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Chapter 259

The Exile
Ulm was a small town with beautiful surroundings. TWH’s greening work was very good, and beautiful
green landscapes and modern sculptures could be seen everywhere.
Of course, there was also the huge iconic TWH logo that could be seen everywhere.
I walked down the empty hall. The fiery red sunset shone on my face through the window, and I felt
warm, but not hot.
Reaching the far corner of the lab, I opened the window to enjoy the breeze. But in my heart, I still
couldn’t help but think of the news I had just heard.
Aaron Morris’ fiancée three years ago, also named Olive, was currently studying at the Ulm Institute of
He didn’t know if he was the same person as Lukita.
Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but twitch my lips.
If not, then Aaron would be like *umbag! He hoped that the daughter of the Porsche family would not
be carried away by his sweet words from her.
“He is not married?” I pulled out my phone and Googled keywords.
Surprisingly, there was little information about Aaron and Miss Olive online, much less than a year ago.
A year ago, I was completely heartbroken because I saw them announcing their wedding date on FB
and I had stopped paying attention to their movements.
What happened this year?
I opened the address book, hesitated for a moment, and still texted Cinder.
I asked, “Are you free, workaholic?”
A minute later, I got a call from Cinder.
“Olive baby, you finally missed me.” Cinder spoke quickly: “But, if it’s for small talk, maybe you can wait
for me for an hour, okay?”
“It shouldn’t take a few minutes.” I skipped the

Nonsense, “Aaron and his fiancée are not married. Did you know?”
There was a brief silence on the other end of the phone.
Then, Cinder’s voice became clearer and more serious, “What happened? What did you ask about
As expected, she was enthusiastic.
He knew that in front of Cinder, all cover-ups were superfluous. Although I didn’t want to say it, I
urgently needed someone to help me with an idea right now.
“He is now the new president of TWH.” “F*ck! No way! Did he see you then?”
Cinder’s reaction was exactly as expected.
“Yes. Besides, there is even something more outrageous.” I sighed, “Do you remember what I
mentioned to you? é the last time? Did Adenauer stop coming to my house for coffee for a customer?”
“Don’t tell me that customer is him!” On the other end of the phone, my best friend seemed to jump,
“He knows Adenauer!”
“They’re not just acquaintances, but family friends.” I briefly explained to Cinder what had happened
after my meeting with Aaron. Of course, that didn’t include what had happened last night.
Even so, Cinder was still crazy with anger.
“B*stard! Who do you think you are? Is Morris Group really so amazing?” Cinder was excited: “Baby,
listen to me. Resign and come back immediately, and don’t talk to him again. He’s an idiot!”
Hearing that my best friend was on my side, I
was a little moved.
“Now is not the time to talk about this,” I pulled her back, “Just now I heard some gossip about him from
my knowledgeable assistant. Didn’t you announce your wedding date a year ago ?
“ “
Oh, yes. But a week before the wedding, many media outlets suddenly reported that he had been
sleeping before getting married, and the photos were quite explosive. It was great news. The next day,

some media followed and said that his fiancee took a flight and left the United States overnight. It
seems that the wedding was cancelled.
“At that time, you locked yourself in the lab all day, concentrating on preparing your thesis. Besides,
you said you didn’t want to hear any more news about him, so Nick and I didn’t tell you.” Cinder still
sounded angry, “Damn! You don’t know, but when I heard the news that that **** was punished by his
father, I gloated for a long time.”
“When did that happen?” I asked.
“I forgot. It seems like a few months ago. F*ck! I even encouraged my dad to help fan the flames so he
would suffer more! But in the end he was exiled to a fringe company like TWH!” Cinder became more
and more excited when she thought about it: “Olive, tell me the truth. You haven’t rekindled your
romance with him,
have you?”

Thinking about what had happened last night, I didn’t know what to say for a while. “Hey baby, your
silence scares me.” Cinder panicked, “Tell me what happened!” “Anyway, it’s completely impossible for
him and me.” I quickly comforted her, “Actually, I discovered one thing. He has always liked another
woman in her heart.”

” What the hell? Did he tell you?”
“Uh… Something happened yesterday. He said that woman’s name from her when he was drunk.” I
was a little disappointed, but I still chose to be honest.
“What’s the name? I will look for it for you.” Cinder’s tone had returned to calm.
His angry cries were only superficial. Cinder was a vengeful girl. Once she was really angry, she would
Extraordinarily calm and used the most rational thinking to make a perfect plan of revenge.
“Forget it…” I hesitated slightly, “Anyway, I have decided to say goodbye to him completely.”
“No, you don’t understand, baby.” Cinder insisted: “This shouldn’t be your problem. Everyone knows

that you are a person very obsessed with feelings.
From the beginning, that’s unforgivable! Even if you can forgive him, I can’t! Tell me the name, baby. “
“Okay. Lukita, that’s all I heard. He said that name more than once.”
“ I’m sure I’ll soon find out about all that
Bastard. Dammit! I thought you were the beloved girl he mentioned when he was on a blind date with
me! Now, when I think I smiled at him, I feel disgusting!”
I laughed.
“So, do you think I should resign?” He was a little confused, “This is my first official job, and the project
has come to an end.” the most critical stage recently. I don’t want to leave like this.”
“Baby, remember, I support all your choices.” Cinder paused. “By the way , “His independent clinic has
been invested by the hospital,
and he is busier than me now. I think we won’t be in frequent contact for a long time. So I want to take
this opportunity to finish the job first and then think about the future.”
“Sweetheart,” Cinder suddenly sounded hesitantly.
“What’s wrong? If there is something, just say it directly.”
“After you finish the project in question, I think you should return to the United States.” Cinder’s tone
was a bit low, “Although it is not appropriate to say this, I think the pictures that Adenauer and Vincent
put are essentially the same. You are more suitable for aggressive boyfriends. Back in the United
States, I will introduce you to a lot of quality and sincere aggressive men.’

last rays of the setting sun disappeared into the distant jungle, and I looked at the time, “It’s getting
late.” Still not busy with work? I also have to go back to work overtime.” I I chuckled, “I’ll take your
suggestion seriously. Thank you Cinder.” After I got off the phone, I felt much better. The coffee cup in
my hand was already cold. I swallowed it and turned to go back. But suddenly I saw Lester standing
awkwardly not far away.

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