Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 232

I remained motionless on the sofa for almost ten minutes. I jumped up before my legs went numb,
pulled out my computer, and opened FaceTime.
Based on the time difference, it should be lunchtime in the United States, and both Cinder and Nick
should be free.
“Hello honey, I’m glad you reached out to me when I wanted to get away from those bitches.” Cinder
appeared on the screen.
Even with just her upper body, she could tell by her exquisite makeup and hair, expensive accessories
and dress that she was as busy as ever.
“What business party is it?” I joked.
“It’s an extremely boring ladies’ party.”Cinder stuck out her tongue, “I may have been so busy recently
that I thought this kind of drug and alcohol filled party might get me some clients. Tell me, what’s
bothering you lately?”
“Watch your tongue, girl. I don’t come to you only when I’m in trouble.”
“It’s alright, I love the way you need me and can’t live without me baby.” Cinder blew me a kiss.
I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
As expected, while seeing Cinder, my best friend, all my troubles
could be temporarily forgotten.
“It’s strange. Nick hasn’t been online for that long.”
“Leave him alone. She was still texting on Facebook at 4am today, ‘Have you seen the Harvard
Research Center at 4am?’ Maybe during this break, she is taking the opportunity to have sex with
David ”. Cinder laughed playfully.
Even though what she said was ridiculous, I didn’t continue trying to connect with Nick.
Nick was probably resting. I thought he would contact us later when he was free.
“Let me guess, do you have a problem with Adenauer?” Cinder started briskly on the other end of the

Before she could reply, she laughed, “Honey, you should put a mirror next to yourself. You are so easy
to understand!”
“It is so obvious?”I touched my face suspiciously.

“So what is the problem? Adenauer slept with you, but you found out his penis isn’t big enough? Or as
a 30-year-old man, his physical strength can no longer satisfy you?” Cinder guessed excitedly. I had to
cut her off, “Wait, he and I haven’t gotten to this point yet.” Cinder fell silent, straightening her back in
disbelief. “Because?” I gave her a chance to speak… “It’s been months, baby Olive. It’s been a whole
month since we last FaceTimed! Have you not had any physical relationship with Adenauer yet?” I
blushed again, “At least we kissed!” Cinder laughed. He widened his eyes in disbelief, “Are they high
school students? Come on, it’sIt’s been more than ten years since both of them became adults! Adult
love cannot exist without lust.” “I understand. So last night I invited him to my house.” He was already a
bit anxious. “But he refused?” “Yeah! He said he had a client and asked if he needed me to turn him
down .” “And you didn’t ask him to turn down his client?” Cinder continued to ask.

He always understood me very well.
I already had a vague idea what the problem was, but it had happened and I couldn’t go back to the
night before and change my decision.
I buried myself on the couch and said in frustration, “I took him out for dinner today and he said he
would work overtime.”
“Although you are my best friend, let me tell you that you deserve it!” Cinder’s tone turned serious, “
Don’t be so fierce.” I tried to protest, but my body obediently did as she said.
Cinder stared at me across the screen with her wide, false-lashed eyes, “I take back all my previous
disparaging assumptions about Adenauer. He is a good man “.
“I’m glad we’ve come to an agreement on this.” I echoed him weakly.
“But this time, you broke her heart.”Cinder sighed: “Never disappoint a true heart, my dear. He is a
psychiatrist who is fluent in psychology. I think even if you didn’t mention anything, I could guess that
you’ve had a bad relationship. That is why he has been quite patient and tolerant with you.

She was speechless.
Cinder saw everything so clearly. I don’t
“Tell me, Cinder. Tell me what to do now.” I ran my fingers through my
hair in anguish. “At noon today, Chloe said that she could see by my face that I am not in love with
Adenauer. I’m so confused right now.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m not sure if I love Adenauer. I think I love him. At least last night, at my doorstep, I was prepared to
sleep with him. I stopped by his house after work today under the guise of walking the dog.” I was
thinking about him all night.”
“But do you feel like you don’t love him very much?” Cinder knew what she was going to say.
I bowed my head weakly, “Yes.”
“Honey, let me ask you, have you been comparing what it is like to be with Adenauer with what it is?
This question was so sharp that I didn’t know how to answer it for a while.
Fortunately, Cinder didn’t force it.She continued: “Don’t force yourself into a relationship just to get over
someone. Olive, you need to get out of this vicious cycle. But no one can help you with this. I think
Adenauer probably figured it out, so he’s leaving you.” Make a decision.”
Cinder’s words were like a sharp sword, piercing my heart with precision.
It turned out that Adenauer meant this.
“Anyway, it’s that damn Aaron doing it! F*ck!” Cinder suddenly became irritable: “He deserves to be
punished! Olive, you have to figure it out. Don’t use Adenauer as a tool to get out of a bad relationship.
He loves you so much. He could get hurt.”

Guilt overwhelmed me in an instant.
“You’re right, Cinder. I’m so selfish!” I couldn’t help but cry, “I shouldn’t have hurt a man who loves me
so much.”
“Alright. Selfishness is an instinct for self-preservation. Don’t feel so guilty about it.” Cinder’s tone
softened. “You should think about it as soon as possible. Then go to Adenauer and give him a clear

answer. As long as you can do it, it’ll be great.”
I nodded repeatedly.
“I’ve already made up my mind.” I looked at Cinder on the screen, “I like Adenauer. After he returns the
dog to Mrs. Krause tomorrow, I’ll go see him.”
When I made this decision, the frustration that I had bottled up for a long time was gone.

I was going to open up and take the initiative to advance my relationship with Adenauer!
He had already taken 99 steps towards me, and I should complete the last

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