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Chapter 265

The Bride Arrives

I had never heard Charlotte’s panicked voice before.

“What happened?”

“Just now, I accidentally entered the wrong command and reversed the experimental group and the
control group. Now all the mice in each group have epileptic symptoms to varying degrees, and the
entire control group died…” I gasped in shock

Even in the last few years of my academic research, I have never come across such a basic but
extremely serious error!

Since entering the animal experiment stage, Dr. Archer had been visiting the laboratory almost every
day. Each of us had a heavy workload. Although there was room for error, it would not be easy to
compensate for errors of this magnitude.

Charlotte’s tearful voice kept echoing through my cars, and a surge of anger welled up from the bottom
of my heart, but I held it back.

“Stop crying. Follow the measures outlined in the laboratory guidelines to minimize damage. I’ll go right

“Hurry up.” Although the call was not on speakerphone, Adenauer, who was sitting next to me in the
quiet living room, could still hear Charlotte’s voice on the phone.

My mind was messed up.

He was already ready to explain everything, but suddenly he was interrupted. The courage he had
mustered up, like a balloon pricked by a needle, instantly deflated.

I stood up, my gaze shifting between the front door and Adenauer.

Adenauer seemed amused by me.

He stopped. “Why are you standing there? I’ll take you there.”

“Uh… that’s too much trouble for you…” I tried to decline his offer, but he insisted. Adenauer got up,
took the car keys and opened the door.


After running to the laboratory, I found that the situation was even worse than what I heard on the

In short, our work for the past few days had been almost in vain!

The control group was contaminated and the data from the experimental group were invalid content. As I looked at the corpses of the mice in their compartments, my mood was
extremely bad.

I felt irritated, frustrated and about to explode, but I couldn’t let it out.

Charlotte was crying next to me, her eyes swollen.

If she were to say something harsh right now, her tears would flood the entire lab.

“I’m really sorry, I’ve never made such a basic mistake before.”

“Forget it. It’s no use dwelling on it now. Let’s clean up the mess first, and I’ll explain it to Dr. Archer
tomorrow.” I tied my long hair with a hair band. I then took a deep breath and let it out hard before
diving into the busy work.

Three hours later, all the bodies were disposed of.

I checked the data in the computer program. Fortunately, even though Charlotte entered the wrong
command, the new round of data did not fill in automatically.

At least the data hadn’t been tainted and the old data was still valid.

Sitting by the range hood, Charlotte lowered her head with all the might of her. “Very sorry.”

“Do not blame yourself content. Everyone has moments of mental lapses. Look on the
bright side, the old data can still serve as a reference for the new test. Things are not as bad as they
seem.” I patted him on the shoulder, “Let’s work hard for the next period of time. This incident also
helped us discover some flaws in the

previous algorithm. We will analyze everything tomorrow; It’s too late today.”

Charlotte finally wiped away her tears and offered to give me a ride home.

I did not refuse.

It was already late at night when I got home, and I lay on the bed after washing up, constantly going
over everything that happened tonight.

I didn’t know why, but I always had the feeling that everything was as Gd’s will.

Wasn’t that too casual?

Just when I was about to confess to Adenauer, exactly at that moment,


Charlotte called.

It’s as if the moment was deliberately orchestrated by a higher power to prevent her from confessing.

“But why?” I lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling, unable to find an answer.

Suddenly my phone received a text message.

It was from Adenauer.

Adenauer: How are things? Do you need me to pick you up?

Me: Anyway, tomorrow’s report is inevitable. Charlotte just left me. You should rest a bit too.

Adenauer responded quickly.

Adenauer: Well, don’t overthink it. Things will work out.

Yes, things would work out in the end.

I reopened Messenger to check on Nick’s status. He had read the message I sent him several hours
ago, but he still hadn’t responded to me.

I sighed deeply, turned off the phone, and didn’t think about

splitting pages.

in nothing else.

At least I did what I could, and I think Nick should be more cautious by now.

Closing my eyes, I quickly fell content.

The next day at work went as expected. The questioning of Dr. Archer, the accident report that had to
be redacted according to the rules, the consultations and the consolation of colleagues… After
expressing my gratitude to the sample allocation staff and the system update staff and fire them, it was
time to leave work.

To be able to catch up with the progress in one day up to this point, even I was amazed at my own


I turned to look at Charlotte, who was still down.

“Don’t get angry. Everything has been resolved, right?” I approached, “I haven’t heard you gossip in a
day, and now I’m not used to it.”

The colleagues around me laughed when they heard what I said. and some just joined.

I thought that Germans were always known for being meticulous and serious, but once I was here, I
realized that those few Germans content were the biggest lovers of gossip. They even
closed the door to listen

to gossip!

“Do not make fun of me. I made a huge mistake. How could I have the mind to gossip?” Charlotte was
surrounded by the crowd and she got a little anxious.

“It is not a big thing. Dr. Olive already took care of that for you.”

“That’s true”. Charlotte raised her head, “But I didn’t really pay much attention to other news today.
However, on the way to Dr. Archer’s office, I saw something interesting, and it’s about the president.”

When people heard that it was Aaron Morris, his interest was piqued,

“Miss Olive Porsche, our president’s fiancée, came to the company today.”

Shouts erupted from the crowd and I began to reflect.

What the hell made me think Charlotte would be devastated by this?

She cried and apologized, but she didn’t miss any of the gossip she should know!

“How do you know that she is Miss Porsche?” someone asked.

“On the way back from Dr. Archer’s office, I saw her again, and our president chased after her and they
left together. The lady was elegantly dressed and she had a great demeanor, so I made a guess and
looked her up.”

The people around me began to imagine an epic love story, but I quietly left the scene.

After a casual dinner, I started working content.

Time passed and the companions around him got up little by little to say goodbye.

In the end, it’s just me and Charlotte left in the lab, keeping our spirits up with coffee.

Suddenly, the spacious room echoed with the sound of a telephone ringing.

I looked at the caller ID.

In the next second, my eyes widened and I was alert in an instant.

It was Nick!

Nick took the initiative to contact me!

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