Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 263

There Is Another Possibility

Nick didn’t suddenly realize he was g*y. Based on what you said, he has a lot of experience interacting
with same-s*x people. Regarding the issue of discrimination, he should have had his own set of
experiences and habits to deal with.” with that . ”

Adenauer’s analysis goes straight to the point.

But he didn’t seem to have encountered such a situation before at Columbia University. I haven’t heard
him mention similar things.” I added .

“Did you find out you were g*y when you were a student? ” _

“No. It seems he figured it out in high school.”

” As a teenager, the awakening of sexual orientation is often accompanied by many internal and
external pressures. You must be very sensitive inside. She has never met an unfriendly boy, which is
relatively rare. By the way, when Nick mentioned that there was someone on the team discriminating
against him, did he elaborate? ”

I thought about it and said: “I remember a name was mentioned, but I forget what it is”. _

” Is there anything else ? ”

At this point, Adenauer had convinced me.

“If not for that, what is the truth you are trying to hide? From what I know of him, the pressure of the

Research alone is unlikely to make it what it is now. “I told her about some of Nick’s habits when he
encountered stressful situations in academic work at Columbia University.

“Perhaps there is something wrong with the relationship? Adenauer suddenly raised a possibility.

I suddenly fell silent.

David Ford.

I had always admired David, a beaming Frankenstein, in the past. But since the unexpected auction
four years ago, my opinion of him had changed a bit.

He and Aaron seemed to have an unclear past, something very unpleasant.

“If you’re worried about privacy, don’t worry. I’m professional ” . Adenauer suddenly said, interrupting
my train of thought: “Or you can use a pseudonym.”

He misunderstood me, but I didn’t explain, “I was just wondering where to start”.

After thinking about it, I decided to tell the truth, including Nick’s bastard ex-boyfriend, Tim, and the fact
that she had fallen in love with visiting professor David and moved in with him to Harvard.

Adenauer frowned and shook his head, “That’s completely clueless. Can you give me some details ? ”

” Details ? ” I was lost in thought , ” When I FaceTimed Nick in the morning , I heard the sound of David
coming back . Judging from his tones, it seems that his relationship is good. To be honest, this is the
first time”. Nick had dated someone ten years older than in pages how the _ I was a little worried at
first. ”

Then I looked back at Adenauer and read the comments on his expression.

“Not much help, is it? ”

” Don’t worry . The person involved is not on the scene, and it will always take more effort to
understand the root of the problem.” _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Don’t we think otherwise? ”

” That ? ”

” Describe what Nick was like in the past and what he is like now. Perhaps we can deduce the reasons
for his possible changes from some things that match his symptoms”.

Well , I knew that too well . _

“Nick used to be a cheerful, fun, self-confident and independent person with a very strong desire to
share. He is a sensitive man with a strong self-digestion capacity. But now he is closed and irritable,
and he seems to be shy about doing things. The most important thing is that his desire to share has
almost completely disappeared! “The more I concluded, the more I worried.

If I had realized something was wrong with Nick earlier and asked him a few more questions when he
was trying to hide it, would he have been more willing to trust me and Cinder?

At the time, I thought it would take him a bit of time to digest it on his own.

Speaking of which, is there such a big gap in the academic atmosphere between Harvard and
Columbia University?

Due to high pressure from Professor Julian, we completed the project well, especially Nick. He once
had a gap year and especially traveled around the world. His ability to adapt to the new environment is
better than mine.”

Adenauer suddenly took my hand and said: “Don’t worry. What your friend needs right now is a strong,
rational version of you.”

I took a deep breath and regained my composure under his guidance.

‘According to what you just said, I have some thoughts on my mind. ” Adenauer said without haste:
“First of all, there may be some organic lesions in his brain, such as a physiological depression. This
situation has nothing to do with his original personality. The second possibility is that he suddenly
encountered a major change in his life. It generally refers to accidents involving relatives, friends or
associates. Or he might have witnessed some exciting scenes. ”

“Is my departure considered one of them? ”

“Of course not,” Adenauer assured me, caressing my hand gently, “I mean the accidents that trigger

I kept thinking about it, and it didn’t feel right, “I saw the recent news from Nick’s family, and they are all
very good. And his best friend is me ”.

Speaking of which, I suddenly grabbed my phone and opened Google.

” What are you looking for ? ”

“I am checking if there have been some bloody cases like violence and shootings near Harvard two
months ago.” I quickly wrote keywords, but there was no relevant content on the pages that appeared _

Things seemed to have hit a snag.

I was a bit discouraged.

There was some truth in what Nick had said. At the moment, I was far away in Ulm, Germany, and I
couldn’t help him with anything other than worrying about him.

“There is another possibility,” Adenauer said unexpectedly.

I raised my eyebrows to look at him instantly but saw that his expression was not very relaxed.

“That’s the worst case scenario.” He reminded me.

“Tell me, I’m mentally prepared.”

Adenauer frowned slightly, “Nick may have found mind control. That’s gaslighting.”

“Gaslighting? “I was a bit lost on what that meant.

“The term originated from a play called Gaslight about mind control and emotional abuse, and came to
prominence only after it was adapted into a film of the same name. Simply put, it is a form of
psychological manipulation in which the perpetrator first gains trust.” of the victim, becoming his
intimate partner, inflicting emotional abuse and manipulation on the victim, and then leaving him with a
gradual loss of self-esteem, self-doubt, and no escape.

“You mean David? “I nearly jumped off the couch in shock,” but when I FaceTimed Nick this morning,
he came back sounding normal. Is that possible ? ”

Dividing into pages now

I had doubted David, but it was still hard to imagine him doing something so inhuman. _

Adenauer looked at me in the cyc, “It’s possible. These people have one thing in common. You can
never find any fault with l*s.”

I got goosebumps all over.

I thought I knew a lot about David. He was not only the object of my longing, but he was also very
popular with women.

Plus, he was Aaron’s uncle’s cousin!

“If this is the case…” I swallowed, “what should Nick do? ”

Adenauer took my hand and only said one word, “Run”.

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