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Chapter 274 Cinder’s Emotional Red Light

When I walked out of Dr. Archer’s office, my mind was spinning. He could hardly believe what he had
just heard.

A generous bonus and a month of vacation were mine. _ _ _ _ I would have complete freedom and no
work to worry about. _ Was this a dream?

My superiors had not only recognized my hard work and skills, but also rewarded me with such a
luxurious package.

“Is this really happening? I muttered to myself, pinching my cheek to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

The sharp sting confirmed that it was all real.

As I made my way to the lab, my thoughts were in a whirl. _ _

To be honest, when I first heard about the month-long vacation and bonus, a small part of me
suspected that Aaron might have had something to do with it.

But I quickly dismissed the thought as absurd. That was impossible.

I laughed at my own wild and stupid thoughts. Who was he kidding ?

Since that fateful night when I learned the harsh truth about Aaron, I hadn’t seen him again.

At first, Charlotte would occasionally update me on her latest adventures, such as her tumultuous
relationship with her fiancée who shared my name, but as our animal experiments progressed and
became more demanding, she no longer had time for such trivia.

In fact, no one in our lab has given in to gossip anymore, except for Charlotte.

So now, I didn’t even know if Aaron was still working at TWH or how things were going between him
and the young lady from the Porsche family.

When I got back to the lab, I found the resignation letter I had sent to Aaron still in my mailbox. _ _ _

The day after I submitted it, I was called into the CEO’s office and had a heated argument with him.

At that point, he was determined to give up and leave everything behind.

But until now, I still hadn’t sent the resignation letter to HR.

As our project was coming to an end , it seemed like the perfect time to leave it . But then they gave me
this generous reward and now I wasn’t so sure.

“Olive,” Charlotte’s high-pitched voice interrupted my thoughts as she called out to me. _

He closed the email and turned to face her.

She approached me with a lightness in her step, excitement dancing in her eyes. “Are you ready to
spend Christmas your way? I mean , will it be in Germany with your beloved doctor or in America with
your family ? ”

“Oh, my parents aren’t in the United States,” I pointed out casually. “Actually, they are zoologists doing
long-term expedition work in Antarctica.”

” Wow! Is incredible ! Charlotte exclaimed. “So this will be your first Christmas in Germany. Sounds like
you don’t need me to tell you where to buy the best Nordmann fir around here.” _ _ _ _

Spend Christmas with Adenauer?

I still hadn’t decided.

Sure, we had a heart-to-heart after the barbecue and patched things up, but whether things went back
to the way they were at the start was another story. _ _ _

Plus, Adenauer was up to his neck at work trying to tie up loose ends before the holidays. It would be
insensitive if he bothered him at that time. _ _ _

“Actually, I just went to Dr. Archer’s office. He said that I have a month of vacation to come ”. I thought
about it and continued: “Maybe I’ll go back to the United States and meet some old friends.” . ”

” A month of vacations ! My God ! Charlotte’s eyes widened ninja novel and her jaw dropped in
surprise. “But you earned it. With that much time, you could even go to Antarctica and spend Christmas
with your parents if you wanted to.”

His words made me feel uncomfortable.

How could a girl who had barely seen her parents in 30 years take the initiative to trek to a cold and
desolate place like Antarctica to find them?

I laughed and didn’t give it another thought.

” Wait ” . Something suddenly occurred to Charlotte, and she fixed her eyes on me. “You’ll still be in the
lab in a month, right? ”

I froze _

My mouth was faster than my brain. ” Of course ” .

Too much to give up. _

I watched Charlotte’s retreat after we said our goodbyes. At that moment, I didn’t feel anything. _ _

Not leaving my job did not bring me relief or cause me any headaches. Just like my life right now, I
could make any decision without clear objectives.

It may be normal, but I still wanted to talk to someone. _ At least, she should find out what she wanted
for this Christmas. _ _

After leaving TWH, I headed home and texted Cinder and Nick to see if they were free.

It had been years since we last caught up with FaceTime.

Nick responded to my message almost instantly.

” I’m in a meeting . I’ll catch up later.”

Good _

I was about to put my phone down when Cinder’s FaceTime invite popped up.

Seeing his familiar face brought a sense of comfort.

” What’s happening ? she began, but then she leaned closer to the screen and frowned. “You look
haggard and exhausted. Who is the man responsible for this ? ”

“Mr. Work,” I replied, sitting down on the couch and looking at her more closely. _ “You don’t look much
better either. What’s going on ? Is it work related? ”

“Yes and no,” he sighed heavily.

Something was definitely not right with her.

Seldom had he seen the career lady of the Swann family so distraught.

“I had a fight with Eliott. It happened a moment ago. I think we’re done,” he said, dropping a bombshell.

I was stunned. _ ” Because ? Doesn’t he love you so much? ”

“Yes, but we have an irreconcilable difference in values,” he sighed again. “He thinks my career is just
a hobby and it breaks his heart that I’m putting it before our relationship.”

“Hmmm…” I could see where Eliott’s thoughts were coming from, but still… “He’s really hot on your

Ever since I met Cinder, she had always been passionate about her career and had clear plans for her
future, even though she was the heiress to the Swann family fortune.

She loved being a landscape architect.

“But,” I hesitated to attack my best friend’s man right away, “when was the last time you two saw each
other? ”

” Two months ago ” .

“Ha, I knew that,” I chuckled emotionlessly. _” What about Christmas next week? Don’t tell me you’ll be
busy with work too.”

“Even if I wanted to, my clients would have to spend Christmas with their families.” Cinder raised an
eyebrow and said, “I’ll go to Germany and spend it with you. Your man won’t mind my presence, will
he? . ? ”

“Actually, I just finished my project and my boss gave me a month off,” I revealed my initial reason for
contacting her. “I am planning to return to the United States.” _

” That’s great ! You can come to my house,” Cinder encouraged.

I shook my head and reasoned : ” I am not the one who needs you the most this Christmas . He is a
poor guy who has been living as a single man for two months despite having a girlfriend.

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