Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 241

“Did I meet Olive? Who told you that? She?”
“I’m not blind, Aaron. Since you saw her in the office, your behavior has completely changed from what
I knew. Don’t try to challenge a psychiatrist’s experience by claiming that’s your attitude toward all
Adenauer’s words made Aaron silent.
And Olive has told me everything.
looked at him sideways. “What did she say?”
“You were the sponsor of his lab project when he was doing his PhD at Columbia University.”
Suddenly, the car turned left.
“And you need to be examined.” Adenauer then stopped the car at the entrance to the emergency
department. The medical staff had been waiting here with a wheelchair for a long time.
Adenauer got out of the car and looked at them. “In the passenger seat. The patient has severe pain in
the upper abdomen after drinking alcohol, which has spread throughout the abdomen. Now he also has
symptoms of fever, nausea and others. I suspect it’s a stomach piercing.”
“Thank you so much for providing us with valuable information, Dr. Colston.”
Medical staff immediately approached and carefully and quickly transferred Aaron Morris from the
passenger seat to the wheelchair and pushed her toward the hospital.
Vouchers The air in the hospital was filled with the smell of disinfectant, and the white lights on the pure
white ceiling passed by. Aaron didn’t feel well anymore. Now he felt more uncomfortable.
Intense irritability had even made his head throb.
Adenauer had gone to park the car, but he still hadn’t clearly explained what Olive had said. Aaron
didn’t know how he had introduced him to his current date.

Just a project sponsor? He twitched his mouth, giving a little cold smile.
“Mr. Aaron Morris, this is your hospital gown. We will then take you to the radiology department for x-
rays to quickly determine your condition. Do you want me to help you change?” a well-proportioned
blonde nurse leaned over and whispered softly in Aaron’s ear.
He could see a deep cleavage through his neck just by tilting his head.
Aaron looked back in disgust. “No need. You leave. Send someone else.”
The blonde nurse turned pale. He immediately stood up straight, his eyes wide, and asked in horror.
“Could you tell me what I did wrong, Mr. Morris?”
“I don’t like women with E-cup breasts,” Aaron said mercilessly.
The nurse blushed, not daring to say another word, but quickly walked out of the locker room. After
Aaron put on a patient gown, a brown forty-something nursing director came to attend to him this time.
X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests… Despite the fact that the hospital had enabled a super VIP channel
for his identity, an hour had passed when the final exam was taken.
Lying on a stretcher against his will, Aaron was taken to a VIP room.
Adenauer had been waiting a long time.
“How is he?” Adenauer looked at the attending physician who had come with Aaron.
“He has an acute gastric ulcer, but as the ultrasound shows, if he had been a little late, it probably
would have deteriorated into a
gastric perforation. Mr. Aaron Morris has to stay in the hospital for a week to recover.”
“I’m afraid I can’t lie in this **** place for seven days,” Aaron rejected the advice without hesitation.
Adenauer didn’t even look at it. “Understood. Thank you very much.”
The doctor and nurse left one after another, leaving only Aaron and Adenauer in the ward.
“You know I don’t like hospitals, and I will never lie in bed for a week being a good patient! Otherwise,
how could I have called you?” Aaron looked at Adenauer with a hostile air.
“I’m a doctor, so I think being responsible for your health is the right thing to do.”
“I’d rather stay at home than smell the damn disinfectant!”
“Okay,” Adenauer said, “I’ve applied for you. When the infusion is over, you will be ready to go home to

Aaron didn’t expect that Adenauer had planned everything for him, so his anger dissipated instantly.
“You went on purpose, as always.”
“I’m still far away from you.” Adenauer sat on the sofa by the hospital bed and looked at him.
Aaron was stunned, but soon realized what he meant.
He looked at the pale ceiling, laughing self-deprecatively a few times.
“Yes, it was! Anyway, I am the second son of the chairman of the Morris Group, handsome, rich and
Adenauer did not answer. The ward fell silent again.
After looking at the liquid falling out of the infusion tube for a while, Aaron turned to look at Adenauer.
He took out his phone and started typing.
“Report the situation to your wife?” Aaron smiled on purpose, his tone sarcastic.

Adenauer stopped writing and looked into his eyes, “Is there a problem?”
The smell of disinfectant in the air faded, replaced by a kind of electrically charged tension.
Aaron had never seen his old friend show such a cold expression before.
Although they hadn’t spent much time together since childhood, I was under the impression that
Adenauer was always kind and patient. Even when they played baseball together, Adenauer could
show the elegance and composure one had when playing golf.
After studying psychiatry, Adenauer became more inclusive.
Aaron had forgotten when he had seen Adenauer’s cold face last time.
Adenauer was serious with her.
This thought appeared in Aaron’s head. It was like a thorn stuck in his body.
Although it did not affect his normal life, as long as his heart kept beating, he would obviously feel
Aaron looked at Adenauer’s eyes, which were also blue.
Although his eyes were all blue, Adenauer’s were lighter and not a pure deep blue. Thinking of

something while his mind wandered, Aaron suddenly laughed self-deprecatingly.
“To be honest, I’m very worried about you,” he looked at Adenauer calmly. “As your friend, I have to tell
you that your girlfriend had a passionate relationship while she was in America. Did he ever tell you?”
As expected, Adenauer’s face became much colder.
Aaron continued, “To be honest, I was very surprised to see her again in Germany, especially in your
office de ella as your girlfriend de ella.”
“Did he tell you what we did in your office when you weren’t there?”
Aaron Morris! Adenauer interrupted Aaron who became more and more animated.
“What’s wrong?” Aaron raised his eyebrows as if he suddenly realized something. “Oh, sorry, I’m too
straightforward, right?”
“You like my girlfriend, right?”
With Adenauer’s question, the large VIP room fell into deathly silence again.
Aaron felt as if he had heard a joke. “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand that. What’s your question?”
“I mean, you like Olive Woods, right?” Adenauer asked directly again, without avoiding anything.

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