Duke's Redemption

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“Loud noises at night. Banging. Weird knocking sounds.”
“Hm,” is all he says in response.
“Yeah, I have to blare the TV just to be able to get some sleep.”
“Well, if we hear it tonight, I’ll try to figure out what it is.”
Typically, the mere mention of a man offering to come to my rescue would immediately have me raising my feminism flag and waving it for all to see. But I have to admit that having Duke here makes me feel a little bit better.
A little safer.
I’m not quite sure how to feel about that.
Chapter 11
Itrytogetcomfortable on the couch, but I don’t seem to be having much luck. It’s old and lumpy. Then again, I guess I’m old and lumpy too. I have enough trouble sleeping at my own place. I have no idea how I’m going to get any shut-eye.
I can’t blame it all on the uncomfortable couch, though. It’s also because I know Avery is just up those stairs. My cock screams for me to go upstairs and get lost between her legs. But I plan on keeping my ass firmly planted right here.
Earlier, when she had her allergic reaction, immediately, I jumped into action. When I was younger, one of my mom’s many boyfriends was allergic to peanuts. My mother didn’t know and fed him peanut butter cookies. It was a disaster, but it taught me how to react in a situation like that. Since Momma turned into a frantic mess, I was the one who called 911 and followed their instructions until the ambulance arrived.
It was scary as fuck back then, but I guess it came in handy. If I’m being honest, it was scary as fuck now too—even though I was careful not to show that to Avery.
I could tell she felt weird about me staying the night, but I wasn’t about to risk leaving her alone. I’d rather sleep on the lumpy couch than be at home worrying about her.
Yes, I’d be worried about a woman that I barely know. That sounds fucking insane.
But something about Avery seems different than any woman I’ve ever met. She makes mefeeldifferent than I ever have. I look forward to seeing her when I come over. She’s the high point of my day—despite the fact that I barely know anything about her.
I rub my hand over my face and try to clear my head enough to attempt to fall asleep. I focus on the sounds of the crickets outside and am startled when I hear Avery’s voice.
“Hey, you still awake?” She asks in a soft voice in case I’m already asleep.
“Yeah, I’m up. You okay?” I ask, sitting up.
“Oh, I’m fine. I just couldn’t sleep. These damn bites won’t stop itching. I thought maybe you’d like to watch some TV or something.”
“Sure. TV sounds great.”
She walks further into view, and I see she’s wearing some sleep shorts and a tank top.
Lord, help me.
Walking to the TV, she says, “Sorry. I don’t have anything too fancy.”
This is the second time Avery has apologized for not beingfancy.What kind of pussy guys was she around in Boston?
I reply with, “I don’t mind.”
She gives a small smile. “I hope you like Westerns. That’s about all that I have.”
“Fine with me.”
“Any preference?” She asks, stepping out of the way to show me the collection of old tapes.
“Nope. You pick.”