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Chapter 246

Mistaking Him For The New CEO
My mind went blank, and I didn’t know how long I stood there like a statue.
Aaron’s outfit today was a complete makeover from his usual style. He was wearing a smart suit and
shiny leather shoes. His medium-length brown curls were brushed back and secured with a band. He
seemed more authoritative and collected, nothing like the scruffy guy he used to know,
“Mr. Trout”. Charlotte naturally greeted the man next to Aaron with a friendly smile, but her eyes locked
on Aaron.
Aaron looked up at me and Charlotte.
He was sure that our eyes met for a split second.
“What are you gawking at?” Charlotte nudged me in the shoulder with her, bringing me back to reality.
Charlotte had already taken the initiative to approach Giancarlo and Aaron. With no other choice, I
trailed after her.
Sanity finally came back to me.
I felt a surge of shame over my worries of a week ago.
I was so bored.
Even if Aaron didn’t come here as the new CEO, it was still possible for him to come to Germany and
Ulm for TWII.
“I know you? I wonder who you are.” Giancarlo looked at
Charlotte and held out his hand.

“Charlotte Charles, and this is Dr. Olive Woods. We are both members of Lab 3 and I am Dr. Olive’s
research assistant.” Charlotte shook his hand and continued: “What a stroke of luck! We were talking
about you.”
“Me?” Giancarlo looked at Aaron and asked, “About what?”
“About why you haven’t done the swearing-in ceremony or made any announcements.” Charlotte was
so direct that I didn’t even have time to stop her.
All she could do was do my best not to look at Aaron, but it was too hard.

“Does TWH have that kind of ceremony?” Giancarlo looked a little surprised before turning to look at
Aaron, as if he was looking for confirmation from the latter.
“I never heard of it.” Aaron
Charlotte finally sensed that something was wrong and her voice faltered. “Usually, there’s an
inauguration ceremony for the CEO, right?”
Giancarlo’s eyes widened and he then he laughed. “Yes, but the thing is, I’m not the CEO.”
“That?” Charlotte’s face turned beet red.
She took a step back and looked in alarm at the two men before her. “Aren’t you the CEO? But I heard
that you are the only one who has been working in the CEO’s office every day during this time.”
“The CEO is not the only one working in that office; Mrs. Charles.” Giancarlo’s smile was wide and
He stepped forward and said, “Allow me to formally introduce myself. I am the secretary to the new
The revelation was like a bomb had gone off in my head.
Aaron was the new CEO of TWH.
In fact, he had harbored this suspicion when I saw him appear in the office just now, but I had made
sure that he was only here to oversee things instead of staying here for a long time.
Now my self-deception has come to an end.
My ex-boyfriend became my big boss! How absurd! How absurd!
“But why?” I did not understand
Aaron made a name for himself at a young age. With such rare business savvy, why did he leave
Manhattan and come to this small, remote place to be CEO instead of looking after the Morris Group
and the public company he founded?
All eyes suddenly turned to me and I realized that he had blurted out the “why” out loud.
“I think he meant to ask why the real CEO showed up just a week later.” Charlotte clearly
misunderstood me.
That was fine since I shared her doubts.

Giancarlo looked at Aaron and said, “Mr. Morris had a health problem and was confined to bed for a
week. I took care of things in his name during that time.”
Aaron was s**k for a week!
I instinctively looked at Aaron and immediately remembered that night.
It turned out that he had not deliberately tried to fire Adenauer. He really did have a health problem.
But he had always been physically robust. How could he suddenly get sick?
“Are you OK now?” I tried to sound calm to sound like a normal employee asking politely about the
health of her boss.
Aaron fixed his gaze on me.
Clearly, he saw through my intentions, and his expression turned serious.

“Dr. Woods also hails from Manhattan, USA. She joined Lab 3 just a few months ago. She is a brilliant
scientist and a trailblazer for women in her field.” Charlotte hastily introduced me to Aaron, not
understanding the situation. I caught Aaron frowning slightly, so subtly that he would have missed it if
he hadn’t been paying close attention. This was a sign of his displeasure. “Dr. Woods, TWH is thrilled
to have him on board.” She reached out for her hand, acting like he didn’t know me. My heart felt the
tug on an invisible string. I had been longing for this moment, but when Aaron really treated me like a
stranger, I felt like he was going to explode. I couldn’t contain my emotions. If I stay there any longer,
I’d surely blow my cover. So, I shook his hand, planning to make a quick exit as soon as our fingers
touched and part after the formalities. But to my amazement, the moment I tried to pull my hand away,
his big hand gripping mine suddenly tightened its grip, refusing to let go.

“Forgive me for being nosy.” Aaron took my hand, his face showing no
“Why did you choose our company in the first place, Dr. Woods? With his credentials, he must have
had many opportunities in the United States

He suddenly chuckled and continued: “Is it because you heard that TWH is backed by Morris Group?”
This was a blow to me!
Anger flared in my chest instantly. I withdrew my hand with a glacial gaze. “Oh, I’m afraid I’d disappoint
you, Mr. Morris. I only recently discovered TWH’s connection to the Morris Group, which is far away in
the US. In fact, apart from my research assistant, no one in our lab had a clue about it.”
“Olive?” Charlotte’s soft voice brought me back from the brink of losing my sanity just in time.
Her worried expression made me realize that an ordinary employee shouldn’t be so ‘honest’.
“Well, Olive is a professional scientist who focuses on scientific content rather than corporate politics.”
She tried to soften my frankness.
Aaron raised an eyebrow and looked at me again, the corners of his mouth turning up in amusement,
Seeing him put on that intelligent expression made my blood boil even
“Yeah. It just so happened that TWH extended an olive branch with a generous salary, and it just so
happened that I wanted to leave the US and forget some unpleasant memories at the time, so come
here.” I forced a joyful smile onto my face, “It turns out that I started a new life.”
Until he showed up…
I swallowed the last half of my sentence, but by the look in Aaron’s eyes, I was sure he’d gotten my
His brows furrowed and his fake smile faded.
Meeting again, I finally scored a point!
Yeah! I celebrated in silence.
Just when I was feeling smug and ready to go, Aaron’s voice
it rang again.
She had recovered the fake smile of that suave gentleman. “Well then I hope you have a nice new life
working for me.”
He did it on purpose. He was sure!

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