Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 239

: The Phone Rang

“It seems that you have something else to say, right?” Adenauer saw through my mind.
“It’s not important anymore.” I smiled and hugged him.
Perhaps this is the gift Gd has given me. After leaving those wrong people, I will meet my Mr. Right in
the end.
Aaron Morris’ appearance can no longer affect my relationship with Adenauer.
Adenauer also hugged me and smiled, “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing. I just wanted a hug.” I rested my head on her shoulder from her and shook her. Then we
We were in a restaurant, so this kiss didn’t last long.
Adenauer returned to his place from him and we picked up our knives and forks to continue eating.
“You’re right. The food in the Chinese restaurant tastes great.
“This is also what I think,” I nodded my head in agreement. “You’d better avoid inviting me to eat
burgers in the future because they’re not good enough. Every time we come here, I seem to get closer
to someone. I really like this feeling.”
“I feel like I’m reaching out to someone too. I also like the feeling.”
We smiled at each other and continued to eat eagerly.

*** “So, do you want to go to my house to stay for a few minutes in a while?” I asked when we had
come to my house after dinner
Adenauer and I walked shoulder to shoulder to my house
Ms. Krause and Balu greeted us on the way.
“Look at the handsome young man and the beautiful girl. Balu,
Balu stuck out his soft pink tongue and happily wagged his tail.
Adenauer stroked Balu’s head with a smile, looking very happy. “Maybe I’ll be his godfather.”
Of of course, she considered me Balu’s godmother.

After saying goodbye to Mrs. Krause and Balu, we soon saw my house, so I said the above words to
invite him.
This was the second time he had said such words to invite him. By self “Coercion, I had been
irresponsible last time, but this time I was genuine.
This wasn’t at least my impulsiveness after I met Aaron again and he teased him!
Hearing my words, Adenauer turned to look at me with a smile. Being looked at like this by him, my
face heated uncontrollably.
“What’s wrong? Are you going to reject me again?” I raised my voice a little.
“Don’t be nervous, Olive. How could I reject you?” Adenauer said with a wider smile.

“Gd is my witness! If you had asked me to stay, I would never have left.” “
Gd will not witness the nonsense of a person like you. You can leave
now. I’m home.” I admit I was a little upset, so I walked faster to my house.
“I was just kidding, Olive. Please forgive me.” Adenauer grabbed my wrist from behind, but I was still
smiling. “God knows how long I’ve been holding back my desire,
This was the first time I saw him give in. Although it seemed more like he was persuading me, I have to
admit that he was pleased.
“It’s already night. Are you sure you want coffee?” I didn’t take my hand off him, but let him follow me to
my door.
“Isn’t it okay?” Adenauer bowed his head.
Dammit! I suddenly understood his clue about him. Although he wasn’t sure if he said it intentionally. I
tended to think so.
“Whatever.” I turned my head to open the door, ignoring him.
The dark room was illuminated by light. I left my bag and went straight to the kitchen.
“Wait for me. I’ll make you coffee now.” Before I could finish that,

I was about to say something when his hand came to my face. Then he kissed me. He let go of my
wrist and put his other hand on my face. I was forced to lift my head and press myself against his body,
passively accepting this special kiss. We had kissed a couple of times, but we had never been so
passionate. 288 Vouchers His hands from him were big and a little hot, easily holding my head. I
instinctively pushed his chest from him, but then realized that our relationship did not allow me to resist
him like this, so I put my arm from him over his shoulder and stood on tiptoe to respond to his hot kiss
from him . She used to be sick of the French kiss, but she did not hate her kiss. He was domineering
but infinitely gentle. Unlike the exchange of saliva from lip entanglement, his tongue intently rubbed the
contour of my mouth, sucking gently and gradually giving me more strength. After receiving my answer,
we both began to gasp for breath, the exhaled hot air reaching each other’s face. He held my waist,
making me press against him.

The physical contact made me moan and the look in his eyes began to change. It was like a python
that finally started hunting after sitting idle for a long time.
And I was the prey.
“G*d knows how long I’ve been waiting for this day.” Adenauer finally let me take a breather. He looked
at me, his eyes shining with
My breasts were against his chest, my nipples were shrinking and hardening.
We were both in desire.
“Go to my bedroom.” I took him directly to our bedroom.
We should have done this a long time ago!
Not many couples can maintain a dating relationship without sex after so many dates. Adenauer had
given me absolute respect and tolerance, for which he was very grateful.
We collapsed onto the bed, the soft mattress causing us to bounce back together. His hands began to
run around my waist and gradually covered my breasts, kneading them. “Ah…” My body trembled

slightly, and my moans grew louder.

Adenauer was in intense lust, his blue eyes on me filled with desire. His movements were restricted,
but you could feel his enthusiasm. I knew this feeling, and I started to unbutton his shirt. Through his
clothes, she could feel his well-trained physique: his pectoral muscles were strong, his muscle lines
were beautiful and natural, and his ripped abs were visible. His hand finally slipped under my clothes.
The unfamiliar touch made me feel a little nervous, but before I left home today. I had already prepared
clothes for sex. This would be an exciting night! Take them off for me. I stuck out my chest, my voice
I “Yes, my queen,” Adenauer chuckled nasally, sounding particularly inviting in the dark.
Just as he was gently unzipping me, the phone rang in the living room.
It was his phone.
The romantic and sexual atmosphere was forced to freeze, so I was a little upset.
I held Adenauer’s neck and kissed his mouth, murmuring, “Ignore him.”
When our kiss ended, the phone stopped ringing.
Excellent! Adenauer and I smile together. When we were about to continue…
The phone rang again.

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