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Chapter 230

After saying goodbye to Adenauer, I thought a lot about home. But I still couldn’t figure out the reason
for the strange atmosphere yesterday when I woke up in the morning.
I worked up the courage to invite him because I wanted to get closer to him. It was what a date or a
girlfriend should do. Adenauer must understand my intention. Was it because he looked too nervous
that he thought he was forcing me?
I went to work in confusion.
When I walked through the lab door, the sensitive radar in my brain alerted me that something must
have happened.
Charlotte and several other colleagues were gathering at the coffee table, wearing strange
“Good morning! What’s happening?”I asked casually.
“Olive, you were on time!”
Charlotte immediately walked up to me and said with a mysterious expression, “Monica, the secretary
in the president’s office, resigned.”
My heart skipped a beat, but I did my best to control my expression to avoid giving the show away.
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“Why?” I asked.
“Someone exposed the love story between her and Mr. Schutze. Now, the whole company is gossiping
about the scandal!”
“No way!”
I made a surprised face when I looked at everyone.
Everyone’s reaction was like mine, so no one noticed my surprise.
“It’s true but ridiculous! Mr. Schutze is probably older than his father. How can he seduce a man like
that?” Charlotte sighed.
“It is Mr. Schutze who took the initiative,” I silently replied in my heart.

“Oh my God! I can’t imagine how they have sex! Can Mr. Schutze get a boner?
Damn! Charlotte’s words once again reminded me of her big cock! It has given me a strong visual
But I didn’t say anything.
Judging by the reactions of Charlotte and her other colleagues, she knew that Monica’s reputation had
been ruined. Everyone thought that she had seduced the president and built an improper relationship
with him for some lesser purpose.
Although I liked her, I did not want to get involved in the maelstrom of public opinion.
Looking at my colleagues, I inadvertently looked away from Lester and Chloe. I was worried about
I had carefully recalled everything that had happened at Li’s birthday party and confirmed that he was
the only one who had seen them together.
Although the relationship between them was different from Monica and Mr. Schutze, he was sure that
public opinion would hurt Chloe as well once the matter was exposed. After all, she was married.
Her life was miserable, so he didn’t want her to suffer anymore.
After the talk, everyone went back to work with their coffee.
As she passed me, Chloe stopped, looked me carefully in the face, and said, “Olive, did you lose any
sleep last night? You seems to be exhausted”.
Hearing this, Charlotte leaned in to look at my face and said, “Wow, you look like a panda with the
black circles under your eyes.”
She smiled, “Did you have a good night with your boyfriend?”
“Well…” I shrugged, giving an ambiguous answer.
Charlotte yelled excitedly, “I envy Dr. Colston for having such a pretty girlfriend.”
I teased, “Charlotte, are you sure you’re not a lesbian? I’ve been wanting to ask you this question for a
long time.”
Hearing this, everyone nearby laughed.
“You finally figured it out,” someone repeated.

Charlotte blushed and said, “I’m not a lesbian!”
Another man sneered: “It’s okay to admit it! We support you”.
Everyone laughed harder, including me.
Charlotte was the youngest girl in the lab and she always made us happy. Nobody cared about her
sexual orientation. She was pure, full of vitality and a gossip. It was a rare opportunity to tease her, so
no one wanted to miss it.
“I’m not a lesbian!”
Charlotte looked at me with a pure, concerned look and said, “Olive, I like you. But I don’t have that
kind of feeling for you. It’s just appreciation and admiration for a friend and colleague. You have it clear.
TRUE? I have no intention of becoming the third person between you and Dr. Colston!
“Don’t worry! I understand”.I stifled my laughter and said, “We’re just kidding! Take it easy”.
After being teased, the poor girl finally raised the white flag and said, “It’s
work time! I will record the latest sample data.”
Then she hurried away without looking back.
The rest of us exchange smiling glances, disperse, and head back to our respective desks.
He had thought about the scandal. between the president and Monica it was just a topic of gossip
before work. But I overheard people walking by talking about it repeatedly in the cafeteria at lunch.
The turmoil in public opinion seemed worse than he had expected.
I found an empty seat and sat down. As I was about to contact Adenauer for a chat, a person sat
across from me.

“You seem to have something on your mind,” Chloe said calmly.
“No”, I instinctively denied it.
But then I stopped, slumped my shoulders, and dejectedly said, “Well, yeah.”
“Is it about your emotional life?”
Although Chloe was asking a question, her tone was close to that of an assertive sentence.
“Yes,” I sighed.

Chloe and I became close because of her secret from Li’s birthday. In addition, our two departments
now have deep cooperation
In short, I found her very nice to me.
Not only in life, but even his work style was just like mine.
We both pursued efficiency rather than superficial processes and were extremely strict on professional
content. That’s why many people thought he had a bad temper.
“My relationship with Adenauer is not going well.”
I paused for a second and continued, “It’s mostly me.”
It was the first time that I told a colleague in Germany about my private affairs.
“Your face tells me you’re not in love with him.”
Chloe exposed what I had been afraid to reveal.
“But it’s perfect. I can’t think of any reason not to date him.”
“Come on, your hormones understand you better than you do.”Chloe smiled bitterly, “There’s no reason
for love. When fighting against reason, human beings always lose.”
After she took a bite of her bread, we both fell silent.
“Yesterday I contacted my lawyer and formally filed for divorce.”
Hearing this, I looked at her in surprise.

But I saw his courage.

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