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Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 247

There was only one thing more infuriating than watching your ex rise to the ranks of the elite. It was
when he used his new power to
attack you.
He was more than sure that Aaron was doing just that.
He was threatening me.
Like the old flame of him. She was all too aware of the havoc Aaron could wreak when he was
unhinged. As long as he was still a TWH employee, he would come up with a thousand ways to
torment me.
He felt like my lungs were going to burst.
“Actually, you don’t have to pretend you don’t know me.” Aaron’s sudden words chilled me. I looked at
him in disbelief.
What was he playing at?
Charlotte and Giancarlo blanched at the same time, their gazes going from Aaron to me as their faces
took on a peculiar mix of curiosity and concern.
“Olive, do you really know Mr. Morris?” Charlotte murmured, her voice barely audible.
Panic rose within me like a tidal wave.
Aaron had lost his mind again!
He was pushing me to the edge.
I looked into his blue eyes, recognizing the manic glint inside him. My anxiety and anger only seemed
to fuel his enthusiasm.
What a twisted man!

“Manhattan is not that big and we find ourselves in similar circles. It’s hard for us not to cross paths,”
Aaron explained, faking a polished, refined air as he addressed Charlotte. “In fact, I visited Columbia
University a few years ago and sponsored some research projects.”

“So, you were a sponsor of the same project team that Olive used to be a part of!” Charlotte’s face lit
up with a sudden epiphany. “Serendipity, right? First as a benefactor and protégé in the United States,
and now as a superior and subordinate in Germany.”
As Aaron and Charlotte exchanged pleasantries, I clenched my fists, fighting back the urge to punch
him in the face.
He was making fun of me!
Aaron knew that I didn’t want my past in the US, especially our shared history, to be known to everyone
here. However, he was hell-bent on prodding me, keeping me on edge.
It was hard to understand his mentality when he once faked his devotion
to him for me.
Did he just crave the thrill of manipulating women?
The more he reflected, the more he was convinced that That was the case.
If Vincent’s wedding hadn’t surprised me, he might have remained in the dark forever. Maybe Aaron
thought I was playing him too, that I wasn’t happy with his twisted games anymore. That might explain
his sudden irritation.
And my words just now only reminded him of his failure to control me. So, after three long years, he
resorted to these tactics to get revenge.
“Is this the end of the day for you guys?” Aaron continued his conversation with Charlotte.
“Miss Olive, might I need a lift?” He asked me another question on purpose.
Although his manner seemed very gentlemanly and refined, the words struck a jarring note, drawing
shocked looks from both Charlotte and Giancarlo.
“I’m fine.” My countenance showed an almost tense submission.
Turning to Charlotte, I said, “I just remembered some unfinished business. Charlotte, please go on
without me.”
With that,
Aaron’s gaze followed me until the elevator doors slid open.

“Damn!” Once the elevator went up, I could no longer contain my expletive.
I reflected on those fleeting moments when his piercing gaze, like a cheetah’s, made me feel
completely exposed, as if I were naked before him, with nowhere to hide.
Time after time, I had been unable to resist him. Even my protests inevitably culminated in his triumph.
I doubted that three years would bring any significant improvement to my fighting prowess.
At present, only one avenue remained.
Quickly, I entered the lab, turned on my personal computer, and quickly generated a new document.
My fingers flew over the keys:
resignation request.
If victory eluded me, I could still run.
Hastily, I filled out my resignation letter, putting my name at the bottom. Then I went straight to Aaron’s
email and hit the send button.
Then a wave of immense relief washed over me.
Evasion could be a triumph. At least, it was the case in the contest between Aaron and me.
I win!
He could no longer exert control over me.
Euphoric, I left the office and entered the parking lot, where the expected Adenauer was waiting for me.
“Looks like I’m a little late today,” Adenauer commented with a smile, coming closer to me.
The reality collapsed.
I suddenly understood the implications of my decision a few minutes ago. Quitting my job meant losing
my income and having to leave Germany once my visa expired. I would even have to give up my
current residence.
And just a week before, he had decided to make things work with Adenauer.
“What’s the matter? You seem out of sorts.” Adenauer watched, sensing
my uneasiness.
I watched his tender smile, my lips parted, but words failed me.

If he divulged the truth, his keen intuition would surely deduce that my relationship with Aaron had been
anything but ordinary. Also, it would be just as excruciating to admit that I impulsively quit without
discussing it with my current partner, all for the sake of an ex.

What had I done to deserve this predicament?
As Adenauer’s worried expression gradually turned solemn, I quickly grabbed his arm. “I’m fine, I’m just
dealing with a work problem and a bit of a headache. Let’s get in the car first.”
Adenauer kindly refrained from pressing the matter.
Sitting in the passenger seat, I struggled to find peace of mind. The resignation letter had been sent to
Aaron’s inbox anyway. Once the company processed it, the truth would be impossible to hide.
I had to come clean with Adenauer.
Stealing glances at the man in the driver’s seat, I caught his smile. “What’s happening?”
“Nothing, I was just pondering a question,” I replied, my voice tinged with vulnerability.
“Inform me”.
I swallowed. “What would you do if I had a problem at work and could lose my current job?”
Adenauer glanced at me before turning his attention back to the road.
“I would comfort you, stand by you, and face the challenge with you,” he said, his voice soft but
resolute. “Olive, I want you to know that I have the means to take care of you if you wish. You don’t
have to lift a finger.”
I stayed silent.
Adenauer’s response was deeply moving. Any normal woman, he believed, would have burst into
But why did he feel more and more irritated?
“Of course, I know you’re not the kind of woman who wants to drift,” Adenauer added, echoing my

I arched an eyebrow. “That’s true.”
For the moment, I put thoughts of returning to the United States aside.
Who cares! The future is uncertain, but today I will cherish my time with Adenauer.’
The next day, as soon as I entered the office, a familiar figure materialized before me.
It was Giancarlo.
With a smile, he stopped my progress. “Dr. Woods, please come with me. Mr. Morris wants to see you.”

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