Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 229

Invitation “Olive?”

Adenauer’s voice brought my senses back.
I looked at him and saw that he had opened the door and was waiting for me to sit in the passenger
You have been worried since you left the restaurant.
He looked at me with deep blue eyes, showing a worried expression.
“Well, I was thinking about something.”
I got in the car and buckled up.
Turning my head, I noticed him looking at me out of the corner of my eye.
It was difficult to describe the look in his eyes because it was complicated. In retrospect, I realized that
my answer was too superficial.
“It’s about you,” I added hurriedly to make amends.
Strictly speaking, he wasn’t lying. In fact, he had been thinking about him, but he couldn’t tell him the
Adenauer treated me well. If there was a selection of the best boyfriend in the world, it would be on the
list. I had never dated such a good man in the past thirty years, so I should have felt grateful. Every
woman should appreciate such a boyfriend unless she was a fool.
“Olive, don’t be stupid! Be kind to Adenauer! Focus!” I silently remembered myself and adjusted my
When I looked into his eyes again, I showed a smile on my face.
“About me? You have piqued my curiosity.”
He looked at me with interest and asked, “What do you think of me?”
“A lot.” I thought about it and replied, “For example, your job. Why did you choose to work as a
Asking this question, I felt a little embarrassed.
It was not like a question from a girlfriend but like an interview between two strangers. But in fact he

didn’t know the reason.
Looking carefully at the appointments with him, I found that he always mentioned topics about me. But I
hardly took the initiative to ask him about his experience.
A good girlfriend shouldn’t behave like this! I had a deep reflection.
But better late than never. I decided to make amends.
“It seems that you have become more interested in me after visiting my workplace for the first time. But
it’s a complicated question. Wait a moment.”
Adenauer walked around the car, sat in the driver’s seat, looked at me and asked, “Do you want an
official or personal answer?”
I laughed, “I’d like to hear both.”
Adenauer raised his eyebrows and replied with his bright blue eyes: “Officially, I was born into a family
of doctors. My parents and grandfather Maternal are all doctors in psychiatry. So, I know that human
medicine has a lot of room for improvement.” in this sense since childhood. If I can figure out what
changes in the brain lead to mental illnesses like PTSD or schizophrenia, we can prescribe the right
medication and cure them at the root. My name will be recorded in the history books, and I will be
praised by the world. It will bring a sense of accomplishment, right?
“I see.”
Then, I asked, “What about the personal answer?”
“Out of curiosity.”
He bowed his head and added, “It’s interesting to look at human behaviors and analyze the reasons
behind them.”
I couldn’t help laughing, “Well, it’s indeed very personal.”
“Good?” Adenauer said and started the car.
“Human observer, do you like me? Or are you just curious about me?” I asked casually.
He unexpectedly asked, “Do you care about the answer?”
I was stunned, wondering what he meant.
After the car passed a traffic light, he did not drive in the direction of his house as usual, but turned

right and headed towards my house.
I was surprised.
He usually parked the car in his garage first and accompanied me home to spend more time with me.
What did he mean now?
When I was about to ask him, I suddenly thought of his rhetorical question.
“Do you care about the answer?”
Was he angry?
I was confused and subconsciously kept silent.
Suddenly, he waved lightly, “Olive, take it easy.”
289 (Vales
Adenauer stopped the car in front of my house, unbuckled his seat belt, and turned to look at me.
I didn’t know what to answer.
All the answers in my mind seemed inappropriate, but I must say something.
“I’m sorry. My brain isn’t sure if it’s one of the targets of their research, so it’s on strike.”
Why? Why had we never interacted like a real couple? We couldn’t even have normal communication
After getting out of the car, I walked to him. He was also walking towards me. Looking at my
outstretched hand, he took the initiative to hold it.
Adenauer, sorry.
My mind was still a mess, but I knew I had to apologize. So, I said, “I was thinking about it too much.”

I leaned forward, closed my eyes And I walked on tiptoe to kiss her lips.
Instead of rejecting me, he kissed me tenderly.
After the long kiss, I opened my eyes. My mood improved a lot because I had gotten a lot of distracting
thoughts out of my mind.
“It’s good that my body isn’t on strike.”
I was relieved and laughed,”

It was the first time I invited him to my house at night.
I knew what it meant and I thought I could catch my hint.
Adenauer turned his head to look at the door, but there was no excitement on his face as he expected.
He tenderly played with my hand and suddenly hugged me.
When the faint cold fragrance enveloped me, I felt a little worried.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. But I have an appointment with a client tonight.”
He let go and stared at me, asking, “Do you want me to cancel the appointment?”
I was ashamed to hear his words.
Then, I instantly blushed and said, “No!”
Why were the street lamps so bright? He must have seen my flushed face. Otherwise,
“Work is more important! We’ll have plenty of time for coffee,” I stammered, hoping he understood.
He did understand!
Then, he laughed louder: “I didn’t expect such a surprise tonight.”
“Stop teasing me!” I raised my voice and said anxiously, “You should have told me earlier.”
He let go of his hand and took two steps back, saying, “Go to work! See you!”
Adenauer stood still and stared at me instead of leaving.
“Don’t be late,” I reminded him.
Maybe it was because of the light, or maybe it was my illusion. Looking at his face from a distance, I
seemed to see a trace of sadness.

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