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Chapter 236

Superfluous Women

“Olive? What are you doing here?” Adenauer’s eyes lit up the moment
He saw me.
But my heart sank as soon as I saw him appear at the door.
That was because I hadn’t had time to fix my lipstick yet.
If I looked closely, I would see that both my lips and Aaron’s were a little swollen. I subconsciously
lowered my head, hoping to avoid his gaze.
But I soon realized that I had overreacted.
Sure enough, Adenauer looked at me and then, over my shoulder, looked at the man behind me. The
smile on his face faded.
I was on embers.
He tormented me as if I had been caught cheating. Why? Apparently, I was
the victim.
“Damn you, Aaron Morris! I cursed low. It was all his fault.
He was probably gloating at the time, enjoying his ability to subtly provoke my boyfriend in front of me.
But Adenauer was not Vincent. He was kind to me and didn’t want to hurt him in the slightest.
The anxiety made my palms sweat a little. Adenauer kept looking at
Aaron and there was an eerie silence in the office.
Suddenly, he chuckled: “Aaron, you didn’t bully my girlfriend, did you?”
My heart skipped a beat with his words.
As a psychiatrist, Adenauer had extraordinary senses, and he wasn’t sure if he had grasped anything
of the situation.
“She is really your girlfriend?” I heard Aaron ask back.
His voice was lazy, and his look was frivolous and punchy.
What did I say? He was good at doing this.

“As safe as fate. Olive Woods is my girlfriend. He has a PhD and, like you, comes from the United
States.” Adenauer gently wrapped his arm around my shoulder and introduced me to Aaron.
Then he looked at me and said, “Honey, this is Aaron Morris, the second son of the Morris family,
owner of the Morris Group, and the customer I mentioned to you. If he has offended you, I will
apologize on his behalf.” , but trust me, he’s a good guy.”
Before he could answer, Aaron hummed.
I looked at him, but quickly averted my gaze.
With his hands in his pockets, the man was leaning against the wall as if
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had not passed nadA, but I detected a trace of dejection on his face.
What the hell?
“Olive, what brings you around here? I think I texted you.” Adenauer’s voice brought me back to reality.
“You can’t work overtime all night, and I can’t wait to eat with you in that Chinese restaurant. I didn’t
interrupt your work, did I?”
Adenauer smiled, but when he looked at Aaron again, he looked a little
“Don’t look at me like this.” Aaron raised his eyebrows and casually looked at me, “You never
mentioned that you had a girlfriend.”
“We just started a relationship and I haven’t had time to tell you. Olive arrived in June of this year and
it’s been less than four months since we met.”
Aaron seemed to catch something between the lines. “Wow. Did they meet as soon as she came to
“Yes, our residences are nearby. When she first arrived, she had problems with the language at the
supermarket and I helped her. Serendipity, isn’t it?” Adenauer recalled the past, his voice full of

But I was feeling terrible.
My current boyfriend was completely in the dark, and my ex-boyfriend was playing with him like a fool. I
felt I should do something, but I didn’t know what to do.
“Did you come to live in Germany without learning German? Interesting.” Aaron turned to look at
Adenauer with a subtle mockery in his eyes. “Ms. Olive, don’t you?

This was a blatant provocation! I did my best to stay calm and then reluctantly replied, “My parents
have been out of the United States for many years and my friends are all busy with their careers. I
came here simply for a change of environment so I wouldn’t be stuck in the past. It happens that the
pay is pretty good here, so thank you for your concern.” He was secretly proud of my speech. He could
burn me in a vicarious way. Why couldn’t I?

At that moment, Adenauer took my hand. I subconsciously looked at him and saw his frowning
eyebrows. He looked at Aaron and me suspiciously. “Something must have happened between you
while I was away.”
I was surprised.
Dammit! It was so out of me that I forgot how sharp it was.
they were Adenauer’s senses.
“No, nothing. It was just a boring misunderstanding,” I explained in a hurry, not knowing if it was
convincing and if that hateful man would fan the flame on purpose.
“Really?” Adenauer turned to Aaron for confirmation, “But I can feel that Olive is angry with you.”
Let’s go! Couldn’t he be so sensitive at such a time?
My heart was in my throat as I stared deathly at Aaron.
Aaron was also looking at me.
“In fact, there was a misunderstanding. Mrs. Olive looks like an old friend of mine, and I questioned her
more than I should.” He walked towards me, his movements graceful and fluid, and bowed to me. “I’m
sorry to offend you, Miss Olive.”
I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was. His refined temperament and aristocratic air made my

heart pound the moment he bowed to
True to his name, he was a well-fed boy, a prince among men.
I was relieved that he hadn’t said anything inappropriate.
At the same time, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling of discomfort that had settled in my stomach.
I didn’t want to dive deep into the feeling. This place was a living nightmare where any accident could
happen in the next moment. I couldn’t bear to stand there for a second longer.
“Since you guys have things to do, I’ll get out of the way,” I said as I turned to leave.
“Wait, Miss Olive.” It was Aaron who called me.
I hesitated and stopped in my tracks before I could decide if I should listen to what I had to say.
Basic courtesy demanded that I listen. I comforted myself, took a deep breath, and turned to look at

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