Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 253

I Was Just a Big Fool

I never expected that in this situation when a man pierced my body with all his might, he would

Call someone else’s name.

What an absurd thing!

But it happened!

All my burning lust dissipated instantly at this moment. I pushed hard at the man on top of me and a
sense of anger erupted from the inside out.

“Who is Lukita?!” My voice trembled with anger.

“It’s you, it’s always been you.” Aaron pounced on me, pinning me down again.

He kissed me passionately and aggressively again. I shook my head vigorously, rejecting his kiss from
him. In the tug-of-war, Aaron grabbed my cheeks with both hands, forcing me to look straight at him.

Aside from lust, there was a deep fascination in Aaron’s blue eyes. If I hadn’t heard what he said, I
would have believed that he loved me very much!

But his drunken words of him made my soul tremble.

“You are my Lukita. You are the only one I love in this life, forever.”

What a deep love! What a sacred oath!


But at this moment, these oaths of love turned into a sharp sword, piercing my chest fiercely.

I could almost hear the sound of my heart breaking into countless pieces.

A fragment of memory finally emerged from my chaotic mind.

At 5 am after I had slept with Aaron for the first time, I returned to Cinder’s house and heard her
mention that she had a blind date with Aaron.

When he met Cinder, he told her that he didn’t like blonde hair and already had a beloved girl.

And several times later…

I gasped and felt my whole world collapse .

Aaron had never hidden the fact that he had a beloved girl!

It was me! I thought he was talking about me!


He was just a big idiot!

After I was with Aaron, he told me about Vincent, who had stolen his identity from him and met me. He
said I had saved him one night in graduate school and that was the reason he fell in love with me.

A well-known second-generation wealthy entering genius, a man with a share of European aristocratic
blood, would fall in love with his benefactor de ella only because she had saved his life de ella once


What a familiar plot, huh?

Wasn’t that the story of The Little Mermaid?

Olive, you are hopelessly stupid! How could you take this fairy tale seriously?! Why don’t you even
think about the result of the mermaid?!

I cursed myself hard. He was shattered.

It was ridiculous!

Everything was so ridiculous!

Aaron’s fingers of him tried to penetrate my c*ck again. I didn’t hold back and pushed his hand away

At this time, he even wanted to run to the kitchen, take out

a kitchen knife, and stab him several times!

He was a sc*mbag!

“Stop! Aaron, I’m not going to play with you anymore. Let me go!” I fought hard.

But he had overestimated my strength and underestimated the crushing power of a man with thin

And alcohol only intensified his indulgence of instinct.

He was pressed hard on the bed, and our two naked bodies were pressed tightly against each other.
Aaron followed his instinct, licking my earlobe flexibly with his tongue and tracing the shape of the
pinna with the tip of his tongue. His fingers accurately captured all my tender points.

Although I was a superior animal with reason and self-control


the basic physiological reaction of human beings still betrayed me.


Even with all the pain, my c*ck would still be wet from Aaron’s teasing him, and my nipples would still
be hard and red with lust. The excitement in my body continued

disintegrating my defense with the movement of his fingers. I couldn’t help but groan under his touch

from him.

My power to resist was running out.

I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my eyes and disappeared into my hair.

Aaron had always been like this, dominant and strong, especially in bed. He had never managed to
escape once.

When my body was penetrated again by that huge, hot hard object, I completely gave up fighting.

Along with that was my love for Aaron.

He was completely desperate.

I held back my tears.

I should cry I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t. I even felt funny, but I couldn’t smile anyway.

“Oh! Baby, I love you! You’re so tight inside…” Aaron let out a cry of happiness when his dick slammed
into me.

Unlike his previous patient games of him in the past, he was now extremely enthusiastic and the Sound
of impact kept echoing in the bedroom.

My body from him swayed with his push from him.

The madman! Even in the state of being out of control, I could still touch all my tender points and ignite
the fire of desire in my body.

I gasped heavily, biting my lips.

This was my last insistence on him.

Aaron had always loved hearing me cry, what he called feedback. She also liked to rub my breasts.

I bit my lips, accepting layer after layer of desire as I wandered in thought. I wondered if she had
formed these habits when she was with that Lukita, including her tendency to leave a tooth mark on her

The more he thought about it, the more he collapsed.

All this was so disgusting!

In the past, I had never felt that his past adventures of him had any effect on me. Everyone was in the
past after all. But at this moment, when I thought that the man who was making love to me had now
slept with other women, and his tongue had licked other women’s nipples and lips, and his fingers had
been inserted into other women’s pussies, and his d* ck … I felt extremely disgusted!


I squeezed the sheet under me tightly and noticed the taste of blood in my mouth.

Well, I was paranoid and crazy, whatever.

I just wondered, in the past countless days and nights of passionate s*xo with me, either he loved me,
or he’s been missing the one and only Lukita forever in his heart through me.

I was wondering why this man had such good acting skills.

If he hadn’t brought it home when he got drunk, he would never have heard Lukita’s name from him.

He was even able to accurately say my name before saying it.

My p*ssy started shaking and twitching. Aaron’s panting became more intense, like a beast.

It was like a hammer. Every time he pushed, it seemed like he wanted to push both balls into my cunt.
The huge dick of him pushed deep inside me. I bit my lip hard again and closed my eyes to welcome
the orgasm.

“Take it easy. Just treat it as a simple booty call like in the beginning. Just enjoy his skills.” I consoled
myself like this from the bottom of my heart, “Treat it like a sexual breakup. It’s very common, isn’t it?

Anyway, after tonight, it would all be completely over.

I closed my eyes again.

“Yes, it will all end.”

This was my beginning!

She could accept all of Aaron’s imperfections, but she couldn’t accept that he had loved someone else
all along!

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