Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 226

Adenauer reluctantly accepted my joke.
Adenauer: Good luck.

I packed my things and got ready to leave work. When Charlotte saw me standing with Muriel, she
looked at me in confusion, “Since when do you two have such a good relationship?”
Muriel’s personality was relatively reserved, and she looked a little nervous when facing Charlotte.
“Just last night, when you used Li’s birthday party as the dance floor of your nightclub, we shared some
opinions about food.” I lied casually.
I knew Charlotte very well. She was just asking. If Muriel’s reaction was too serious, it would get her
She was a child with a special intuition.
As expected, Charlotte shrugged and stuck out her tongue at my joke.
“Well, I hope you enjoy your meal.” He turned around and went back to work.
I turned to look at Muriel and smiled, “Let’s go.”
Muriel didn’t lie to me. He found a newly opened Chinese restaurant.
This was a self-service Chinese restaurant, and I could see the menu in Chinese, English and German
at the door. According to the menu, you could eat meat and vegetables in various sauces for only
twenty euros per
Muriel was very enthusiastic and offered to invite me to this meal.
“Okay.” I tried to calm his nervousness, but it didn’t work.
I had no choice but to accept his kindness.
The good thing is that it only cost twenty euros.
I found some red and green jelly, freshly baked shrimp croquettes, fried shrimp and chips as an entrée,
and had a small cream cake for dessert. Muriel ordered a Mongolian barbecue and her soup was

I was even amused when the waiter in a Western-style vest solemnly brought the delicate soup to the
table with cutlery and small candles.
“Remember what Li mentioned? There is no Mongolian BBQ in authentic Chinese food. But it has
become a high-end special menu here.” I took the initiative to change the subject, trying to get Muriel to
relax as much as possible.
It was really hard for her to pretend to be calm all day.

4 She seemed so tense now that anyone who saw her could tell that something was wrong with her.
She was sitting in front of me with a knife and fork in her hand. Facing the topic I mentioned, he forced
a smile and said, “When you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is a restaurant called
Fresstempel.” “Fresstempel?” I didn’t understand this German word. “It means a palace of delights, and
chi restaurantsWe very classical German-style are often praised as such.” “I see.” All food was
delivered quickly. Muriel and I had an unspoken agreement to try the food first. This was my first time
trying Mongolian BBQ and it tasted pretty good. We both almost ate all the food. When I returned to my
seat with a cool drink, I knew we were finally going to work.

Muriel took a sip of her drink or rather let the liquid moisten her lips. His eyes were erratic, and I saw a
trace of unspeakable shame on his face. I could probably guess how nervous she felt now, so I decided
to help her, “You can trust me, Dr. Muriel.” “Chloe, just call me Chloe.” He finally looked up and met my
gaze, “I’m sorry.” “You have nothing to apologize for.” “Don’t you think I’m cheap?” Chloe lowered her
eyes again, avoiding my look.

She took another sip of her drink, looking a little dejected.
“No… I don’t know you or you two very well. Everyone has their special situation, and I wouldn’t make
assumptions about it.”
I already imagined it.
If this had happened three years ago, he might have been filled with righteous indignation and belittled
Chloe a little. But too many things had happened beyond my expectations.

I hadn’t even handled my relationship with two men well, which made my
life a mess.
Now, I wasn’t qualified to point the finger at other people’s love lives.
“Lester is my college classmate and my first boyfriend.” Chloe’s words caught my attention.
I quickly interrupted her, “You don’t need to tell me these things.”
“No, I want to tell you. Olive, these secrets have been suppressed in my heart for too long. I can’t find
any way to say them. Can you hear me?”
Chloe’s eyes filled with tears in an instant, I was shocked, but I immediately reacted and handed her
the handkerchief in
my hand.

“Thank you.” She took the handkerchief, lowered her head to wipe her tears, and suppressed her
emotions again. I looked at her and didn’t speak again.

I could empathize with Chloe.
Three years ago, when I first heard about Vincent’s deception, if I hadn’t had Cinder by my side and
she had quit her busy job to Staying by my side and supporting all the decisions I made, I probably
would have been in the same situation as Chloe.
Thinking of this, I suddenly wanted to kiss Cinder, my best friend.
I took the initiative to sit next to Chloe and held her hand gently, “You can tell me at any time. When the
sun rises tomorrow, I will forget all this forever.”

Chap Chloe looked at me again and the gratitude in her eyes was beyond words.
“I found out that my husband Brian cheated on me two years ago when I was pregnant.”
Well, Chloe was worse off than I was three years ago.
I hugged her.
It was hard to imagine how desperate Chloe must have been in such a state.
“Brian is an extreme man. In the face of outsiders, he acted like a gentleman. But behind closed doors,

he did his best to control and mentally abuse me. I was about to give birth at that time, and I I didn’t
have the energy to fight back. Desperate, I contacted Lester Brown.
“But I swear I didn’t want to have any intimacy with him at first.”
I squeezed Chloe’s hand. “Okay. if it were me,
That’s what I did.
The night it was confirmed that Vincent had cheated on me, I contacted Aaron and had sex with him
like crazy all night.
“After the baby was born, Lester helped me a lot. He helped me gather evidence of Brian’s affair
privately and got a psychologist to help me get rid of postpartum depression as soon as possible.”
Although Chloe didn’t elaborate on it, I understand how difficult it had been for her.
“Lester wanted to help me get a divorce as soon as possible and get me out of Brian’s control. He told
me he loved me since we broke up. He tried dating other women, but they never had sex. He came to
TWH because he knew I worked here.” Chloe’s eyes lit up when she mentioned Lester.
I suddenly felt a little dazed.
At this time, he envied her very much.
“You have true love. Congratulations.” I hugged her gently, ”
I will support you.”

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