Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 245

Why are you here?
Isn’t that Aaron Morris?
I breathed a sigh of relief and felt incredibly embarrassed that I had spent the entire afternoon
fantasizing about something that would never happen.
“Olive. You’re so silly!” I scolded myself in my mind.
I had told myself that I had to take that man down, but one little bit of news was enough to distract me
all day. I even made a mistake at work and lied about it.
Hadn’t he completely let go yet?
I questioned myself repeatedly.
This feeling sucks! Certain emotions from when we first broke up three years ago returned.
But if Aaron wasn’t here for TWH, what was he doing here?According to Adenauer, Aaron didn’t come
here specifically to see him.
Once again, I realized that I didn’t know anything about Aaron.
His relationship with Adenauer was unknown to me, and he never mentioned it when someone in his
family had a mental illness. In the past, when we were in love, even though I could sometimes detect
that he was hiding things, at that moment I was reminding myself not to lose myself in my love for him
or I was completely overwhelmed by all the things I did for him
. to think of something else.
In retrospect, he was a playboy who could play with my feelings and I didn’t seem any better.
I didn’t even know his middle name!
Our love for each other was nothing more than a joke.
As I exited the office building and entered the parking lot, the headlights in front of me flickered.
“Adenauer? Still here?” He was petrified.
“I brought you here, so of course I am responsible for bringing you back.” Adenauer leaned out the car
window and greeted Charlotte: “Good evening.” “Good night .

” Charlotte finished her greeting and winked at me, “Surely, boyfriends are always better for each other.
You two are so sweet. It’s so enviable.” With that, she smiled and ran off. “I’ll leave you alone, bye.”
After saying goodbye to Charlotte, I got in the car and sat in the passenger seat. “Problem solved?”

“Yeah. Argh! I made a very stupid mistake today. The last time I made a mistake like that was in
college.” “Did it do a lot of damage?” “Not really. I found out in time, and Charlotte discovered the
source of the problem at this time. It was fixed and the progress of the experiment was only delayed by
a few hours.” “Alright.” Adenauer smiled softly, “One has to learn to allow oneself to make mistakes.
This of yours is one of those mistakes that can be allowed”. I looked at the side of his face and became
incredibly soft on the inside. “Adenauer, it’s good to have you! Adenauer turned to me with a charming
smile and replied: “It would be my greatest honor.” Cup of coffee? Adenauer hesitated. -But you…
Soon, he realized what was happening. “You’re juggling words.” I gave him a mischievous smile and
said, “I made you a promise last night. And you’re going to make me make the coffee.” With that. I
dragged it to my house.

“I got some Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee beans from my friend, Cinder. A spoonful of them is worth a
few hundred bucks, and I haven’t served them to anyone faster.” Adenauer was impressed
. “Wow, that’s quite an honor.”
After the coffee was ready, we sat on the sofa and savored it.
“How are you doing?” He was eager to receive feedback from him.
Adenauer nodded, saying. “Your brewing skills are phenomenal.”
I was talking about the coffee!” I laughed.
Adenauer smiled. “Well, premium beans combined with your top-notch brewing skills make for a truly
exceptional cup of coffee.”
hay! I confess I was flattered by your compliments. I put down my coffee and leaned in to kiss him.
That night, although our lips met only briefly, the spark was struck between Adenauer and me.
I think it was only a matter of time before I fell for him.

The next morning, I found out that the lie I told you yesterday had come true. My period really came.
However, it was like taking a weight off my shoulders.
After freshening up, I took ibuprofen and ran to the office to face a new day at work.
Determined to make up for my lackluster performance yesterday, I was really looking forward to getting
started. I even volunteered to handle that progress report for the new CEO and handed it over to Dr.
Archer at the end of the day.
Things seemed to be back to normal, except for one thing.
There have been a lot of new faces in the office lately. Charlotte and I were chatting as we left the
“It is said that our new CEO, Mr. Giancarlo Trout, wastes no time in making changes. He summoned all
the executives to his office one by one and then they were either reassigned or resigned. Ms. Rachel
from HR told me that she even fired the finance director, who threw a tantrum and walked out of his
The well-informed woman shared all the news she heard with me in one go.
“What was particularly surprising was that the CFO took the entire department as a threat to stay, but
our new CEO brushed him off and said he could take anyone with him. The news faces he saw just
now are all from the finance department.”
“A dignified young CEO of the United States,” I commented admiringly.
Even I knew that after a company had grown to a certain level, it was very difficult to make such a big
move again. After the former head of the finance department directly took the entire team, the company
would probably plunge into a huge financial crisis if there were no timely professionals to replenish the
But our new CEO had done just that.
I followed the TWH share price and found that since the new CEO took over a week ago, the share
price had skyrocketed and things were looking good.
“By the way, Charlotte, do you know our new boss?”I asked casually.
“Yeah. I saw him once when he was in the elevator. What, are you curious too?” Charlotte raised her

eyebrow and teased me, “Don’t forget you already have a man.”
“Come on! I think it’s admirable that our new CEO is so young and yet has this kind of ability. And don’t
you think he’s strange? The mystery man has not made any public statement since he took office.”
“Maybe he’s more of a low-key guy who doesn’t care about all the pomp and circumstance.”
We were chatting and laughing as we got out of the elevator when Charlotte suddenly saw a figure
striding down the hall.
Her face lit up and she exclaimed, “Olive, look! It’s Giancarlo Trout, our new CEO!”
I followed his gaze and saw a big blond guy in a fancy suit approaching.
I was trying to get out of the elevator when my foot froze halfway up. My eyes widened, but my gaze
wasn’t fixed on him. Could someone tell me what Aaron was doing here?
He was stunned by the fact that he was standing right next to our new CEO.

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