Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 235

I Won’t Look For You

Looking into his captivating blue eyes , I saw a bottomless pit of humiliation . At that moment , I felt
totally exposed and vulnerable before him .

A wave of shame and anger threatened to engulf me .

Of all the people in the world , he was the only one capable of hurting me with such insensitive words .

How did he have the nerve to condemn me like that ?

How could ?

The thought of my naive fantasy from a few moments ago made me feel foolish . I was such an idiot !
There was no point in trying to explain anything .

This man had once proclaimed how much he loved me . He had spared no expense in proposing to me
and had sworn his devotion to him in front of witnesses . If he really loved me , he would n’t have
gotten a fiancée overnight .

Al final del día , yo era sólo una persona común , mal equipada para jugar con las emociones de un
playboy rico como él .

Cualquier hombre que realmente amara a una mujer no le negaría la oportunidad de explicarse .

Cualquier hombre que realmente amara a una mujer no pasaría tres años sin preguntar por su
bienestar .

Incluso antes de eliminar mi cuenta de Facebook , no pude resistirme a seguirlo a través de periódicos
, artículos y tuits .

But what about him ? He had n’t even bothered to find out about my situation.


Three years later , he stood before me again , ignoring the fact that I had n’t married Vincent . She
hurled insults at me and belittled our past relationship .

My eyes burned as I looked at him with deadly intent . My chest heaved with barely suppressed rage .

How absurd !

This man had broken my heart with his cruel words , yet in the next instant , I caught a glimpse of
regret and panic in his eyes .

“ Olive … ”

“ Shut the fuck up ! “ I did n’t want to hear a word from him , not after what he ‘d done to me . I would
not let my heart soften again .

With a sudden burst of anger , I stood up and sneered at him .

“ Whatever you think . I don’t care . I just ca n’t believe that a proud man like you thinks you can hurt
me with those words , especially after I played with your feelings and left you . I snorted in disgust .
”Even if I wanted to cheat , I would n’t cheat on you , you idiot . ”

Who could blame me for saying such harsh words ? He had made me do it .

As expected , Aaron was enraged . The rims of his eyes turned red with alarming speed , and the
oppressive atmosphere in the room grew stronger by the second .

” After three years , Olive , you finally admit that you are a whore . ” She forced the words out through
clenched teeth .

His hand shot out and squeezed my neck .

For a moment , I thought he was going to strangle me right there .

“ Do you need me to help your new lover a little ? I do n’t think he knows your body better than I do . ”

One of his hands was still around my neck , forcing me closer to him . His other hand moved skilfully
around my waist and hips .

He deliberately used exciting force . His touch was light , but he sent a spark through my body , igniting
a fire I had thought long dead .

I freed myself from his grip and blurted out : “ Do n’t bother , because Adenauer and I love each other .
In fact , I’m going out with him at the restaurant . ”

” I’m sorry , but Adenauer belongs to me tonight , ” Aaron replied , giving me a provocative look with
raised eyebrows .

I was about to mock him , but another thought suddenly distracted me .

“ So , you ‘re the client who ‘s been making him work overtime lately , right ? Do you have a mental
problem or something ? “ We had known each other for so long , but I never knew that he was a
psychopath .

Aaron’s face changed in an instant . His gaze on him was so cold and clear that it made my heart ache

Why ? Are you worried about me ? Or should I say that it is a habit for you to seduce men ? Are you so
obsessed with it that you even flirt with a bed partner you ‘ve grown tired of ? “

His words confirmed my suspicions . In fact , he was mentally unstable .

I was speechless

Only a lunatic would say nonsense like this . He had no sense of morality .

” It sounds like you’re really sick . ” I turned my head , not wanting to lose my breath . ” Forget it , I’m
not going to argue with a lunatic . ”

” A lunatic and a whore . What a perfect couple ! Aaron chuckled .

With that , he moved closer to me again and reached out to caress my face . “ Who can make you
happier in bed , Adenauer or me ? Is his dick bigger than mine ? ”

“ Be careful with your language ! ” My anger flared once more .

This madman had gotten out of control and was also trying to drive me crazy !

Why do n’t you answer my question ? Are you too shy to admit that I do a better job ? Aaron continued
to move closer to me , his tone becoming more flippant .

I had to back up until I was pinned between his chest and the wall .

” Let go of me ! ” We ‘re done ! ” I crept closer , trying to get away .

Bang !

His palm hit the wall with a thud , interrupting my plan to escape and startling me . I was forced to face
him again .

“ Olive , tell me , how long have you been with Adenauer ? Have you had a good time these last three
years ?

he asked , moving closer and closer to me .

His fingers traced a flirtatious path down my face and shoulder before continuing their path to my chest
, igniting a fuse in my brain that I could n’t control .

” Since you want to know so much , I ‘ll tell you . ”

I grabbed his wrist and stared at him with venom . ” Last night , when Adenauer told me that he had to
leave my house for a temporary visit , I thought he was having an affair . ”

I highlighted the words “ from my house ” .

Sure enough , her breathing became heavier with anger .

The thrill of revenge coursed through me as he continued , “ Before I got off work today , he told me he
had a temporary appointment with a client via text message . So , I came to check if there really was
such a client And to my surprise , here you are . ”

I crossed my arms over my chest , a sly smile playing on my lips . ” Aaron , it’s good to see you here . ”

“That’s enough ! ”

Aaron interrupted me , his voice rude and cutting .

Just as I was about to irritate him further , he suddenly pressed his lips against mine , catching me off
guard .

His warm , wet tongue found its way into my mouth before I could react . I found myself unable to resist
. My breathing became as disordered as hers , and the words she was going to say turned into moans .

This cursed lover of kisses !

I was saddened in an instant , and tears rolled down my face .

As if some great force had mastered me , I pushed him and slapped him hard across the face .

“ You finished ! I screamed , tears blurring my eyes . The bitterness in my chest spread , and the pain
was so great that I could hardly breathe .

I bowed my head and covered my face with my hands , my shoulders shaking violently in pain .

Quiet was restored in the office , and the only sound was my sobs .

“ Olive , this is not the time to break down ! I told myself desperately , fighting back my tears as fast as
possible . I straightened up and looked at him .

She stared back at me blankly , my lipstick still smeared on her lips .

I quickly powdered my nose , took a handkerchief out of my bag , and handed it to him . Then my tone
recovered its indifference From her. ” Clean it up and pretend nothing happened here . ”

Obediently , she took the handkerchief and wiped the lipstick from her mouth .

I snatched it from him , not wanting to stay there another second , and stuffed it back into my bag .

Just as I turned to leave , the office door was flung open .


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