Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 257

As I said goodbye to Charlotte outside the office building, I headed toward the parking lot. As I settled
into the driver’s seat, a
sudden twinge of anxiety came over me. I felt as if I had forgotten something important.
I pondered it for a few minutes and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.
“My resignation report!” I exclaimed, slapping my forehead in frustration.
I quickly unbuckled my seat belt, ready to return to the lab, when my phone rang.
It was a text message from Adenauer.
“Are you done for today? A colleague of mine mentioned a new French restaurant nearby that is
supposed to be fantastic. Would you like to try it?”
As I read the message, I could almost hear Adenauer’s usual soft, graceful tone in my head.
He was my boyfriend, or at least that’s what we called each other.
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But after last night’s events…
Maybe it was time to open up and apologize to him.
With that in mind, I quickly responded to his message from him. “Sure, where is it?”
Adenauer quickly sent me the address and I headed there without further ado.
I decided to leave the resignation report on the back burner for now. The project was at a crucial stage
and I didn’t want to abandon my team at such a critical time. It would be a loss for both of them.
When I arrived at the French restaurant, I saw Adenauer waiting for me at the entrance.
He looked like a noble count in his n*gro suit and white shirt.
I checked my reflection in the rearview mirror, hoping to see a renewed version of myself.
But alas, no amount of makeup could hide my exhaustion.
I sighed, realizing it was too late to go back and change. I got ready and got out of the car to meet

“Wow, have you been working stressful lately? You see…”
“Tell me about that,” I replied, forcing a smile. “Recently, the drugs we developed officially entered the
stage of animal testing. Dr. Archer came to the laboratory three times in the afternoon alone.”
As I approached. Adenauer flexed his arm, waiting for me to take it, which I reluctantly did.

As expected. Adenauer had already made a reservation. After we sat down, he asked me, as usual,
what I would like to eat. “You can order for me.” I handed the waiter my jacket without bothering to look
at the menu. The restaurant was dimly lit and soft piano music added to the elegant ambience. It was
the perfect setting for a romantic conversation, and the memories made here would be unforgettable. I
looked up and looked at Adenauer. He seemed to be in a good mood today. I realized he had done his
homework because he helped me order my food so quickly. Curse! He really did n’t want to ruin his
good mood of him. Maybe it would be better to tell him after dinner on our way back home.

“Olive?” Adenauer screamed, his voice broke my thoughts and made me look at him instinctively.
He smiled warmly at me and asked, “What do you have in mind? You seem distracted. Is it because of
what’s going on in the lab?”
“Uh… That’s part of the reason,” I admitted. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to confess
everything, but the words seemed to fail me. “This is my first job. I thought it wouldn’t be any different
than what I did in the lab during my PhD, but now I realize it’s not the same.”
“You can talk to me about it,” Adenauer encouraged. “It’s always easier to share what’s bothering you,
especially since your boyfriend is a professional.”
I was incredibly grateful for Adenauer’
At the same time, I felt even more guilty.
My lips opened as I began to apologize. Sorry, Adenauer.
“Let me guess why you apologize,” he said with a small smile playing at the corner of his mouth. “Are
you trying to say that because of work, you may not be able to eat dinner, go for a walk, or have
appointments after work?”

He was a little puzzled.
Was he really just guessing, or was he hinting at something? I couldn’t say.
“What’s so surprising? Is it so hard to guess?” Adenauer raised an eyebrow, and his smile became
even wider.
“Then why are you laughing?” I asked, “I’m laughing because you’re so adorable,” Adenauer explained,
his smile softening a bit. “And I don’t mean that in a derogatory way.” He looked at me slightly before
continuing: “Actually, the reason why I asked you to come here today is because I have something
important to tell you.”
What is it?
“I mentioned a while ago that I was planning to set up my own clinic,” Adenauer explained. “Well, the
director gave me an answer today. After careful consideration, the hospital has decided to officially
invest in me and provide me with a suitable location as well as basic equipment and supplies.”
“Congratulations, Adenauer! You are amazing!” My eyes opened with surprise and genuine happiness
for him.

Adenauer took my outstretched hand and squeezed it gently. “So I’m going to be incredibly busy for a
while. But I promise you that as long as I have some free time, I will come straight-mind to you.”
“Did my animal experimentation relieve you at all?” I joked, trying to lighten the atmosphere.
The things about Aaron were too inappropriate to mention in the current atmosphere.
I decided it would be better to wait until later.
The waiter finally arrived with our food and I ordered a glass of wine. “Sincere congratulations,
Adenauer,” I said, raising my glass in a toast.
Our glasses clinked and we enjoyed another pleasant evening.
When we reached the door, I hesitated for a moment before inviting Adenauer in. But he gently

squeezed my shoulder and shook his head.
“You should get some rest,” he advised, pointing to my eyes at him. “And maybe you should try a
different concealer.”

Back at my house, I headed straight to the bathroom mirror.“Oh my!” I exclaimed when I saw my
reflection of her.
It looked like a panda, with dark circles under its eyes. He was mortified.How had Adenauer managed
to sit down to dinner with me with this look?
I tried to put myself in his shoes from him and then realized that even I had a hard time ignoring the
dark, heavy circles under my eyes from him. How much love and understanding did it take for him not
to care?“Does he really love me so much?” I couldn’t help but wonder.
I remembered how Vincent had always treated me with nothing but kindness, earning my total trust.
Vincent and I had shared a deep emotional connection, while Adenauer and I had only known each
other for a few months.“What if it’s really just a gentleman?” I felt guilty for even harboring such
malicious thoughts.
But I knew we’d have a chance to talk about it eventually.I quickly took off my makeup and washed
before going to bed.

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