Novel Name : Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 270 A Party

Olive Point of View:

To be honest, he didn’t have much confidence in Charlotte’s discretion.

The next day, as I stood in front of the lab door, I felt a sense of unease, unwilling to face the reality of
being scrutinized by everyone with strange looks.

“Why are you standing at the door like that again? Lester’s voice came from behind me again.

I was puzzled. _

“Nothing, it’s just…I’ve been here a long time recently and I don’t want to go to work.”

Lester burst out laughing. “I totally get it. To be honest, every morning when I open my eyes, I don’t feel
like going to work.” _

The two of us entered the lab naturally. _ _ _

” Tomorrow ” .

” Good morning ” .

Colleagues greeted us one after another.

I quickly exchanged glances with them and realized that he seemed to be thinking too much. They all
looked at me the same

I walk as usual.

“Did you know that a moment ago Dr. Woods was in a daze at the lab door because she didn’t want to
go to work? Lester shared my embarrassing moment, drawing laughter and sympathetic comments

from everyone.

I sighed with relief. _

Charlotte probably didn’t tell him, and he could still trust her.

When I got to the work station, Charlotte handed me a cup of coffee and I was a little nervous again.

“Thank you,” I said, sipping my coffee and peeking at her. _ _ _ _

I could tell he was indulging me, but there was no sign of probing or curiosity. Everything seemed
normal .

Could it be that he was thinking too much?

But that’s certainly a good thing for me.

I wish I was an invisible person in the office and no one would notice me. _ _ _ However , just as I was
beginning to relax , something happened during lunch that made me feel restless again .

Charlotte came with us to the cafeteria for lunch.

Most of us in this group had families and children, so conversations often revolved around children.

Chloe mentioned that she enrolled her daughter in daycare,

and the mothers began to share advice.

“Just remember to remind teachers not to reveal your family situation. Dr. Li recently mentioned that his
daughter faced discrimination in kindergarten… oops! ”

Charlotte’s face changed, and she quickly covered her mouth.

“Did your daughter face discrimination? They all looked surprised.

Charlotte wore a remorseful expression and looked around anxiously. She then lowered her voice and
said, “I’m sorry, I forgot that Dr. Li didn’t want anyone to discuss this. He just pretends you didn’t hear

heh _ I had every reason to believe that one day, during a conversation with another person, Charlotte

inadvertently revealing my secret when certain topics came up, just like he did now! _

The sandwich in my hand suddenly lost its flavor.

So, each day that followed, I came to TWH with a restless heart. _

However , Charlotte ‘s overly calm expression triggered many other thoughts in my mind .

I wondered, was she good at dressing up? _no_ Then the question arose: the seemingly open
expression of hers when she looked at me, even when someone mentioned the new president and
assistant, she didn’t even look in my direction. _ Could she achieve such a disguise?

“Could it be that she didn’t hear it at all? “This hopeful thought began to grow stronger within me over

I leaned more and more to ask Charlotte, but I also realized how awkward that would be.

Regardless of whether he knew or not, it would be awkward to ask him if he remembered hearing the
conversation between Aaron and me!

Damn !

That’s all. If she was pretending or really not knowing the key information, I would assume she didn’t. _

I ordered myself to stop thinking about these uncertainties and concentrate wholeheartedly on my

Lately , our progress had not been easy , not only for the group Charlotte and I were responsible for ,
but for several other groups as well . The entire lab was in a state of low morale.

Dr. Archer practically settled in our area, doing a series of investigations. We had our hands full. _

“Perhaps luck did not favor us. All animals show the same symptoms. We have been working in vain.”
One night, we met in the cafeteria and the atmosphere was at its worst.

” Do not lose hope . Don’t we have Dr. Olive’s friends yet? Charlotte tried to build everyone’s

All eyes were on me.


“Have you encountered similar problems at Columbia University before? Can your friend help you find
the relevant information? ”

I nodded, but deep down, I wasn’t entirely sure.

Although the current problem resembled the one Nick and I faced during our PhD.
studies, we were not investigating the same area at the time. It could not provide absolute security.

However, it was our only hope to avoid declaring the experiment a failure.

My phone suddenly vibrated.

I opened it up and saw a message from Nick. “I packed everything in the email and uploaded the
detailed information to the cloud drive.”

” Understood ” . I immediately went back to my workstation and opened my email and GDrive.

I called Dr. Li, whose background is in data analysis, to ninja novel fast update come take a look
together. True to his reputation, this China expert quickly found a breakthrough in the pile of data and

“That’s right there! He pointed to a string of data on the screen, almost jumping with excitement, “Looks
like our experiment can go on!” ”

They all crowded around, growing excited.

Chloe hugged me tight and planted a hard kiss on my cheek, making a resounding sound.

“No man has ever kissed me like that, ma’am.” _


he exaggerated, covering my face, and everyone burst out laughing.

Two days later, the interferers were removed and the data returned to normal.

When Dr. Archer announced that all had gone well and that the experiment was continuing, the lab
erupted in turmoil.

applause _

I took the time to break the good news to Nick.

Nick also sent me a congratulatory message.

I called him _ _ ” So, how are you? ” _

Nick had been in contact with me since the last phone call. _ Everything seemed to have improved
significantly, but I still had some concerns. _ _

And this time, Nick hesitated on the phone, indicating that my concerns were justified.

“Listen, Nick, you’ve helped me a lot. If there is anything you need help with , just let me know . I will do
whatever it takes to be there for you.” _

“Oh no, it’s not that bad,” Nick sighed. “Actually, there are some problems, but… you know, some
things I can only solve myself. But don’t worry, I remember what you said.”

After confirming that Nick sounded much better than before over the phone, I decided to believe him. _
_ _

And so, two weeks later, Dr. Archer officially announced that

We had passed the animal test and were able to proceed with the application for clinical trials!

The entire lab erupted into warm applause again.

“Everyone has worked hard during this period, ninja novel especially Dr. Woods. I am very grateful that
he was willing to join our team.” Dr. Archer looked at me with a smile: “Tonight my wife and I are
preparing to have a barbecue.” in the backyard, and

everyone is invited, especially you, Dr. Olive. Let’s enjoy food and drinks, and relax. ”

The lab was buzzing with excitement.

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