabeza, pensando rápidamente.

“Do you have any plans? Or we can go to Munich.” Last time I visited the city in a hurry, and came back
without having much time to appreciate anything. But in fact, there were many attractions worth visiting.
Adenauer gladly accepted my proposal. “But tomorrow’s dinner is a good idea. I don’t want to eat
sausages and bread alone at home.” I laughed again. After saying goodbye, I washed up and lay on
the bed, but my emotions were still not calm. Chloe and Lester made me think a lot. Their experience
was very similar to mine and Aaron’s, and I hoped from the bottom of my heart that they could have a
happy ending. As for me, I had stopped fantasizing about unrealistic things. He now had a good
relationship with Adenauer and everything would be fine. Maybe we’d sleep over, have sex, and move
in together before long. If everything went well, maybe I would marry him.

Adenauer was a very good companion.
No man could be more perfect than he.
Maybe I should be more proactive with it. It was my last thought before falling asleep.

*** After that delicious dinner, Chloe and I became much closer. Charlotte looked at us suspiciously.
“You should really try that Chinese restaurant. Good is delicious.” Chloe’s show was flawless.

I repeated tacitly, “It’s delicious. You have to go.”
Charlotte seriously asked for the name and address of the restaurant and invited us to come after work.
But this time I refused.
“I have an appointment with Adenauer. How about next time?”
Charlotte was briefly annoyed, but soon recomposed herself to invite someone else.
Before leaving work, I changed my usual style and sent a message asking for his clinic address.
Adenauer: Are you coming? I am treating a patient and may need
Work overtime for half an hour.
Me: I seem to be able to experience your mood once again.
He had always waited for me.
Adenauer seemed content with my initiative.
After work, I drove to his clinic.
This was a large-scale specialized institution for mental health. Not only did it have friendly relations
with psychiatric institutes such as the University of Ulm and the University of Munich, but it also had a
close and friendly cooperative relationship with the Munich Clinic, the institution of services of the
European Union.e largest medical care in southern Germany.
This was a very different hospital to the hospitals I had visited before.
There were no white coats. The general color of the hospital was not mainly white, but closer to the
natural landscape. The buildings were located between them, and huge trees were scattered.
Anyone would feel comfortable when they came here for the first time.
Many mentally ill people would feel more comfortable in a natural, comfortable environment than in a
professional and serious one.
Adenauer had spoken to the receptionist, so I got to her office without problems.

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