Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 251

I Was Drunk


With little hesitation, I made my way through the crowd and ran.

At the last second before Aaron poured the contents of the glass into his throat, I finally threw the glass

The glass fell to the ground with a crisp sound, and the women around screamed and fled.

In an instant, everyone’s eyes were fixed on my face, including Aaron’s.

The moment he looked at me with blue eyes, my heart beat faster.

“The glass of wine just now was drugged.” At this moment, he could only pretend to be calm.

To be honest, everything at this time was an impulsive move on my part. Only now, being watched by
his eyes, did I begin to panic.

But no matter how many times that has happened now, I would have stepped forward and stopped it.

Who knows what that bitch put in the drink?

What if they were drugs or poison?

Aaron’s voice was already s*xy, but now it was a little hoarse and even more dangerous, “Have you
been following me?”

I realized what he was saying, and I couldn’t help but blush immediately.

“Stop being so narcissistic! I’m just drinking here!”

Before I could finish it, Aaron wrapped his hand around my waist. The distance between him and me
disappeared in an instant, and it was so close that I could smell the alcohol in it.

“Are you just drinking here?” He looked around, “I didn’t expect you to come to the bar to drink only

Ignoring my struggle, Aaron smiled playfully and said with a provocative expression: “Why, your
Adenauer can’t satisfy you?”


“I shouldn’t have saved you.” It was about to explode.

This was the first time I was humiliated like this. I was asking for it!

“I really shouldn’t have saved you! I shouldn’t have cared what you drank. I don’t care even if you die!”

“Well, are you still trying to play this kind of trick?” It was the blonde bitch who had drugged Aaron’s
drink. He walked over to Aaron again, pressing his chest proudly against Aaron’s arm from her, “Mr.
Morris, that **** dropped her glass from her. Why don’t you drink mine?” Unpleasant woman? I couldn’t
beat Aaron verbally, but I could beat this bitch. Turning around, I stopped and slapped that bitch. The

strong slap and screams of the **** once again shocked many people around. “They’re all ab*tch in the
eyes of a real b*tch.” I looked at her coldly and left quickly. I couldn’t stay in this place for a second
longer! “Wait.” I hadn’t done it. around and saw it was Aaron. He was coming after me. “Why save
me?” He leaned closer, and his hand from him holding my forearm slid across my skin and grabbed my
wrist from him. The strong family aggression hit me. I retreated reflexively, and my back from him was
pressed against the cold wall. I bent my knees and tried to block Aaron’s intrusion. But he reacted
faster, holding my knees and pulling them apart slightly. In the blink of an eye, I was imprisoned
between the wall and him in a posture of complete acceptance. Dammit! He always did it with ease!
“You saved me, and it means you don’t want to be separated from me.” Aaron bowed his head and
kissed my neck gently. When he touched my skin with his lips and tongue, my heart trembled instantly.

“Don’t be so narcissistic! No matter who was drugged tonight, I would have stopped him.” I pushed him
hard, “Since you are conscious, I think I have done a good deed for nothing.”

I grabbed the skin of my neck where he had kissed me, wishing I could flee the scene immediately.

But his hand from him was on my shoulder now.

“Help me…” Aaron’s voice sounded bad. I couldn’t help but turn to look at him


God! His face of him turned extremely pale and his body of him was falling apart.

The next moment, Aaron fell towards me, with most of his body weight from him hanging on my body
from him.

“Aaron!” I struggled to hug him, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Bathroom… I’m going to throw up.”

I struggled to get him to the bathroom. Fortunately it was not far away.

Once inside, Aaron dragged me, staggered into a men’s bathroom cubicle, and vomited into the toilet. I
turned my head away from him. But when I turned around, I saw several men standing on the urinals in
the men’s bathroom.

They looked at me embarrassed and couldn’t continue urinating.

I was embarrassed too. I could only close the cubicle door.

As a result, he could only be in a small space with Aaron.

Aaron didn’t seem to have eaten much at dinner, and most of what he spit out was water.

After he finished vomiting, I was about to withdraw my hand when Aaron fell to the ground with a
pained expression on his face, “I feel terrible.”

I had to bend down again, “Can you still walk? I will take you to the hospital.”

“I don’t want to go. I’ll be fine after taking some medicine.”

“You almost got a punched stomach from drinking last week. You drank so much again today. Do you

want to die?” My anger could no longer be suppressed.

But for some reason, Aaron opened his eyes and looked at me, clutching his belly. A smile suddenly
appeared on his face from him.

“Forget it.” I grabbed his arm from him and wanted to get him out of the bathroom.

But as soon as we got out, The blonde **** stepped forward and reached out to slap me. I couldn’t
dodge it with Aaron on my arm now. I closed my eyes and prepared to take that blow.

But the pain did not fall on me as I expected.

I opened my eyes to see Aaron grabbing the blonde bitch’s wrist.

“A good woman doesn’t hit other women.” Aaron smiled, looking very happy.

But I wasn’t happy.

Did he mean that I was not a good woman?!

The blonde bitch also noticed and seemed less angry. Gives. He looked at me provocatively, and then
looked at Aaron: “Morris, you’re drunk. I’ll help you get a room in the hotel next door.”

Looking at the room card he handed me, I rolled my eyes.

“But I only like bad women.” He ignored the room card and took me straight out of the bar.

This **** could always deal with women as easily as this!

But I had to admit that I was very satisfied with the effect of what he just said.

When I left the bar, I couldn’t help but look back at that blonde bitch’s angry face from her. Brave!

“Stop watching. I can’t take it anymore.” I turned around, quickly hailed a taxi and put it in. “Where do
you live now?” I asked him after getting in the car. What he answered was Aaron’s drunken and sleepy
face of him. “Stop pretending. Tell me your address!” I pushed him a couple of times.

But Aaron’s body tilted as if he had completely lost consciousness, and his head rested on my

“Miss, where are you going?” The driver began to urge.

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