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Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend Chapter 248 Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 248


In the blink of an eye, the news spread throughout the company like wildfire. Aaron Morris, the second
son of the Morris family, had officially taken over as CEO of TWH.

Despite this development, Giancarlo intercepted me in the lobby. Passing colleagues cast sidelong
glances in my direction.

I longed to follow him and get out of his sight before I had a chance to voice my objection that I had
prepared after a night of contemplation.

When I followed Giancarlo into the CEO’s office, strong resistance took hold again:

“Mr. Trout”. I stopped abruptly.

Giancarlo turned to me, waiting for my next words.

“I have just remembered an important matter. I would like to ask you to convey a message to Mr.
Morris. I don’t think he and I have anything to discuss,” I said, taking a step back.

“Dr. Woods, please don’t make this difficult for me.” Giancarlo’s expression turned somewhat helpless.

“I’m so sorry, Mr. Trout,” I replied, knowing that I had to protect myself.


I turned and ran for the elevator.

Suddenly, a deep and seductive voice echoed from behind me.

“I don’t care if you want to talk in the lab, Dr. Woods.”

That voice was unmistakably familiar.

It was Aaron!

‘Damn!’ I cursed inside.

But I had to stop and face it.

Today, Aaron wore a black suit with a white shirt. Unusually, he wore a tie and his bangs were swept
up, giving him a more mature and seductive air.

Giancarlo stepped to the side, leaving me no choice but to watch as Aaron approached.

As he got closer, the familiar scent of amber washed over me once more.

I was forever captivated by this fragrance.

“Are you afraid to see me because you have not released me in your heart?”

How dare he utter such words in front of others! I jumped in shock, cupped a hand over his mouth, and
shot Giancarlo a panicked look.

Before I could glimpse his reaction, Aaron grabbed my wrist effortlessly. His deep voice rang out. “Do
you miss my lips?”

He whispered in my ear.

My cheeks burned uncontrollably with heat, and I didn’t dare seek Giancarlo’s answer again.

This fucking jerk was trying to let everyone know that he had a history with him.

With no other choice, I pushed Aaron into the office and closed the door behind me with a quick
backhand motion.

Silence fell.

I was seething with irritation, but my heart trembled simultaneously with apprehension and anticipation.

‘Olive, you’re p*thetic. You have decided to let him go again and again, even running away to
Germany! But the moment he stands in front of you, you can’t help but hope. Do you love him that

“I received your resignation letter.” Aaron broke the silence.

He leaned back on the black leather couch, arching an eyebrow at me.

“For me?”

“The resignation letter clearly states that it is for personal reasons.” He wouldn’t let him win so easily.

If he admitted it, wouldn’t that confirm that she hadn’t really let him go?

“Then it’s my fault.” Aaron crossed his legs, looking smug.

I envied his self-confidence.

At the office, it was just me and Aaron, and I really didn’t want to waste any more time dealing with him.

“Now you are the CEO of TWH and you wield immense power. How can I stay here and bear your
torment? It’s better for both of us if I leave voluntarily, isn’t it?”

“So you’re running away again? Returning to the United States? Aaron’s expression hinted at anger. ”

She hadn’t confessed this to Adenauer yet, not since last night. “It is none of your business. If you
summoned me here just to ask these pointless questions, then I’m sorry. I’ll say goodbye.” I turned and
walked towards the door. “Don’t you dare come out!” Aaron’s voice, laced with palpable fury, echoed
behind me. I looked at him, feeling helpless. I didn’t know if it was my imagination, but when I turned, I
thought I saw a flash of pain in his blue eyes. “Is that all you have for me?” “Then what kind of attitude
do you think I should adopt?” Obviously, that fleeting moment had been nothing more than a figment of
my imagination. “Aaron, we’ve been apart for three years. What exactly were you expecting when you
stood in front of me and called me into your office?” The more I reflected, the angrier I became and
closed the distance between us. “Did you expect me to cry, cling to your legs and beg for a reunion?
I’m not that cheap!” I had almost sacrificed my life for this relationship. If it hadn’t been for Cinder and
Nick’s support, the culprit wouldn’t have had a chance to see me there today. Fury and intense
grievances welled up within me.

“Aaron, I admit that I left the United States with the intention of letting you go. Why did you appear
before me again when I finally managed to start a new life here? Why didn’t you release me?”

In his presence, my facade always crumbled. Now, he didn’t want to pretend anymore.


“Are you doing this for me?”

“Or who? Vincent?”

Aaron’s expression changed, looking somewhat peculiar. He got up from the sofa and walked over to

“So, dear Olive, how did I fail you three years ago? However, look what you have done!”

“Oh please don’t pretend innocence. Your so-called deep love is nothing more than that. I sadly turned
my face away and said, “Also, it’s been three years and I don’t need it anymore.”

I had escaped from that sweet trap, and for the sake of those who truly loved me, my friends, my
parents, I couldn’t afford to make the same mistake again.

Her expression seemed complex, but I refused to examine her closely. I was afraid that if she looked
any further, she would lose control of my emotions and expose my heart to her.

Once again, the office fell silent.

“I see.” Aaron straightened up, adopting a condescending tone. “You don’t need me, but you accept
Vincent. That kind of deep love, where he sleeps with another woman while he professes his love for
you, is what you want. That’s because you’re one of a kind! I should have realized you lured me out on
a date, playing the victim while doing the same thing as the other guy, right?

I couldn’t bear to stay here any longer.

“Go on with your madness, but I don’t have time for this.” I spun on my heel, ready to go.

“Let go!”

“I ask you one last time.” Aaron’s blue eyes, now tinged with red, locked on mine, “If you want, we can
get back together.”

His words convinced me that he had lost his mind.

What did you think he was doing? To become a secret lover, caught between him and his fiancée? I
wasn’t that despicable.

“Let me be.” I pushed him, “Don’t let history repeat itself.”

With that, I walked towards the door once more.

“Why are you doing me this?” Aaron’s anguished voice came from behind me.

My heart lodged in my throat, but I couldn’t risk delaying a

moment longer.

“Leave me alone.” I turned my back on him, fighting back tears, “We” are done, Aaron. We finished it
three years ago.”

After uttering those words, I opened the door and left.

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