Duke's Redemption

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Scooting the bowl over, I pick her up and set her on the counter. She smiles at me. “You know, last time you did this, we ended up forgetting about a whole lasagna.”
I shrug. “Worth it.”
The sexy smile that settles on her lips makes me lose my train of thought. Instead, my mind shifts to picturing fucking her right here on this counter.
But we should probably talk about some things first. Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, I say, “Avery, I have no idea what this is. And I can tell you right now that I probably won’t be good in any type of relationship.”
Her face falls a bit, and I realize that this is probably coming out completely wrong. I continue, “I have no clue what I’m doing. And I know that you being here isn’t a permanent thing. I have no idea where that leaves us, but I do know that after last night, it’s pretty obvious that if I continue to work for you, we may not be able to keep our hands off each other. At least that was my take on it.”
She smiles and nods. “Agreed.”
“I’ll be honest with you, Avery. This is probably the most words I’ve spoken in months. I don’t tell people things; I don’t share things about myself. Not even my mother knows I’m in therapy, but I told you. For some strange reason, I’m comfortable telling you things. And this morning was the first time I’ve slept in past 5 AM in quite some time.”
I leave out the nightmares part and instead just say, “But I have done a whole lot of talking, and I should probably let you speak and tell me what you’re thinking.”
She licks her bottom lip as she thinks for a moment. “This may be a horrible idea, but I’m with you. I don’t know that we can be around each other so much and behave. Well, after last night, I don’t know that we’dwantto. Maybe we keep doing what we’ve been doing during the day since we both still have work to do. But maybe the evenings can be reserved for us… and any other activities we may want to pursue.”
“I think that sounds perfect,” I tell her. I gently grab either side of her face and pull her in for a kiss. When I pull back, I say, “Guess I better get to work then, huh?”
Placing her hands on my chest, she whispers, “What’s your hurry? You’re already late. Might as well get a little bit later.”
She leans up to kiss me, but this time, it’s not sweet. She’s going for gold as her tongue slips into my mouth.
Have I mentioned how fucking sexy she is?
Immediately, my cock pitches a tent in my underwear, anxious to get inside Avery again. But before we go any further, I have to put a stop to it.
“Sweetheart, as much as I would like to fuck you right here and now, I’m going to have to go grab some more condoms before we can continue this.”
She lets out a disappointed moan. “Okay.” Her eyes travel down to the bulge in my boxers. “What are you going to do about that?”
“Pretend it’s not there and hope to hell it goes away,” I say.
Her sexy smirk returns. “Maybe I can help with that.”
Before I can ask what she’s talking about, she slides off of the countertop and sinks to her knees. Her hands grab the waistband of my boxers and slowly drag them down my legs.
“Avery, you don’t have—”
Before I can finish the thought, her tongue circles the head of my dick. A low moan rumbles deep in my chest.
Okay, this woman might be the epitome of perfection.
While her big eyes stare up at me, her jaw opens wide enough to take me into her mouth and down her throat. She teases me, going at a slow pace and dragging her tongue along the bottom of my shaft.
It takes everything in me to keep my cool and not start fucking her face. I’m enjoying the show way too much for that. I run my fingers through her hair but am careful to let her keep setting the pace.
I watch every move she makes, taking mental snapshots and hoping to remember this moment.
I never want to forget this image.
The primal side of me wants to yank her up, bend her over, and fuck her until she comes more times than she can count. But with no condoms, I know that’s not the best idea. So, I’m going to enjoy her sucking my cock and make sure to make it up to her later.
Over and over again.
Chapter 16