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Chapter 242

Aaron had known Adenauer for a long time. Although they had argued before, their relationship had
never been as tense as it is now.
He looked at Adenauer, looked at Adenauer who was looking back at him.
If he gave the wrong answer, their years of friendship would probably come to an end.
After a long silence, he was the first to look away.
He looked at the ceiling and said, “I will never go after my brother’s wife.”
Then suddenly he remembered something and opened his mouth, as if he was going to
“So you admit it,” Adenauer expounded on him dryly.
Aaron finally laughed.
He remembered that the man sitting next to him was not only a professional psychiatrist but also a
close friend who knew him very well.
“You’re always like that, you’d rather change the subject than tell a lie,” Adenauer sighed, finally
relaxing his facial muscles. The tense atmosphere in the room gradually disappeared.
“I don’t need others to tell me some things. I can feel them myself.” Adenauer leaned back on the sofa
and spoke slowly: “The first time I invited Olive to dinner, I knew that she was a deeply love-struck
“Did you say that she had a passionate love affair in the United States?”
“Yeah! I heard something. It was crazy,” Aaron replied bitterly with some scorn.
“Saying that, I feel a little relieved.”
Adenauer’s reaction surprised Aaron. He slightly turned his head
With his eyes meeting Aaron’s again, Adenauer said, “To tell you the truth, it took me a long time to
earn Olive’s trust. Then I was allowed to get close to her and be her friend. Probably thanks to you, she
was finally willing to do it.” she opens her heart today”.
“At dinner, she told me that she had loved a man very much, but he hurt her. She then she was very

sore for a while. She seemed to want to say that she had come to Germany to escape that relationship.
Aaron looked up at the ceiling again, the bitterness in his chest more obvious to him.
It turned out that Olive had told all of this to Adenauer.
And it turned out that Olive still loved Vincent deeply.
What ab*stard!The man had obviously had the woman he, Aaron, had been crazy about for so many
years, but he hurt her!

Adenauer was completely unaware of all this. He was now totally immersed in the memories of him and
Olive. “Before today, I always thought that she couldn’t leave the relationship that hurt her easily,
mainly because it lasted too long. But when you mentioned that it was an experience of passionate
love, she calmed me down more ”, Adenauer. saying. “Why did you say that?” Aaron asked casually.
Adenauer laughed: “I think Olive just looks reserved. Only those who can enter hers her heart will
discover her madness within her. If such a woman wants to have a passionate love, there is only one
possibility: the date of her must be extremely extravagant ”. Obviously, I’m not that kind of person.
That’s my advantage!” Aaron frowned, confused by Adenauer’s reaction. “Are you sure that’s an
advantage and not a disadvantage?” “It’s a disadvantage, but it’s more of an advantage,” Adenauer
said with a confident smile. “At least when he looks at me, he doesn’t think about his ex.” Aaron was
speechless. At that moment, he realized that even psychiatrists could make mistakes when treating
their own love problems. Vincent was not an extremely extravagant man. The main reason Olive
couldn’t let him go was that she had put too much feeling and too much time into her relationship. The
more Adenauer analyzed the situation, the more worried Aaron became about his friend.

Olive had crazy genes in her. She could come to him to get back at Vincent, and now dating someone
who was like a carbon copy of him didn’t seem surprising.
Aaron turned his head again and looked carefully at his friend next to him.
He was shocked to realize that even though Adenauer looked completely different from Vincent, the
image that Vincent had faked in front of Olive in the past was quite close to Adenauer’s, or even more

Realizing this, Aaron suddenly felt even more helpless.
Adenauer was still doing the analysis on him.
“Her ex of hers must have created many unforgettable memories for her, both good and bad. She
probably can’t provide him with the same level of
emotional memories, but I have the ability to make our love last long and stay stable. She feels safe
with me. That’s my biggest advantage.”
Then she, all of a sudden, she asked Aaron, “So, can you reveal a little bit about that passionate
romance?” “
Hasn’t your girlfriend told you everything? That? She didn’t tell you the details?” Aaron asked, looking
at him teasingly.
Adenauer didn’t get the answer he wanted, but he wasn’t angry.
He suddenly took a deep breath, sat up more relaxed, and began to watch Aaron. with arms crossed.
“When they told me you played a p*lyboy in America, I had a hard time picturing you in my mind. But I
can imagine a trail today.Let me ask you a question-”
He leaned forward. “Because? Why did you do that? I don’t suppose you know that Olive hates
p*lyboys who play with women’s feelings. If you keep playing that role, your love for her will never pay
“Are you trying to set us up with your girlfriend?” Aaron laughed. “With my charm, if I changed my
ways, no woman could resist falling in love with me.”
“Stop this nonsense,” Adenauer laughed, but he quickly returned to his seriousness. “But you’d better
remember not to think about stealing it from her. Otherwise, our friendship will end.”
“Don’t worry. Love is a joke in my eyes.” Aaron reached his supple right hand toward the ceiling,
spreading his fingers out and squeezing them.“The more you try to hold on to it, the faster it slips
through your fingers.
“Stop talking like a philosopher,” Adenauer laughed. Suddenly, his phone beeped with a message

“Asking about you or me?” Aaron teased, laughing.
After sending the message, Adenauer rolled his eyes with a smile.
“Very good! Keep that narcissistic attitude.” Adenauer got up. “I will go. Prepare the car for you. Get
some sleep.”
Seeing that Adenauer was out of the room, Aaron immediately stopped laughing.
He only left bitterness in the room.
She picked up her phone from the nightstand and searched for Olive’s name on Facebook, over and
over again.
She had deleted her account.
Two years ago,
Ella was not informed, just like she was when she suddenly married Vincent.
When she discovered that her account had been deleted, she had been at her house in secret. But she
just found out that she had moved.
Since then, the only means of contact between them was just a phone number.
Aaron stared at the familiar numbers on the screen. But just like all the days and nights that had
passed, he was too afraid to push the call button.
He was afraid, afraid of hearing the cold, mechanical voice on the other end telling him that the number
was invalid.
If that happened, he would fully realize that they had completely lost contact with each other.

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