Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 233


I had to admit that I did n’t feel as much for Adenauer as I had for Aaron , and had even been trying to
use him to help me forget about Aaron .

But so many years had passed that he could not live forever in the past .

You should look ahead .

I didn’t mind Adenauer ‘s occasional close contact with me , and we were both past the early stages of
shooting as well . He had opened me up and let him into my heart .

I no longer had a reason to reject him or tell him : ” I’m sorry that I only used you as a tool to treat my
emotional wounds . ” Because that was not

true !

After saying goodbye to Cinder , I immediately called Adenauer .

He picked it up quickly .

“ Oh … Am I interrupting your work ? I unconsciously asked first .

It was strange Before I answered the phone , I had even firmly thought that I would tell him that I love
him as soon as the phone was connected .

“ No , you called at the right time . She was about to call you . ” Adenauer ‘s voice was deep , magnetic
, and gentle on the other end of the phone . I

I could even feel that he was smiling .

I covered my left breast with my hand to determine if my heartbeat at this moment was real .

That was correct .

It was true !

” You … ”

“ I … ”

We talked , we stopped and we laughed at the same time .

” Let me say it first . ” She said softly , “ I’m sorry , I have a special client these two days . I swear to
God . I was so happy when I saw your message today . At that moment , I wished that I could be
divided . in two One would be in charge of the job , and the other would come to you immediately . ”

“ It’s okay , honey , I don’t care .

“ Hardly ? ”

“ I kind of mind , but this is human nature , is n’t it ? I deliberately joked : ” But a professional
psychiatrist , you’re more attractive like that . ”

I heard Adenauer laugh .

” That ‘s sweet to hear . ” She lowered her voice , and her tone was loving and seductive .

“ Are you seducing me , Dr. Adenauer ? “

” You got me . ” Adenauer was in a very good mood . ” So , what did you want to say now ?

Then I remembered why I made the call , “ I want to ask if you are free tomorrow afternoon . We do not
see each other today , but I hope to see you tomorrow . Do you remember the restaurant where I went
with my colleague after standing up ? did you get up last time ? ” ? I want to go there with you this time
. ”

” If nothing goes wrong tomorrow , it should be fine . ” Adenauer thought for a moment : “ But he ‘s still
not sure . The client is busy , so he can come . ”


finished at any time . How about this ? If he comes just before I get off work , I ‘ ll text you to tell you . ”

This was not the answer he expected , but he had just praised Adenauer ‘s dedication and he could n’t
refuse his proposal .

” Okay . ”

” Are you sad ? Adenauer seemed to be in a better mood .

” A little , but it is acceptable . Have you already had dinner ?

” Not yet . I just got off work . ” Adenauer ‘s voice seemed a little tired , “ And you ? ”

” Of course I had dinner . ” She didn’t want to bother him anymore . “ You should get off work and go
back to rest . I hope everything goes well tomorrow . ”

” How long do you expect ? It was a classic Adenauer question .

I heard the ridicule in his words , and a thought crossed my mind : “ Anyway , it ‘s a bit more . Until
tomorrow ” .

” See you tomorrow . ”

After hanging up the phone , Adenauer ‘s affectionate laugh still lingered .

my ears

I hung up the phone , looked at Balu , who had been staring at me , and could n’t help but run over and
rub his head vigorously .

“ Balu , I must see you tomorrow . Can you understand ?

Balu gave me a soft bark .

I got up with a smile and went to the bathroom happy . I started taking a shower and shaved my body
hair . I even found a set of sexy lingerie under my other clothes .

I must see Adenauer tomorrow .

I was going to say goodbye to the past completely !

I slept so soundly that night that the alarm clock barely woke me up the next morning .

“ Shit ! I looked at the time and jumped out of bed instantly .

After a quick run to the bathroom to wash up , I put on my makeup , put Balu and the dog food in the
car , and drove my car as fast as I could . Even so , I was almost late when I entered the laboratory .

” Good morning . But you were almost late . what happened ? Charlotte had already placed a coffee
cup in my place .

” I was too excited last night . ” After thanking him , I took a big sip of coffee .

“ Wow , is this something I can listen to ? Charlotte yelled softly , looking up at me with a smile .

I was puzzled for a moment , and then realized that my words were ambiguous .

But this time I did n’t explain it to Charlotte , not because she probably wouldn’t believe it , but because
this time I suddenly felt it was okay to let her misunderstand me .

He intended to have more developments with Adenauer , such as sex .

After taking Balu to the pet center , I put on my overalls and started a busy day at work .

But somehow today’s test progress was not smooth .

Even Balu was reluctant to have lunch . I almost thought he was sick .

It was time to get off work .

“ Okay . At least Adenauer did not tell me that the client came and that the dinner had to be postponed
” . I consoled myself .

As soon as I said that , I received a message from him .

Adenauer : I ‘m sorry ! But … the client arrived .

I stared at the phone screen , speechless for a full minute .

The unhappiness that built up throughout the day finally couldn’t be suppressed.

more !

After work , I took Balu home and gave him to Mrs. Krause , who had just returned from a business trip
. Then , I put my makeup back on , changed into a more flattering , hip – fitting dress , and went back to


There was always an end to working overtime .

I must see Adenauer and have a date with him today !

When I got back to your hospital , it seemed like the receptionist had already remembered my red hair
and green eyes .

“ Are you here to pick up Dr. Adenauer from work ? “

” Yes , I want to ask him out on a date . ” I walked toward Adenauer ‘s office , talking and laughing .

However , when I opened the door of his office with a smile , I saw an unexpected face .

My smile froze .

Time stopped at this moment , and even the atmosphere froze .

I continued to open the door and stared motionlessly at the man in front of me . My good mood
instantly disappeared .

He was standing in front of the window , looking at the scenery outside . She turned to look at me when
she heard the door open .

“ Olive ? He seemed even more surprised than me .

My heart seemed to stop beating , and all the memories flashed back in my mind . Those beautiful ,
confusing , painful and crazy emotions almost suffocated me .

I never expected to see him like this again .

It was Aaron Morris !

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