Duke's Redemption

Page 23

“Oh, lots of things. But let’s start with where you go on Thursdays. I mean, I have some theories, but it would be easier if you just told me.”
I run my hand over my chin. “First, let’s hear your theories.”
“Number one, you’re doing some top-secret military shit. Number two, you’re a male gigolo, and you see clients on Thursday evenings. Or number three is far less interesting.”
“You have a girlfriend, and you go see her.” She looks at me like she’s just wondering if I have a girlfriend.
I angle my body so that I’m facing her. “I hate to break it to you, Avery, but where I go on Thursdays isn’t nearly as exciting as any of those options. And no, I don’t have a girlfriend.”
She thinks about my words for a minute, and without warning, she lunges forward and presses her lips to mine. Between the softness of her lips and how good she smells, my cock starts to stiffen.
As much as I would love to know where this could go, I know it’s wrong. Avery is all hopped up on antihistamines, and she mixed wine with it. I don’t want her to do anything that she may regret in the morning.
Pulling away from her may be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but I manage to do it.
“We shouldn’t,” I whisper.
Before I can explain the reasons for my actions, Avery’s eyes go wide. “Oh my gosh. I am so sorry. I should not have done that. I just haven’t been laid in a really long time.” She lets out a heavy sigh. “Shit. I don’t know why I told you that either. I’m just going to go to bed.”
“Avery,” I call after her, but she’s already running up the stairs.
“Fuck,” I mumble as I lie back down on the couch. I consider going after her, but it still wouldn’t be right. She doesn’t have a clear mind.
And she’s still my boss.
I know some guys may be okay with sleeping with a girl in her condition, but not me. After seeing how women were treated in some countries I’ve traveled to, and seeing how my mother was treated for years, I have a code I abide by when it comes to women.
I know shutting everything down was the right decision, even if my cock doesn’t see it that way. It’s still standing at attention, hoping it’ll get a happy ending tonight.
Not going to happen.
I hear the TV flip on upstairs, and I hope Avery isn’t upset with me. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear strange noises outside.
What the fuck is that?
Avery’s words about the house being haunted pop into my head. Not believing in such things, though, I decide to take a look. I follow the sounds to the back of the house. I walk through the kitchen to the back door. As I open one of the French doors, something on my right catches my eye.
Taking a closer look, I’m startled by another sudden movement.
And then, I see it.
A fucking raccoon.
That’s what’s been scaring Avery half to death every night. Dang little furry bandits.
I shoo him off and head back inside. As I attempt to get comfortable again on the couch, I’m glad that I at least have some good news to tell Avery tomorrow.
That is, if she even wants to talk to me.
And if I’m not fired.
Chapter 12