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Page 36

“Please, what?”
“Please, fuck me.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely…” With that, he slams into me in one smooth thrust. And whoa, it feels amazing. Getting fucked from behind has always been a favorite of mine, but it hits differently when the guy is big enough to stretch you out and hit all the right spots.
“Ohhh,” I moan.
Duke spreads my thighs a little further apart, opening me even wider. With every thrust, he makes contact with my clit. My fingers grip the sheets as my head spins. I’m unable to think about anything besides how amazing it feels.
I barely even comprehend what’s happening when Duke pulls me up so that my back is against his chest. He still slides in and out of me. One of his hands reaches between my legs to rub my clit while the other wraps around my neck. He doesn’t squeeze, but just the thought of it being here is sexy as hell. I’m a fiercely independent woman in almost every aspect of my life. It’s sexy as hell to have someone take the reins in the bedroom.
Our bodies rub against each other as my head swims with all the sensations. His hips keep the same tempo as his fingers speed up. My thighs start to clench as my pussy twitches around him.
The pressure builds within me as heat spreads throughout my limbs. The orgasm hits me like lightning as my entire body turns to jelly. Duke holds me up as he keeps fucking me. I’m basically a rag doll who’s high on pure pleasure.
With my clit too sensitive to take anymore, Duke moves that hand to play with my nipples.
I have no idea how long it is before he finds his release, but I know that I come twice more. When we’re done, I barely even notice when Duke goes to throw away the condom.
All I notice is him crawling back into bed and taking me into his arms. Within moments, I’m fast asleep.
Chapter 17
Iwakeupsmellinga delicious coconut scent. It doesn’t take me long to realize what it is.
My eyes open to see a mess of blonde hair fanned all over my chest. Her naked body lays against mine, and I try to keep my dick from springing to life.
I have no idea what time it is, but it’s still dark out, so I don’t think it’s morning. One thing I do know is that I slept once again with no nightmares.
I reach down and run my fingers through her hair. I don’t know what it is about this woman, but I can’t seem to get enough. There’s something so uniquely wonderful about her.
In almost every single moment of my life, I am extremely tense. I’m always on edge—always on guard. Being in the military for so long does that to a man. All the awful things that I’ve seen throughout my career weigh on me every second, even when I sleep.
But when I’m around Avery, things are different. She puts me at ease and quiets my soul. That’s something that should be valued and treasured.
I want to pull her closer and hold her tighter, but I don’t want to wake her. She looks so comfortable.
It doesn’t take long, though, for her to start stirring. She makes the cutest little noises as she starts to wake up.
Slowly sitting up, she turns to look at me. “Hi,” she says in a sleepy voice.
“Hey, beautiful.”
She wipes the corner of her mouth. “Sorry. I’m pretty sure I drooled on you.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“What time is it?”
“No idea,” I tell her, looking around for a clock, knowing there’s not one.
She rolls off me and glances at her phone on the nightstand. “Ten o’clock.”
“I guess we just took a nap,” I laugh. “We probably shouldn’t have fallen asleep for so long.”

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