Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 254

A Dream

Time had become an elusive concept, slipping through my fingers like sand. The only thing he was
sure of was the moment when Aaron’s body

He shivered with a low, primitive growl, leaving me completely exhausted and unable to move a single

He had heard rumors of his prowess from him, but he could never have imagined the untamed ferocity
that lay beneath his seemingly calm exterior from him.

And to think he was drunk.

How on earth did he accomplish such a feat? It was maddening!

With every ounce of force I could muster, I pushed Aaron’s inert form out of me. When I finally found a
moment of relief, I gasped for air, my gaze fixed on the ceiling above, lost in its blank expansion.

My body ached, every muscle protested in agony, and a raw tenderness lingered between my legs
from the relentless friction.

I turned my head, casting a poisonous glance at the man lying next to


Aaron seemed to be in the middle of sleep, but the enigmatic smile that adorned his lips called him for

an explanation.

What could be the source of their satisfaction from him?

Did he really think he had just made love to his beloved Lukita? The thought alone was enough to incite
a bitter mockery within me.

Driven by irritation, I lashed out with a quick kick.

“Uh…” Aaron’s smile faded, replaced by a grimace of pain.

A triumphant smile began to form on my lips as I revealed in my little act of revenge. But then, to my
surprise, I found myself caught in the piercing gaze of his blue eyes.

He was awake!

The fleeting triumph that had graced my lips vanished, replaced by a sudden, sinking fear. I looked
away and tried to get up, my limbs trembling from the effort.

There was nothing I wanted to discuss with him.

“Don’t go.” The bed groaned under the abrupt weight change, and before I knew it, I was trapped once

Aaron wrapped me in a big hug from behind. My back from her hurt, my legs trembled, and I found
myself lying unceremoniously on the bed, with her arms still around me.

Fortunately, the softness of the mattress saved me from any injury.

“Let go of me, you bastard!”

Iscreamed, fury running through my veins as I struggled to free myself from Aaron’s iron grip. But the
wretched man clung to it, refusing to let go of me.

I couldn’t comprehend how he had managed. or to dominate me so easily. Even I, who had simply
endured the previous terrible experience, was completely exhausted, while he, the instigator, seemed

The stark contrast between our physical strengths only served to fuel my frustration.

Determined not to be defeated, I pushed my elbow back with all my might, hoping to seize the
opportunity to escape as his grip momentarily faltered.

A muffled moan reached my ears.

Aaron had been beaten, but even so, he refused to let go of his grip.

“Don’t move, okay? Please. I miss your smell so much.” He buried his face in my shoulder and inhaled
deeply, like an addict craving a dose.

Her voice de ella was eerily familiar, mixed with fascination and obsession, while ella’s sensual murmur
added a layer of vulnerability to her demeanor de ella.

To an outsider, it would seem that he loved me with a maddening intensity.

Tears welled up in my eyes once again.

“How can you say these things so naturally? How can you talk like we have never been separated?”
Tears cascaded down my cheeks, unstoppable.

Dividing into pages now

“Don’t cry. Every time I see you cry, I feel as if a piece of my soul is broken beyond repair.”Aaron turned
me around to look at him and tenderly wiped the tears from my cheeks. “You know, I see you often. You
chase my dreams almost every night.”

His gaze from him was filled with such compassion as he kissed my tear-soaked eyes with the ultimate

But my tears refused to be tamed.

“Tell me, Aaron. Who am I?” I couldn’t be sure if he was speaking to me with those words.

The thought that I could whisper them in another woman’s ear shattered me.

“You are Olive, the love of my life. Honey, please stop crying. It’s been an eternity since I saw your
smile light up my world.” Aaron’s kiss from him descended from my eyes to the bridge of my nose, his
lips from him brushing mine like a feather.

There was no passionate intertwining of tongues or exchange of saliva, but this delicate kiss had a
bewitching power.

“I’ve been tormented these past few years.” He hugged me so tightly, as if he wanted to merge our
bodies. “I missed you with a ferocity that consumed me, and this was the only way I could be close to

But he could no longer trust Aaron’s sweet words from him.

Had he really been pining for me all this time? For three long years I had been in the United States,
without avent. to explore beyond the confines of Manhattan. However, he had never looked for me.

Was this his idea of being ‘crazy about me’?

When Aaron leaned in to kiss me once more, I thwarted his progress with the palm of my hand.

“I won’t fall for your lies anymore!”

“Don’t believe me?” Aaron’s grip on me intensified.

I broke free and raised my voice. “Then explain who Lukita is!”

“You never trust me! Never!” Aaron’s frustration mirrored mine. “In the real world, and even in my
dreams, you push me away. Why do you torment me like this?”

His dreams of him?

Could he have been dreaming of me?

I found it hard to believe. In my mind, it was more likely that his dreams of him were filled with thoughts
about Lukita.

“You are hurting me!” I tried to escape his grip from him, but Aaron suddenly cradled my face with a
reverent touch. “Please don’t be angry with me. At least, in my dreams, don’t be so cruel.”

That’s when I understood the depth of Aaron’s confusion, even as I reeled from the revelation.

“Do you think you are dreaming right now?”

I hesitated, not knowing how to react to the situation.

Just moments ago, he had been caught in the middle of passion, and now he believed that it was all a
figment of his imagination of him.

“Isn’t it a dream? I

could see that something dark and dangerous was brewing.

It was as if he had transformed into a predator stalking his prey, and I was the unfortunate target of his

I felt an uncomfortable pressure building, and my eyes widened in shock as I realized that Aaron’ His
penis, which hadn’t been struggling for a long time, was swelling, swelling and hardening again!

How could he recover so quickly?

I was already exhausted from our previous encounter.

“No, you can’t take it anymore…” I tried to push him away, but he seemed to anticipate my every move
from him. He immobilized me, our fingers intertwined, and his eyes locked into mine with unsettling

“Isn’t this a dream?” He whispered, his voice mixed with a strange fascination. He bent down and
captured my lips in a searing kiss.

I tried to resist, but his free hand from him found its way to my chest and his fingers from him began to
provoke me mercilessly.

“Ah…” I couldn’t Avoid letting out a soft moan.

The sound seemed to ignite something inside Aaron, and he lost all semblance of control.

His breathing from him became irregular and his movements from him became wild and unrestrained.

He let go of my hand and, without warning, plunged into me once more, his fingers from him making
their way to my most sensitive areas.

“No… Don’t do this… not…”

The damn physiological reaction had taken over, betraying my willpower.

I bit my lip again, trying to distract myself from the man above me who had lost his mind and was in the

grip of lust.

Despite my attempts to resist, Aaron’s movements from him were more abrupt, more urgent than in the
past, and less smooth. My lower body of him still responded automatically, although I did not want me

Tears streamed down my face, a sign of my inner confusion and pain.

Being strong and fighting, but I felt helpless and violated.

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Chapter 254

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